Sunday , April 5 2020

Following the Signs to Living Well!

By Rebecca Rosen –

I’ve been a professional spiritual medium; a channel between the living and the dead, for over two decades. Your departed loved ones, spirit guides, and angels surround you everywhere, EVERY DAY. They’re always with you, available to offer you comfort, peace, and validation that love never dies, and they want you to know that your struggles have a purpose, that you’re not alone.

I may have "super powers," as my husband calls it, and I may be in a “woo-woo” line of work, yet I also have many struggles and challenges: at work, at home, with friendships, relationships, etc. I, too, have questions and seek clarity, direction, and reassurance. I rely on the same support system to guide me and give me answers about my own life.

I recently left for a business trip to L.A., after having our six kids the past week, along with a full work week. My energy was scattered and frenetic, as I hadn't had any "me" time to recharge before leaving. When I arrived, everything around me was chaotic, from streets being shut down en route to my hotel, to witnessing disturbing and angry people having arguments with the hotel front desk…

I fully believe in the law of attraction, and taking full responsibility for the energy we bring to any situation or experience, so I paused and prayed; I asked God and my Guides to help me be fully accountable for whatever frenetic energy I was holding on to, and to help me fully release it. I asked for the love and light of God, and to bring divine order, and peace within and around me. I then imagined myself in a bubble of light in the palms of God's hands.

I immediately got a hint that after checking into my hotel room, I should go for a long walk, to ground and clear my energy, so I did. The minute I stepped outside and headed down Sunset Blvd., a license plate with the numbers 444 went by. Before I had a chance to smile and thank my Angels (444 means the angels are with you now, according to Doreen Virtue's book Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences), another 444 drove past me! At the end of my walk, feeling totally centered and cleared, entering the hotel parking lot, I saw a license plate "INGODS” (symbol of a hand)! Ha! Exactly what I specifically prayed for and intended! This is how our spirit team communicates with us.

This is their way to assure us that while life may be messy, it just is, and everything that happens to us serves some purpose in our spiritual growth; that we should all be grateful to have the opportunity to learn in this classroom of life, with constant reminders that our prayers are heard.

Noticing signs, and learning how the dead can help shed light, perspective, and direction in YOUR day-to-day life is the subject of my new book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, my most personal book yet. Sharing my experiences and personal stories (sometimes very intimate), I show you how by tuning in to see, feel, and hear the Other Side I’m guided daily.

People don’t need me to connect with their deceased loved ones, guides, and angels. They just need your invitation. Once you welcome them in, they’ll begin sending you signs, and showing you information, to help you better understand and navigate your life. You can invite Spirit in with your words, or thoughts. I use meditation to open the door, as it’s an extremely important spiritual tool. It’s one way I clear negative “mind chatter,” and achieve a higher vibrational state. Repeating a mantra, or affirmation, is a powerful way to get into this state.

So, clear your “mind chatter,” send an invitation, and see what happens. The response may surprise you, and will certainly lead you to living well, with your spirit team guiding you!


Rebecca Rosen is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and star of Lifetime’s The Last Goodbye. Known for her accessible style and stunningly accurate ability to connect with the departed, her broad appeal and healing message have led to repeated national media appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Phil, and others.


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