Friday , August 7 2020

Navigating Chaos by Neutralizing Duality 

By Alecia Rice – 

Chaos; we’re surrounded by it; polarization, rumor, hypocrisy, uncertainty… all seeded with fear of “the other.” Fear distorts reality, yet, every dark cloud has its silver lining. Finding that bright spot requires us to step out of our solidified perspectives to stretch ourselves in search of that ray of light.

So, how do we consciously navigate this chaotic environment for peace of mind?

As spiritually conscious beings, we are called on to embody our beliefs. Change begins within us by having open, compassionate hearts seeded with good intentions.

Stay out of duality and stretch into neutrality 

These contrary times provide the perfect challenge to expand further into inclusive thinking and a more neutral way of being in the world. As spiritually conscious people, we are evolving ourselves towards the concept of oneness. Unity consciousness is inclusive; it doesn’t separate, yet the illusion of duality is grounding us in the illusion of separation. Bridging that division requires us to step out of our dualistic “this OR that” mentality and into the higher energy of “this AND that.”

Neutrality is release and surrender. It’s the higher vibrational energy of “allowing” without resistance; for what we resist, persists. Neutrality is detachment. It doesn’t hold an energetic expectation for how things work out. It recognizes all equally, yet one can still have a preference of the heart, without being attached to the outcome.

Resist “othering” 

We are all products of our upbringing. Our beliefs reflect our personal experiences. When we thoughtlessly paint groups of people with a wide paintbrush, it dismisses the finer nuances, textures, and complexities of the human experience. This “otherizes” and isolates people away from us. Incorporating “I’ and “we” verbiage into our writing and conversations creates inclusiveness and less separation.

In times of obvious polarization, it’s important that we consciously craft our language to draw in, instead of repel. Being mindful of how often we use the word “they” – which separates – allows us to internally heal our own subconscious duality. Taking baby steps with language can assist us in stitching up our divides while bridging the chasms between us.

Remain inquisitive and curious 

Once we’ve nurtured a steady habit of weaning ourselves from our internal duality and “othering,” the next step is to open ourselves to other points of view, by remaining inquisitive and curious as to why others might think and believe differently than us. Asking questions invites others in, and seeds the opportunity to feel heard and respected. Seeking understanding, and remaining flexible allows us to be more empathetic, accepting, and compassionate people. It raises our personal vibration and begins to dissolve the walls of fear and misunderstanding that separate us. We begin to humanize those who think differently, which helps us to understand that our strength has always been in our diversity.

Open up space for others 

Practicing neutrality and being curious while incorporating inclusive language fosters authentic exchanges with others. We can now provide them a safe place to think “this,” while our personal wisdom might tell us “that.” Both sides are entitled to differing thoughts and belief systems. We rarely have it completely right, and we don’t have to be afraid of what the other might teach us…unless ego gets in the way.

Ego despises competition and mystery. It loves to be “right,” and it loves to be “safe.” Change threatens the ego because it can’t foresee the future…and it always wants to be in control. It would rather stay right where it is; better safe than sorry.

When we neutrally create space for others, we offer them a safe opportunity to consider what they think and how they feel, because there’s no pressure for them to defend themselves or think anything differently. Only without threat can the ego be soothed enough for thoughts of change and admission to slip in. This neutralizes chaos around us by allowing others freedom from reproach in our presence, which can build bridges of understanding and respect.

Standing in neutrality is a fiercely loving offering. Creating space for others is a powerfully masterful act. That said, we’re still not absolved of taking action and speaking out when we know things aren’t right.

In times of deep division when it’s hard to know what to believe, our hearts and our bellies will trigger subtle feelings that provide guidance, even when the “facts” may insinuate differently. We must listen to our own “inner knowing,” and learn to trust what it tells us. Honing our intuition, and strengthening our inner connection with Source is the silver lining that can be cultivated with a consistent practice of compassionate neutrality. Thus, we’re empowered to be the captain of our soul in the midst of turbulent storms.

Alecia Rice integrates higher concepts with wisdom to bring forth balance, perspective, and clarity within interpersonal relationships. She is a personal advisor, speaker, ordained minister, and a gatherer of women. If you have a question that you’d like her to answer in her column, drop her an email at: Maybe you’ll find the answer posted in next month’s issue. 

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