By Jakeb Brock

Reintegration is a word often used to describe the fulfillment and fruition of our spiritual work.  It involves bringing our individual inner world or psyche into harmonious alignment with the perfection of being — that is, the full potential for which we were created.  It establishes an optimal fluid order to our psychic functions, thereby resulting in a perpetual state of peace and harmony.

Interestingly, however, the concept of reintegration is brimming with implications.  One such implication is that there is a certain order of our psychic functions to be attained. Many people do not realize this and instead see their inner workings as being arbitrary and feeling-based.  But those who have been on the spiritual path for a while have come to see that allowing our feelings to dominate our psyche is not conducive to peace and harmony.  Only conforming to our created psychic blueprint achieves this.  Only establishing the optimal order of inner function ability allows us to gain mastery over our feelings and put them in their rightful place; so that instead of our inner ballast being subject to shifting sands, we build our lives on a solid rock foundation — one that cannot be shaken or destroyed.  How do we know what our created blueprint is so that we can conform to it?  We must continue to go inward into the quiet and explore.  And so, meditation is shown to be a key to reintegration.  We must come to know ourselves inside and out.

Another implication pertaining to reintegration is found in the word itself.  It has to do with the little prefix: re.  As we meditate upon this word, a wide range of truth about our inner world comes into view.  Logically, we deduce that if we are in need of reintegration, we must not be fully integrated at present.  In other words, the word reintegration clearly implies that our inner workings need some tweaking — that our present state must be one of disintegration.  Furthermore, the fact that reintegration has been recognized by most spiritual masters as a prominent and necessary goal of spiritual sadhana, implies that this is not just a problem for a few.  Rather, inward disintegration is the condition of the vast majority of humans alive on this planet.  And it is this state of inner disquietude and dysfunction in the lives of so many people that has wreaked havoc in human society for so long.  It is also the cause of most of our personal problems:  our health issues, our troubled relationships, etc.  In truth, inward disintegration is the root cause of all human suffering.  And that is why the masters have stressed the need for reintegration.

Accepting this truth about ourselves is not easy.  Most people prefer to believe that they are doing just fine, thank you.  Sure, everyone has problems with which to deal, but they tend to see those problems as arising from outside of themselves.  They see the problems as circumstantial challenges that are simply a part of life.  But it is the dysfunctional inward state that is the real cause of our problems and suffering which needs the teaching of reintegration; and this has always been a difficult fact for us to receive.

Then, for those of us who can get past this hurdle of self-delusion, questions often arise and press us for answers — questions such as:  What is the nature of our disintegrated state?  How and when did it happen to us?  And why do we have so little awareness about it?

Our first step is to take a good look at that blueprint of our created inner makeup.  In other words, we must ask ourselves:  Who are we anyway?  And what is our evolutionary potential as human beings?  These are especially crucial questions when it comes to understanding our created faculty of spiritual consciousness.  Why?  Because it is in our inner realm of consciousness that our main evolutionary thrust is meant to take place.  It is the created blueprint of our inner world that sets us apart from all the other species of the earth.  The Bible puts it this way: “God created mankind in his own image.”  (Genesis 1:27).  And since God is an incorporeal being of light, it follows that the image of God, in which we are created, does not pertain to our physical bodies or minds.  Rather, it applies to our inner makeup of spirit, soul, and consciousness.  And it is also there — in that vast inner realm — that we have suffered disintegration.

Inward disintegration is not our natural created estate.  Rather, we were created in and as the perfection of being.  This means that something has happened to us as a species — something has shattered this perfection and caused us to become disintegrated.  Exactly when this monkey wrench was thrown into the works of human existence is not known for certain.  But clearly this has been a collective reality for us — one that has been passed down to each of us, not unlike genetic inheritance.  And we know that this has been the case for at least the past several thousand years.  We also know that this primal condition not only gets passed down along generational lines; it literally has come to color and define human life as we now know it.  But this does not mean that our created blueprint has become tainted or obsolete.  On the contrary, as that blueprint, having come from God, can never be assailed or tarnished.  Thankfully then, no matter how deep the present dysfunction of our species goes, reintegration has been, and always will be, possible for us.  The next question is:  How does this broken condition get passed down along generational lines?

All of us are born into an already-existing order of human endeavor — a world populated by billions of disintegrated, dysfunctional human beings.  Furthermore, we are not only physically born into this world, but we are immediately inundated with its reality-belief system.  This inundation has a three-fold dimension.  It is mental, emotional, and spiritual.  In essence, we are taught from the moment that we exit the womb what it means to be a human being according to the present system of thought.  This is called socialization or conditioning.  And it is through this vehicle of socialization that the condition of inward disintegration is passed on to us.

Inherent in the content of our socialization is the collective’s viewpoint about this common human condition.  And that viewpoint has consistently been one of downplaying and discrediting the truth about how this condition impacts our lives.  In other words, the age-long collective response has been one of denial.  Of course, the collective cannot dispute the fact that many world citizens are mentally troubled, but the recently discovered science of psychology has built an elaborate justification for this condition, claiming that the causes for mental disturbance are varied and circumstantially instigated.  They are the result of a human being suffering some kind of traumatic circumstantial outworking.  This widely accepted psychological view has satisfied the masses to such an extent that the truth that we all are suffering from total inward disintegration has not only been sidestepped; but it has been thoroughly discredited.

This aspect of our socialization has made it very difficult for us to learn the truth about our inward condition.  That is why the testimonies of the masters have been so valuable and important.  For they have concurred, unanimously, that the psyche of man is badly in need of reintegration.  With their great spiritual perspicacity and insight into how we human beings were meant to function, they have held to this testimony in the face of intense persecution and slander.  Had they not done so, you and I would be in a world of hurt.

But there are also other testimonies of the truth that we can discern once we gain a degree of spiritual mastery ourselves.  When we look around us and see the sad state of human endeavor over the past six thousand years, we begin to question the causes of it.  We see that human society has been inexorably plagued by war, hatred, bigotry, poverty, disease, death, etc.  We see that despite our great technological and scientific advances, this overall disparaging climate of human life has not changed.  And we cannot help but wonder about the collective’s anemic explanation pertaining to the advent and persistence of these plagues.  In light of these discernments, only the teaching that they are the products of psychic disintegration makes any sense.

Mankind is a spiritual being.  But not only has our socialization taught us to deny our disintegrated inner condition; it has also taught us to deny this truth about our spiritual makeup.  This erroneous belief about our created blueprint has made the recognition of the truth about our inward state nearly unattainable.  So before we can do anything else, we must get a clear view about who we were created to be.

Once we know the truth about our created blueprint, it will not be long before we can accept the teaching of the masters about our need for reintegration.  Then the question looms:  How do we fix this dysfunctional condition?

The first step in this pursuit is one of responsibility.  The masters have revealed to us the truth about our condition, but they could not fix it for us.  Neither is there a god in heaven that will set everything right.  Only we have access to our inner world and only wecan set things straight.  How?  Through the light of our own conscious awareness.

The true God is consciousness, and we have been created in Its image.  So not only do we possess the faculty of spiritual consciousness; that faculty is inherently perfect.  Why?  Because it is of God.  The work we undertake when we set about the task of reintegration is simply the work of restoring God’s perfection.  This means that our task is, in truth, one of reversing the effects of human socialization.  And this we achieve through conscious awareness.  In other words, we shine the light of our consciousness into all the dark recesses of our psyche and expose all the lies and wrong beliefs that have led to our disintegrated condition.  This act of exposure then causes these less-than-perfect beliefs and ideas to loosen, break apart, and fall away.  And as this happens, little by little, we begin to build a new order in our psyche — an order reflective of godly perfection and harmony.

This is the teaching that will usher in the New Age.  It begins with learning the truth about our created blueprint.  Then it exposes our broken, out-of-order, dysfunctional inward condition.  And lastly, it shows us the means of correction through the power of our own faculty of spiritual consciousness.

The disintegration of the human psyche is the source of all disease, discord, and dysfunction.  That is why we all need to become inwardly reintegrated, if our society is ever to become one of goodness and light.  As the masters knew only too well, this matter of reintegration is not only crucial for the future of our species; it is simply an evolutionary imperative.  In other words, it is part of our process of fully becoming who we were created to be.

The disintegration of our psyche began at birth.  It came through socialization and was perpetuated through socialization.  But there is not a human being alive on this planet that is incapable of being healed of this debilitating condition.  Thus, reintegration has become a kind of prerequisite for the New Age.  And this only makes sense.  Why? Because the New Age will not be an age of division, dysfunction, and disintegration, such as this one has been.  It will be an age in which all human beings are inwardly whole and sound, even according to our original created blueprint.

Jakeb Brock is a spiritual teacher and the author of The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most. Visit or

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