Sunday , April 5 2020

Publisher’s Letter – Recognition

By Kasia Szumal –

December is always a month when I like to look back introspectively over the whole year and say “Thanks.” Thanks to all people who support this magazine through their everyday work, thoughts or prayers. Your commitment, dedication and energy keeps “Conscious Community” thriving.

First, I want to say, “Thank you” to all the conscious advertisers that support this magazine year-round. The positive, healing and empowering information, products and services that you provide are important for the person growth and well-being of all of us. By increasing our awareness, consciousness, we are able to make better decisions, not only for ourselves, but also for our community and the world!

Next, I want to say, “Thank you” to all the subscribers, both new and old, that renew their subscription each year and keep supporting this magazine.

Thank you to all of my coworkers whose good words, optimism and a huge vision for this magazine keep us going. I would like to especially thank you: Jody Levitan, Susan Pluto, Janae J. Almen, Spencer Schluter, Theresa Puskar, Anna Anthony, Rebecca Balogh, Kayla Hancock and Kaye Berjot. On this note, I want to say a special “Thanks” to Kaye Berjot, who has written “Cosmic Daily Weather” for the past two years; this December issue is her last one. The accuracy of her “Daily Cosmic Weather” makes me speechless, and her interpretations of astrological events has gotten me through on many occasions.

Also, I want to say “Thanks” to all distributors that make sure that this magazine is in stores throughout the Midwest before the first of each month. Thank you to the Illinois Distributors: Julie Roberts, Tina Marjan, Ellie Stewart, Randall Hoel, Joe Johrey, Jonathan McConaughey, Kristen Panek, Laurae Kozlik, Chris Dylanski, Barbara Osterdock and Jo Ann Broder. Thanks to Wisconsin distributors: Keri Silk and Stephanie McDonald, as well as to Rose Fier in Indiana. Thank you to all of you for your cooperation and backing me up.

Thank you to all our readers, in print and online, for all the comments that you’ve sent me regarding the changes that we’ve made this year. They inspire me to make a more mindful magazine that will continue to expand our consciousness with each issue!

We are still learning, growing and experimenting with different things, and I apologize for whatever did not work well. We are all on our spiritual journey, and we all do our best to be more whole, compassionate and spiritual human beings. We are looking forward to continuing to fulfill our mission to elevate conscious in 2018!

In this December issue, you will find many fascinating articles on diverse topics. You will discover how to make an impact in the community and ways to look at stress from a different perspective. You need to try Janae’s recipes for healthy superfood cookies. The “Almond Shortbread with Raspberry Jam” taste like heaven in the mouth! Enjoy them!

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year!

Kasia Szumal

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