Tuesday , November 24 2020

Publisher’s Letter – March 2020 – Quieting the Mind

By Katarzyna Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

A few years ago, I had a car accident and I tore some back muscles. I was in my twenties and I thought my back would heal quickly without a need to decrease my athletic activity level very much. My mind was telling me to continue at my usual pace, but my heart was telling me to slow down and let the body relax and heal itself.

I couldn’t give up exercise completely and I continued to run once a week, and bike twice a week, but my back was not happy about it. I felt discomfort and some pain after any exercise. Finally, after a month, I gave up exercise altogether and I started meditating to quiet my mind and let my body relax and heal itself. After three months of meditating and spending more time reading books or watching movies, my spine healed completely! Healing happened when I quieted my mind’s chatter and started to listen to what my body needed. This story reminds me how powerful the subconscious mind is, how it likes repetition, and how very scary it is to allow something new in our life.

In this issue, we have a few articles focused on how we can work with our subconscious mind, and reprogram them so that we may live our lives full of joy, abundance and happiness!

The first article is Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s The Advent of Homo Luminous. Dr. Villoldo reminds us that we are more than homo sapiens. We are homo luminous—vibrant beings that have the potential to create our reality, to heal our bodies, or to communicate telepathically. We are extraordinary human beings, more extraordinary than any artificial intelligence gadgets out there.

The second article is The Conditioned Mind by Jakeb Brock. Jakeb shows us how the subconscious mind works and how we can change it. Then he asks us to consider what role fear plays in our conditional world and how it impacts our rational thinking.

Enjoy the March issue of Conscious Community Magazine and create your best life today!

The Best,

Kasia Szumal


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