Saturday , November 28 2020

Losing Touch with Our True Spiritual Self in a High-Tech World

By Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

It is the holiday season once again. It is that time when we do our best to promote joy, love for our fellow man and peace on Earth. Our intention is to connect with our Higher Self and the true spiritual principles of Love and Goodness for all. We do our best to think of others and help those in need. It is truly a time when we can shine spiritually—as long as we are able to climb out of whatever funk, doldrums or apathy we may find ourselves in.

What could be causing this “funk, doldrums or apathy?” Is that just normal for life outside of the holiday season? Is it possible that something is going on in our world that is causing us to feel down or depressed as our norm? Yes, there is absolutely something going on that is depleting us spiritually and making us lose touch with our true Spiritual Self.

We have a huge problem today that most people think of as “the best thing since sliced bread,” and that is our advanced technology. From a positive perspective, the world we live in is incredible. We can get on our computers and get whatever information we need—whether it’s instructions on how to baste a turkey, or directions to the local tile shop so we can complete our bathroom remodel. Or better yet, we can do this from our smartphone anywhere we go.

No wonder people seem to want more and more…faster connectivity, more cellphone towers, more WiFi hot spots. The frequencies are addicting. We can’t wait until the latest electronic advancement gets revealed, whether it’s an app that allows us to control our appliances remotely or the hottest new cellphone that outshines its competitors with all its amazing, innovative functions.

However, to the surprise of many, I have been “standing on the rooftops” for over 30 years now, shouting, “People, these frequencies…they’re not good for you.” But, my words have gone unnoticed by the majority of the population, which has passionately embraced all of the benefits technology—and its accompanying frequencies—continually brings.

What is the actual problem with all of these high-tech frequencies? First, they make us feel stressed, irritable and depressed, to say nothing of challenging the health of our immune and cardiovascular systems. How can you feel positive and loving and want to proclaim “peace on Earth” if you’re suffering from stress, irritability or depression?

Certainly, the more stressed and irritable you feel, the less likely you are to want to reach out and uplift others. If your health is challenged, you are distracted and focused primarily on yourself, not on sharing peace and joy with the world. The harder your life is, and the more you suffer within, the less likely you will feel good about expressing the qualities of your Higher Spiritual Self—love, joy, peace, harmony and compassion.

There is another problem with the omnipresent electromagnetic fields and frequencies generated by all of our electric and electronic devices and overhead satellite systems. They literally disconnect us from our true Spiritual Self. The high-tech particles actually fragment our energy field above the spiritual, or crown chakra at the top of the head, and those fragmentations remain there, creating sabotaging behaviors in us and blocking the influx of spiritual energy throughout our chakra system on an ongoing basis.

Over time, this diminishes our intuitive abilities, reduces the amount of love we feel, and hampers our full creativity and sexual expression. In addition, it makes us lose our ability to trust life and to feel safe. Has anyone noticed that as the world becomes more and more frequency-filled with time, people are feeling less and less safe here? It is all part of this energetic challenge we face in our modern, high-tech world.

Plus, as people feel more stressed, irritable and out of control in their life due to the constant bombardment by all of these detrimental frequencies, they do crazy, harmful things—like senseless shootings, random and targeted bombings, and using their vehicles as weapons to hurt or kill pedestrians. So, as we get blocked in our own ability to feel safe, the world shows up as a place that’s “less safe to be in.” It’s a vicious cycle.

Solutions do exist, but you have to make an extra effort to pull yourself out of the “funk, doldrums or apathy” you may find yourself in to even attract something that could help you. When you lose the connection with your Spiritual Self, you can forget you’re on a spiritual path of self-discovery and become stuck—working hard just to survive. There is a Higher side to life that is calling to you, the more you reconnect with who you truly are.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. She has spent over 35 years researching how to heal, repair and normalize the physical and subtle bodies, to bring greater health, well-being and spiritual awareness to all. For more information, call 512-301-2999 or visit

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