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Moonfesting: 6 Steps for Moon Manifesting


By Mija Bradford–


  • Colors: Yellow, red, orange
  • Gemstones: Tigers eye, garnet, red agate
  • Trees: Cedar and hazel
  • Herbs: Rosemary, basil, rue, chamomile
  • Element: Fire

New Moon: Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018

The new Leo Moon solar eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse.  It will be visible in locations north of North America, in Greenland, in Northern Europe and north-eastern Asia. The eclipse will not be visible in North America. However, you may still feel its energy if your sensitive and in-tuned.  Being aware of the dominant force available will allow you to hone in on this powerful new Leo Moon.

Full Moon: Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018

Harness the Sturgeon (also known as Corn or Barley) Moon’s fiery energy. This is an excellent time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It’s the time to let go items that no longer serve you and prepare for the harvest. What are you purging to make room for your future manifestations?

This article will focus on the August New Moon.

The new Moon’s element is fire and its energy is intensified by the solar eclipse. You can feel the energetic shift of Leo’s dynamic energy.  It brings up the shadow side of Leo, such as arrogance and egocentric.  It is shaking things up, so we can let go of disguises and remove the masks to help us live our truth, authentically within our hearts. This energy will help us remove the emotional walls that keep us from experienced deep, unconditional love. It supports us in seeing our truth and letting go of the patterns and programs that keep us from finding happiness.

A solar eclipse is a turbocharged new Moon. Generally, the new Moon brings the opportunity for creativity. Essentially, it’s like working on the blank canvas of the dark Moon; empty, like fertile ground. New Moon rituals are the perfect time for planting new seeds of intentions and starting afresh.

What do you want to manifest in your life in the next six months?  This is the time to plant the seed of intentions—to make it happen.

Over the next 14 to 15 nights the Moon appears to gather light from the Sun, becoming a crescent and eventually a full Moon.  The new Moon brings the power of growth and potential.  With an Eclipse, the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. Therefore, the lunar energy interrupts the normal flow and causes disruption. Eclipses mark endings and activations for new beginnings. It breaks our habitual behavior and gives us a kind of cosmic reboot.

What have you recently released from your life because you’ve deeply known that it no longer benefits you? If you’re still interpersonally or situationally triggered, it’s because the intensification of energy leading up to the eclipse is providing an opportunity for you to acknowledge and clear old emotional wounds that often go back to your childhood. Work with the Moon energy to heal, recalibrate and nourish your emotional being.

This New Leo Moon offers a sense of expansion and developing your creative side. This fiery energy fills you with passion and may rekindle old ideas. The impact of this eclipse and new Moon will be felt over the next six months.  It may also create a ripple in your life that lasts several years. Listen carefully to the messages of your heart.

Take this time to analysis and reboot start up again intentions that you allowed to fall by the wayside after closing the avenue down due to lack of support or guidance.

New Moon Manifestation Process

  1. Analyze: It’s a good idea to spend some time reflecting in the days leading up to the new Moon.
  2. Identify your intentions: List what do you want to manifest in your life in the next 6 months?
  3. Plan: What will it take to make this manifestation occur?
  4. Team: Seek out like-minded friends who can help you accomplish your intentions. Or, hire a coach/“Vision Keeper” to help you throughout the manifest process.
  5. Ritual: Everyone has a different approach to the new Moon rituals, and it’s essential that you tailor it to meet your needs.
  6. Renew and refocus: During the next 6 months, when an item on your list manifest, do not merely cross it off. Take the time to rewrite the list in its entirety and eliminate the manifested item. Revising your list in this way allows you to refocus.

Mija Bradford is an intuitive life coach and Reiki Master who works with clients in all aspects of life through the Akashic Records and Universal Laws. She is the founder of Attracting Your Life. Visit and listen to her podcast, Attracting Your Life with Mija, on iHeartRadio and iTunes.


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