Monday , October 25 2021

Review of Healing Modalities – OXOY – Breath That Heals

By Susan Voigt

Can you imagine sharing universal life energy by way of the breath, rather than the hands? This is what the OXOY, an emerging healing modality, opens the door to and welcomes in. The OXOY is both a tool and a method. The name comes from the symbolic and mystical significance of the point where vertical meets horizontal. The experience comes from the synergy of quartz crystal meeting breathwork meeting spirit.

The OXOY is more than just a tool that facilitates a healer’s practice. It introduces at least two things that expand the giver’s experience, thereby expanding the receiver’s experience by equal measure. One is, in practice, the tube stretches the giver’s exhalation out. It is known that a longer exhalation followed by a shorter inhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and enhances the meditative state. By introducing breathwork into the healing session, the OXOY heightens the giver’s expansion as they dance within alpha and theta levels of consciousness. Essentially, the breathwork component of the OXOY invites the giver into a richer meditative state than they might otherwise experience. This supports the healer’s work because where the giver travels, the receiver travels. The second is that the tube is crafted of 100% fused quartz crystal. Anyone who works with or has attended a crystal singing bowl event understands the power of quartz crystal.

Quartz crystal is silica, and there is silica in every cell of our bodies. Whether that silica is activated by way of a bowl and a wand, or a tube and the breath, it is by way of resonance that the silica in the chosen modality speaks to the silica in the body. Then, by way of entrainment, the bowls influence because each bowl is tuned to a different note that aligns with a particular chakra. The OXOY influences because the giver is moving within the space between thought (the space from which all manifests) and infinite possibility is being sent on the breath to the receiver. The role that the quartz crystal plays in the efficacy of the OXOY is significant.

The OXOY can be used alone or with enhancement accessories such as chakra colors, minerals, crystals, symbols, as well as other unique ideas that inspire a healer, such as essential oils. A detachable 4” diameter borosilicate diffuser is provided with a 12” long quartz crystal tube that is a comfortable 1/2” in diameter. The diffuser, crafted of silica and boron, aids in working with accessories. A set of seven 4” square 100% merino wool chakra colors are included for work with the primary chakras. While the use of minerals and crystals is an integral part of working with the OXOY, their selection is a personal one, so they are left for the energy worker to choose for themselves. The use of enhancements is powerful. They allow for the introduction of chromotherapy, activation of specimens, setting of symbols into motion, and more. Then these intensified frequencies and vibrations wind their way through the subtle bodies on the breath.

The OXOY can be used alongside other modalities or as a stand-alone treatment. Gentling in with tingshas or bowls, moving to a bit of hands-on to say hello and create agreements, then introducing the OXOY creates a dynamic energy work session. Acupoint stimulation by pressure or needle can be enhanced by introducing the OXOY to gently encourage flow. Massage therapists can use the OXOY to support initial relaxation and throughout the session to assist in creating openings. Practitioners within the healing arts will naturally intuit how to incorporate the OXOY into their work.

The healing kit for practitioners will soon be followed by a tool for individuals to use as a personal meditation enhancer. Additionally, a group of seven chakra colored tubes is in the works for couples. This intimacy set will be called “the7breaths.”

Susan Voigt is a professional energy worker. Her training with Reiki Council expanded to a richer understanding of energy work through metaphysics intensives at Holistic Health Chicago. Her more than 20 years of meditation along with her work with crystal singing bowls and Peruvian whistles helped to crystalize her understanding. Please visit where you can find an abundance of support information, excerpts from workshops, as well as access to connect sessions. Email or call 224-293-2373.


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