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All About Town – Women in Business – It’s Your Season, Harvest Your Potential

By Theresa Puskar

Gathering Lighthouse at Seven Bridges Golf Course
Woodridge, IL – October 24, 2019

“I was hitting the gas, then the brake, then the gas, then the brake…Release the brakes and enjoy the ride!” — Goldie Matthew

June Kortum, (2nd from the right), and her staff, with Theresa Puskar, center.

How many times has that small voice in your head clearly and loudly spoken to you, but you resisted its prodding, only to discover that you would have, could have, should have listened? Throughout the years, I have fought that voice, only to find that I should have trusted it. Such was the case on Oct. 22. I was finishing book one of my two books due to my publisher by the end of the month. They had requested that I get the first book, 8 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain to them one month early. I was at the precipice of completing it. I wanted to focus on it and get it done, along with the myriad of tasks I had to complete with my new Power Princesses and Superheroes emotional intelligence edu-tainment program for pre-school children. Needless to say, I was swamped, yet that voice kept chantingYou need to go to the Gathering Lighthouse Women in Business event. You need to go.”

Finally, I acquiesced and purchased a ticket to the event. While I wasn’t planning on writing an article about it—again that voice suddenly appeared during the event—and encouraged me to take a couple of photos and write some notes. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I was asked to review a movie for this issue. However, I could not encourage you to attend. I felt it would be a great waste of your time and money. It was not an engaging movie. I’m glad
I listened to that quiet but persistent voice!

“Networking is not a four-letter word, but it should be!”

I’m going to be frank with you. I was not looking forward to attending the event. While I had heard amazing things about The Gathering Lighthouse from friends for several years, a women’s business network event was not my cup of tea…so I thought. It has recently become clear to me that while I could perform my solo show or speak in front of thousands without a problem, to mingle with strangers at a networking event is something I always dread.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the founder of The Gathering Lighthouse, June Kortum and her team. They were all very warm and welcoming. I found my way to a seat in the hall and proceeded to head to the room where exhibitors were promoting their wares. I had a couple of really wonderful conversations with the various vendors. There was more a sense of connection than people pushing to sell. I really appreciated the laid-back vibe in the room.

A panel discussion that inspired and warmed hearts!

From left to right, Shatira Wilks, Goldie Matthew, June Kortum and Terrie Simmons.

After having a wonderful lunch, there was a panel discussion where four women shared their wisdom, anecdotes and suggestions on consciousness, business and success. The panel consisted of Terrie Simmons, Director of Women’s Business Center of Aurora; Goldie Matthew, the Founder of Motivational Movie Nights and a highly successful Melaleuca and Tastefully Simple sales rep; Shatira Wilks, a serial entrepreneur, intuitive psychic medium and highly successful restauranteur, and June Kortum, the Founder of The Gathering Lighthouse. Here are just some of the golden nuggets I mined from their engaging exchange (paraphrased):

  • June: I came from the wrong side of the tracks. If something is calling from within your heart and you have a passion for it, do it! I started Gathering Lighthouse at age 70, now at 76 years of age, the business is thriving. Elevation is so important. I had to say goodbye to some people because they wanted to hold me in a place that I didn’t want to be in. Keep on moving, one foot in front of the other. One of my biggest lessons was around boundaries. I had to create them and be able to say, “No.” I had to
    own my truth.
  • Shatira: You don’t have to be smart to move ahead. You just have to have common sense. Acting is critical to your success and elevation requires separation. While it is not easy, it is important. I believe in individuality. I am unapologetically me! I have proudly made it to the wall of ‘How not to dress for success’—no leather, no red, no skirts…I wear them all. I don’t follow the rules. If it works well for me, it’ll work for you.
  • Goldie: You have to be courageous enough to change the rules. I changed them when selling Tastefully Simple, and then, Melaleuca. In the past, one was not allowed to sell both, but I chose to and have been highly successful ever since.
  • Terrie: To successfully grow your own businesses, you have to have a passion around a particular problem. Then find a way to fix it and create an audience.

What is your contribution to the world?

The women shared so much practical and useful information. When asked what their contribution is to the world, their responses were inspiring:

  • Shatira: I move from a place of helping others. I ask God to assist. My goal is to be of assistance and to serve.
  • Goldie: I help people see the light that is in them that they might not see themselves. We all have a light, but we might not know it.
  • June: I encourage others not to buy into the shame. Allow yourself to shine. Whatever your dream, move forward and don’t let anyone shame you into not doing it!
  • Terrie: I am an encourager and a motivator. I try to do so every single day. I am very involved in the Second Chance program for non-violent ex-offenders..

Take a moment and ask yourself what your contribution to the world might be. If you don’t know, then ruminate on it for a while. Set an intention to know what it is, anticipate getting an answer and then follow through on any insights you receive. Listen to that small, self-assured voice when she speaks. She is your best friend. She instructed me to attend this magical event, and I was glad that I did!

For information about The Gathering Lighthouse, their services and upcoming events, go to

Theresa Puskar 
is a keynote speaker, actor and author who edu-tains joy seekers, empowering them to dance their soul dance. A published author, her most recent books, 8 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and The Good Morning Mind are available on and She will be performing her solo show, Causeless Joy, Friday and Saturday nights throughout January at Trinity Lutheran Church in Warrenville. To purchase tickets, go to For more information, visit


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