Thursday , July 16 2020

Publisher’s Letter – New Year, New Possibilities!

By Kasia Szumal –

Congratulations! You are now in 2018! What does this year mean to you? What do you want to create? What do you want to explore? What do you want to work on this year? For me, this year opportunities await, opportunities to meet leaders from different communities and work together.

It is a year to embrace the latest technology, so that we can give you access to what is happening in your community via your smartphone. It is a year to create more visual content for Conscious Community Magazine, more mindful films, music, art and collaboration with the community. Most importantly, I want to be here for you on your spiritual journey, and to inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Say “YES!” to yourself today, and take one step towards making your dream come alive!

If you have yet to sign up for our email newsletter, I urge you to do so. Every month on the 15th, we will be adding new articles, clips and events to our website, and you will be notified via email. Also when you join our newsletter, you will receive the Metaphysical Dream Interpretation Guide as our FREE gift to you. Go to our website,, to sign up!

We are pleased to introduce our newest columnist, Tara Aal, who took over Kaye Berjot’s column ‘Cosmic Daily Weather.’ Tara has been a writer and astrology teacher for many years. She completed Laura Nalbandian’s Evolutionary Astrology three-year program and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg’s Immersion program. Welcome on board Tara!

I want to recognize Misty Soderholm and Shannon Chada for their valuable contributions to Conscious Community Magazine. We are grateful for their efforts, and we will miss reading their insightful columns each month. We wish them both the best on their journeys. Thank you both for being part of the Conscious Community!

In this January issue, we have a lot of great articles that will inspire you to start this year off on the right foot. Nutrition is a field that is very close to my heart and inspires me personally. I have been studying it for over a decade now and see how crucial it is for a healthy body as well as a healthy mind! This month, we are very fortunate to be able to introduce to you Michael Greger, M.D. of He is a medical doctor and co-author of the bestselling book How Not To Die. He is also the founder and main contributor to the not-for-profit website,, which is dedicated to sharing the latest scientific research in the field of nutrition. I have been following his nutrition guidelines for many years now, and I am happy that we are able to share his knowledge with all of you. Staying with the health and wellness theme this issue, we also have an article about how to gracefully go through menopause with barely any unpleasant symptoms. Moreover, our former ‘Cosmic Daily Weather columnist, Kaye Berjot, is writing a new column, ‘Astrology 101,’ which shares the basics of Astrology for those of you who are new readers and lovers of Astrology.

I wish you success in everything that comes your way in 2018!

Kasia Szumal

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