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Review of Healing Modalities – Japanese Style Reiki

By Connie Mahealanikealoha Harris –

Reiki, the word, is Japanese, two kanji meaning “spiritual energy”. That’s all it is. Of course, everything is spiritual energy, just in case you didn’t already know. Reiki is a divine gift that helps keep the order of the universe. Reiki, the energy, keeps the planets on track, and is the universal force for all that is. Every atom, molecule and cell, the building blocks of everything that exists in the physical, has a mandate to create and use energy. It is this energy that makes all of creation function, and we are a wondrous part of it all – physical, energetic, and spiritual.

We humans each have 72 trillion cells in our bodies, give
or take a few. Each cell has a small power plant called a mitochondrion, which produces energy. If you think about those 72 trillion energy-producing units, you may realize that each of us has more available energy than a nuclear power plant. When we add our life’s breath to the created energy, we begin to feel the energy flow, we begin to experience the spiritual connection to all-that-is, and we begin to create and bring forth the energy we have named “Reiki”. Spiritual energy.
You may ask, how do we actually do something useful with the Reiki energy, such as healing ourselves or others, like creating a spiritual practice for self-development, like manifesting those things we want, or just becoming more of who and what we want to be when we grow up? A better artist? A better musician? A better parent? Are we already connected? You bet we are! And we always have been!

“Reiki, Reiki, Reiki”. We say those words as if they have a special significance. Well, they do. Each time the emphasis is put on them in that context, the energy given back multiplies. Instant healing, instant comfort, instant mending of the heart space, is possible just by uttering those three words, and breathing the energy with purpose. We come into life to learn to experience, to bring forth our gifts into the physical. One way to present those gifts is to use the energy of the spoken word. “Reiki, Reiki, Reiki” draws energy from all that is, and forms a space for healing, for being, and for doing.
When we “do” Reiki, we breathe in and ask to bring forth
the best that is in our selves. Our attitude is one of humility, asking that we be allowed to participate in this opportunity for healing. The possibilities become limitless. As the change occurs in our energy field, we are then able to breathe out that supercharged energy that carries the ability to create healing in the areas that we desire to change. Energy rides on the breath. We use our hands to direct that energy to the areas that need it. Sometimes touch is welcomed, sometimes not. The energy field always receives, processes, and transforms.

Everyone and everything does energy work constantly, whether they know it or not. No matter how hard we try,
the Reiki energy always knows what to do. It can be led,
but never forced. As we become more congruent with our thought, word, and deed, we are able to enter that place of true healing. Allowing the Reiki energy to work through us is a magnificent experience – to me, it feels like the energy of Home, or of being in love.

The process of Reiki is a discovery of self, elevating your frequencies, and exploring new arenas of potential that shape the destiny of life. Those who choose to rush this process make “becoming spiritual” more important than the richness and fullness of who they are. Those age-old questions: “Who am I really? What is it that I want? What is my purpose here?” have answers that are presented as you do your work, as you learn to become more of your true self, as you take the time to rise into the awareness of your place within the grand scheme of things.

When we walk upon our path using the Reiki energy to guide us, our steps are deliberately sending out energy to the area on which our foot falls. Therefore, it is our choice whether to have that energy be that of good, of joy, of light, or whether the darkness and heaviness will prevail. To bring a change, call into your mind, and breathe the energy of one thing that lets you feel joy, feel light, and concentrate on it to make
it stronger. Breathe Reiki. Bring it forth! Go about your business from that place. Notice the differences in the results you feel within yourself and the spaces around you. Use
those tools that you know so well, to change your outlook, to change your way of being in the world. It is this change that you are seeking. It is this change that will bring you to a place of peace within yourself. The results are truly up to you.

Mikao Usui, who founded the Reiki energy system and practice in Japan in 1922, said that if you want to know the history, take a Japanese Reiki class and read it yourself.


Connie Mahealanikealoha Harris is a nationally recognized therapist, author, speaker and educator in the field of natural therapies and mind/body/spirit health. She has been practicing and teaching energetic and physical healing modalities since 1985, creating popular modalities such as Reiki-ssage, Reiki-Reflex, and Reiki Facelift, among others.

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