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Publisher’s Letter – October 2020 – One Who Is All

By Katarzyna Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

This year has been very fascinating and eye-opening for me, and I think for all of you as well. Past life regression hypnosis has shown me how powerful we are, and I want to share my knowledge about our souls with you. We often ignore or forget to acknowledge it, or to have connection with our Higher Self (Soul). Our soul is sacred, special, precious, and more often than not, we treat ourselves with such disrespect and disregard that we unknowingly commit daily sacrilege.

Here is a list of the attributes of Who We Really Are:

  • We are made of loving, harmonious, happy, joyful, and peaceful energy. Nothing less. This energy is constant and never dies.
  • Human beings are multi-dimensional spiritual beings made from Source Energy. We are everything and anything. Each being on the Earth is a different version of you! We are oneness with everything.
  • You are a spiritual being having a physical experience here on Earth.
  • You have a free will.
  • Our soul energy is constant. But when it is blocked by trauma—a bad childhood, accidents, difficult experiences—energy cannot flow properly. This may lead to disease and dysfunction.
  • In our Universe, there are many different civilizations that have connected with humans for a very long time.
  • You can change your karma.
  • When you pray, worship or support gods or political parties, you are giving up your power. You are God and you are creator of this world. Your soul gives you everything you wish for. Just ask.
  • Where your attention goes is where your energy goes. If you are worried about something, you are praying for this to happen. Change your attention to ideas, images and things that matter to you and make your life worth living.
  • Our body is a temporary house for the soul. Every time you reincarnate you get a new body. Everything that happens in this lifetime—or any other lifetime—is recorded in the etheric field. The etheric field is the first layer of the subtle body. It surrounds the subtle body and is about six inches wide around our body.

It is an act of self-love to take the time to come home to yourself, to find your own self-governance and become your own master. Your soul chose to be here right now in this body and by having more conscious thoughts and actions we can change the world. You are a powerhouse!

Enjoy the October issue!

The Best,

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