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The Full Moon Energy for December 2020


By Donna Stellhorn

The month of December brings a solar eclipse, two planets changing signs, and an important square. There are quite a few opportunities for you during the month if you’re willing to step a little outside your comfort zone. There are also choices to be made related to the North Node and the South Node, and occasionally taking a step back will help you move forward.

On November 30, there was a lunar eclipse at 8° of Gemini bringing lessons about communication. This eclipse brings frustration about being misunderstood. You may find it difficult to get your point across. There’s the challenge that other people may not think the way you do, nor do they always express themselves well. Eclipses bring change, and so you may be changing how you communicate with the special people in your life.

On December 14, a solar eclipse at 23° of Sagittarius brought lessons about beliefs and personal rules. The solar eclipse sheds some light on how your personal code guides your daily actions and whether that set of rules is really benefiting you. You can start by looking at your overarching belief in the Universe. Do you feel supported, cared for, and protected? If you feel the Universe is watching out for you, your brain will find examples everywhere to confirm this. Success follows quickly.

On December 16, Saturn enters Aquarius, and on December 19, Jupiter enters Aquarius. These two major planets change signs within a few days of each other, bringing some brand-new energy. The previous sign, Capricorn, represents a traditional and conservative way of doing things. The new energy of Aquarius talks about new, innovative, technology-minded, big ideas. As these new energies unfold, it’s good to learn how to do things related to technology and join with groups that want to make the world a better place.

On December 23, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing a great deal of focused energy to help you get things done. This is a good day to work on challenging projects such as figuring out 401(k) allocations, outlining your dissertation, or building a shopping cart for your website. If a person is not feeling challenged today, there can be anger or frustration. Stay clear bored people.

On December 29, there is a full moon in Cancer, focusing your energy on home, family, and good food. And we’ll talk more about that next month.


Aries native, December shakes up your house of contracts. You may get an employment agreement or sign a purchase and sales to buy a new house. You may be more spiritual this month, attending services or lighting candles at home. Changes in your income derived from career could be announced this month and implemented next month. Your confidence and charisma are strong towards the end of the month, helping bring you a little romance. Also, you receive compliments from a stoic family member.


December brings changes to your finances and possibly a new stream of income, helping to increase the overall flow. Towards the middle of the month, there are some romance opportunities, especially for Taurus natives looking for love. You may give yourself a fresh look with new clothes and a change of hairstyle. Towards the end of the month, you may have some trouble sleeping, especially if you have been skipping exercise. If you’re considering a new vehicle, the end of the month is a good time to buy.


Gemini native, December brings changes in your relationship as well as changes in how you see yourself. If you’re looking for love, this is one of the best months for making an intriguing, passionate connection. There are shifts around education, and some Gemini natives may decide to change majors or attend a different school. A passive income or investment opportunity comes to a profitable end, but are you ready to let go? You may receive a gift that is well beyond what you were expecting.


You’re more intuitive than usual this month and could be visited by interesting dreams. Changes at your job mean you’re taking on more responsibilities. A new position could open up that is worth pursuing. Romance can happen with someone new. If you’re already in a love relationship, there are some things changing in the bedroom that may bring more excitement. A person you admire offers you a genuine compliment. Towards the end of the month, your confidence increases, and so does your productivity.


Friends and acquaintances reach out to you this month from far and wide. You have many admirers. Towards the middle of the month, there’s a lot of activity around children or younger relatives. A pregnancy may be announced in the family. Leo natives looking for love can find a great match. Some Leo natives may celebrate a milestone this month. An education opportunity becomes available for you or one of your kids. Time to refresh your feng shui cures to attract prosperity or sage the house.


Changes within your company could bring opportunities for a different role or even a transfer to a different state. You may be considering moving, downsizing, so you have more time and energy for fun. Many Virgo natives will be embracing a new health routine, which brings you much benefit. There can be gains in passive income sources such as stocks or commodities. It’s good to look at your 401(k) or opportunities for investing through your company. You may get a surprise visit from a friend.


Libra native, you have the opportunity to teach or give a lecture. The stage is yours, and you pull it off flawlessly. A new work contract can come through, and there’s still some room for negotiation if you wish. There is lots of activity around children, and you may be taking care of other people’s kids as well as your own. You and your sweetheart may discuss moving in together or putting a down payment on a house. Career opportunities are coming in slowly, but they are indeed coming in.


There are changes happening around investments, and you may want to change brokers or banks. A financial windfall can come your way, and you see opportunities to get more from this source. There are changes at home with possible renovation or repairs. A new workout routine is good but be careful to stretch first to avoid pulling a muscle. A school project goes well, and you can breeze through tests. Permits and licenses can be acquired or renewed now with greater ease than usual.


There are changes in a significant relationship in your life. You get to decide whether you’re going to move closer or farther apart emotionally or physically. Others are noticing that you have more confidence and charisma this month. You may be tempted to get a new vehicle, a new bike, or you’re finding another way to get around town. A friend brings a risky venture for your approval. See if you can join in without opening your wallet. Low-interest loans or special credit deals manifest this month.


Changes at work bring you more hours; your office may be shorthanded. You’re quite intuitive this month, and you may be studying mystical things like the tarot or mediumship. There’s a lot of positive energy around decluttering this month. See what you can donate. A relative from faraway reaches out to you. They may be coming for a visit soon. Your relationship can go particularly well this month as your communication with each other improves. An overnight trip could bring some romance.


You have a lot of creative energy right now. You might consider taking an online art class or opening your own Esty store. This is a good month to work on your vision board or list of goals. Weight loss is possible this month. You have more confidence in your ability to manifest. There could be difficulties with a sibling due to a misunderstanding. Remember their sense of humor before telling them a joke. You can gain new habits this month that set you on the path towards health and prosperity.


For Pisces natives, there’s a lot of energy around the home. You might be considering a move or a major renovation. There are also changes going on at work, and an important person there recognizes your value. A promotion is possible. Some challenges for sleeping could be remedied by listening to nature sounds or darkening the room. An old financial matter is cleared up, or a lawsuit is settled. Fertility energy is strong. There may be a birth announcement in the family, or you’re getting a puppy.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, a Feng Shui expert and the author of 16 books.          Her website is

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