Wednesday , May 18 2022

Interview with Stacy Chandler from Stacy’s Place of Healing Part I

by Anna J Anthony 

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Anna Anthony: Stacy, thank you for allowing me to visit Stacy's Place of Healing, and experience one of your magical crystal bed sessions! I was very relaxed, yet I feel there was a lot happening. What exactly was going on while I was on the healing table, surrounded by healing light and blanketed in healing crystals?

Stacy Chandler:  I have Reiki, Chios, and other energy modalities that I have learned to use, and I then take it to a different level. It's more source-guided. As a matter of fact, it is all source-guided. My guides tell me what crystals to place on and around the body. I stand next to myself, and let source do it all. It's almost like I am standing with my arms crossed and allowing them to do the work. The LED lights are not harmful. You will feel it in different areas that need more work. If you have a hard time speaking your truth, you might feel it in your throat. It's aligned with whatever is going on in your body.

AA: I did experience that. I especially felt something powerful when you were working near my feet.

SC: I do all the clearing, and the feet are where it’s magical! I get to fly with you and take you to different guides. We go up to the heavens, and then bring you back to earth, and it is always related to your guides. Every time it's different. The feet are the seal. Sometimes it is like a cleansing. We take you through the waterfall and cleanse you with the water. For me it's magical! 

AA: You have many clients that have been diagnosed with cancer, MS, as well as other diseases and ailments. How does the crystal healing bed benefit them? 

SC: The human body is like a chimney; you have to keep cleaning it out and putting fresh wood in it. Some people do a great job of keeping their energy clean, yet not everybody does. Our body has the ability to heal itself, yet if we are never cleaning the chimney then our bodies fight twice as hard. If you are not cleansing your body so that your body has the ability to fight, then it's a bigger struggle than it needs to be. I believe that the foods we eat, and the way we think is what creates a lot of it.  It's not a cure, yet what it does at times is keep it at a very low level instead of being inflamed. It's all about aligning what's going on in your body and keeping it fresh. Some healings take longer than others. For me it is not about the money, or length of time. It's about the person on the table and what they need.

AA: How did Stacy's Place of Healing come into existence?

SC:  I have always loved crystals and visiting crystal stores. I didn't know I was going to be a crystal healer; I just kept buying more shelves. I always wanted to be a psychologist, yet didn't have the opportunity for schooling. I have always wanted to help people in general. I knew this was going to be my path, yet I didn't know how it was going to play out. I think to do this work you have to be clear, and I had a lot of things I needed to heal before I could do this professionally. I discovered, and that is how I eventually met Diana Kushenbach, my teacher and mentor, one and a half years ago. If you have an interest, has it. This is how I found this network because I didn't have anyone I could talk to. I searched Chios, and I ended up taking classes. That led me to the teacher and her Meetup group, and then I found a lot of different groups that were in this industry. Diana helped me understand my talents and how to harness them and bring it to another level. She taught me to trust the universe, because it doesn't always make sense. I am very blessed to have someone as my teacher that is this pure. I feel God brought me to Diana because she is an incredible teacher. I now have my own Meetup group listed under Stacy's Place of Healing.

                                                                                           Continue reading Part II in March issue…


Anna is the advertising coordinator for Conscious Community Magazine. She is passionate about collaborating and promoting local artisans, Lightworkers, and conscious business owners. In her free time, Anna studies the art of tarot, the paranormal, and is curious about various forms of consciousness and spreading light and magic to others.


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