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Johrei in America

By Joe Jarnol


Johrei was developed in Japan during the 1930’s by the Japanese artist, philosopher, ikebana master and spiritual leader, Mokichi Okada (Meishu-sama). He devoted himself to healing the sick as well as searching for spiritual aware- ness. Meishu-sama began following the Divine Will of God and felt certain that God was moving him in Accordance with a Divine Plan. Miracles and revelations became the focus of his attention. This was made possible by the constant flow of Light through him and the flow of Universal energy emanating from God. When he channeled the Light, astonishing results were achieved. He named this process “Johrei” which means “purifying the Spirit” in Japanese.The method of transmitting the power of Johrei was revealed to Meishu-sama so that any individual, if he or she wished, could work as a channel of God’s Light.

Meishu-sama’s vision was to create a world of peace, health and prosperity. He stated that once Johrei was accepted in America the world will improve. Johrei was introduced to America in 1953 with numerous Johrei centers throughout the United States and other countries.

There are several spiritual organizations that follow Meishu-sama’s teachings and use Johrei as a method of spiritual purification, including Izunome Association, USA and the Johrei Fellowship, USA.

In 1953, Meishusama missioned Kiyoko Higuchi and Harutami Ajiki to America.They started in Hawaii where they established centers and proceeded to California and San Francisco with the Johrei expansion.This practice healed many during the 1950’s and 60’s in America and gradually expanded to Arizona and the East Coast. Currently, there are centers along the East coast including Florida, New York and New Jersey. In Chicago, there are 2 locations, Midway and West Rogers Park.

Johrei is a multi-cultural, multi-faith, service organization of health and healing. Johrei is a spiritual practice that is an adjunct to all religions. Members and recipients come from all faiths and backgrounds. Today, over two million followers world wide practice Johrei.

The mission of Johrei is:

The practice of the art of spiritual healing by channeling divine Light, The appreciation of beauty, Making others happy and Nature farming.

Johrei helps people improve the quality of their lives.

The Divine Light of God, when transmitted to an individual, permeates and purifies his or her spiritual body. This spiritual purification is reflected on the material being, improving it mentally and physically. A person’s mental attitude and health improves because his or her blood, a materialized form of spirit, purifies. The most important factor, however, is that the Johrei recipient is spiritually elevated, thus becoming opened to the opportunity for spiritual growth. Spiritually purifying and enlightening people through Johrei is the most important phase to healing the world.

The session: A Johrei session consists of a Johrei practitioner and a recipient sitting in chairs facing each other. The practitioner focuses the universal light through the palm of her hand. 10 minutes in front and 15 on the back. It is hands free. A session takes about 20 minutes

Benefits: Receiving the light of Johrei is to cleanse one’s spiritual body of toxins accumulated over time. Receiving Johrei is like taking a spiritual bath that raises the vibration of the person receiving it, resulting in mental, physical and emotional balance. Johrei penetrates the spiritual body, reaching the soul and eliminates the clouds and karma.

Positive results include:
• Increases spiritual quality of one’s life • Clears mental confusion
• Detoxifies physical body
• Accelerates healing process

Joe Jarnol is a Johrei Practitioner in Chicago. He has been practicing Johrei since 1999. He currently leads the Northside area. If you would like to experience Johrei, contact him at: 773-465-9014, j.johreichicago@gmail.com. 
Visit our website http://johreichicago.org.

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