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Interview – Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell

By Kaye Berjot – 

Eben Alexander, MD, is a New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven, and Karen Newell is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics. Join them on an exploration of oneness and sound-enhanced meditations that deepen your connection to Infinite source, at the Accessing Infinite Oneness workshop at Infinity Foundation in Highland Park on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  

On Friday, April 21, 2017, join them for Sound Healing Journey (also at Infinity Foundation); an experiential sound journey riding on the power of group energy, and Sacred Acoustics’ innovative audio technology to achieve “thinning of the veil,” and opening your awareness into universal consciousness. Make it a priority to align more powerfully with your collective higher purpose and realize your individual role by illuminating the light within. 

Kaye Berjot: What does it mean to access infinite oneness?                                     

Eben Alexander, MD: It has to do with the evolving concepts of consciousness, and the emerging view of neuroscience and philosophy of mind with regards to consciousness, and what it is. Collective mind is where we find existence, and expand capabilities as human beings. One way to connect is with meditation, which allows you to connect with universal creative source of this universe, which is where we find our sense of meaning, connection with others, and the ability to manifest free will.  

KB: You mentioned being in a coma, is meditation like being in a coma? 

EA: Not exactly, meditation is a pathway to recognize a larger part of who we are. It is a way of tapping into infinite knowing and wisdom, and can come in handy on many occasions. It’s a resource; a source of guidance in our lives. With a prolonged experience, you get the same benefits as going into a coma, yet you don’t have to die or almost die to experience this creative source within the universe. 

KB: How does sound help to facilitate meditation? 

Karen Newell: Sound plays a role because it allows the mind to focus on sound. In my own experience, I found that when my mind was entrained on sound, I could pay more attention to my observer self, that part of me that watches myself. The sound recordings we create are digital frequencies, which put our mind in the hypnopompic state where the body becomes relaxed but the mind is still aware.  

KB: Once you come out of the theta state, how does one reconnect to the brain? 

KN: When you’re in an expanded state of awareness, your mind gets into this state, and we lose our ability to function and construct words. It requires us to find the words that most fit the explanation.  

EA: So much of that knowing and understanding that we experience during the theta state goes beyond what we can convey through language. The reality is that so much of it can’t be put into earthly language, which is why it’s so important to go within. You can’t just read this; you have to experience it, which is what we share during our workshops. 

KB: How do we know when we’ve connected and explored our true self, or journey? What does that knowing feel like? 

KN: The heart plays an important role in this knowing, because it’s a feeling, and has no linguistic thought. The feeling state is really what’s making the connection. It takes repeated commitment to know the difference between imagination and true connection. In a meditation, you can ask a question, and if you get the answer in your mind you can put it out to the universe with a feeling state, and look for the validation through synchronicities in your own life. Trust your internal experiences, because those are the things that are real in our lives. 

KB: How did the two of you come to collaborate? 

KN: Eben was exploring binaural beats. My business partner, Kevin, and I were exploring sound technology. We shared our recordings with Eben, and then started to do combined meditations and we’d meet up in the sound technology-induced space.  

EA: What’s powerful about the deep meditative experiences is that we found we experienced very similar things. Kevin would have a visual experience, while Karen would have a knowing experience. We would essentially experience the same thing, just in different ways.     

KB: Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, how does that play a role in connecting?  

KN: The thoughts and emotions are connecting with the water.  

EA: Our understanding of water is restricted and limited. What we know is that water’s interaction with DNA is a form of communication, and we’re just beginning to come to an understanding of this. What’s interesting is that 98% of DNA is “junk” DNA, yet at the same time some percentage of DNA serves as a way to influence consciousness.     

KB: What can participants expect from the workshop? 

KN: We will explore in greater detail how scientific concepts combine with spiritual concepts. Heart and feeling states will also be a focus of attention. Participants will be able to come together and experience sound for the purpose of shared meditative journeys. In addition, the night before the workshop we will have an experiential-only opportunity.  

EA: Most participants are astounded that this much liberation of conscious awareness can come about through sound. It has tremendous power. If you’ve experienced transcendental sound and sacred acoustics on your own, the awareness is magnified when done in groups.  


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