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In Print – October 2018

By Kayla Hancock

Twin Flames, Merkabas and Mor

A Lightworkers Story

by Robbie Mackenzie (Amazon Digital Services, LLC., Paperback, $7.77)

All around the globe, people are connecting with their soul mates. Robbie Mackenzie says that is because the spark of love that twin flames and soul mates create when together is important for the shift in consciousness our planet is currently experiencing. In this book, he explains how he became a medium, how he met the love of his life and what ascension is. Mackenzie also talks about Merkabas—what they are and how to open them—and explains how meeting your twin flame is a divine experience of sacredness unlike any other.


The Wisdom of Circles

Gathering Women for Conscious Community

by Christine Moses (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Paperback, $14.95)

When women come together in sacred space, magic happens. False beliefs of separation are replaced by our true connections to one another and to nature. We safely release emotions and fears that we hold on to and we remember who and what we truly are. Chris Moses shares her personal story of transformation and her experiences with helping other women to fully express themselves in circles. She explains how creating these safe containers for women allows them to connect deeper to the world around them—and spread their love like wildfire.


The Five Hurdles to Happiness and the Mindful Path to Overcoming Them

by Mitch Abblett (Shambhala, Hardcover, $22.95)

According to Buddhism, there are five hindrances that keep people from awakening and experiencing true happiness. Abblett shares these hurdles with readers, giving the teachings a more modern perspective. He also uses various types of psychology along with traditional wisdom to frame these obstacles as a chance for you to learn from your life experiences instead of repeating the past. Learn how to overcome your desire, hostility, sluggishness, worry and doubt to enjoy a more mindful and joyful life.


Empowered Medicine

Harnessing The Infinite Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health

by Trip Goolsby and LeNae Goolsby (BalboaPress, Paperback, $12.99)

It’s time to take your health into your own hands. The current medical model is limiting to us (at best.) As mindful individuals, we are capable of creating the health we so badly long for all on our own. Trip and LeNae Goolsby motivate readers to challenge their limiting perceptions and embrace their dream image of themselves so they can create their own long-lasting, healthy lives.


Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart

A Practical Guide to Living in Trust and Love

by Shai Tubali (EarthDancer Books, Paperback, $15.99)

The modern world is mainly focused on developing our minds. We are expected to be successful, faster, better, smarter, etc. Meanwhile, the heart is often portrayed as a place of weakness and vulnerability. Shai Tubali asks readers to shift this perspective within their minds and embrace the seven gifts of the heart so that each of us reach our highest potential. He provides practical exercises for addressing the fears inside our minds so we can overcome them and fully surrender to our heart energy.


The New Consciousness

What Our World Needs Most

by Jakeb Brock (BalboaPress, Paperback, $18.99)

For a world that has made so many progressive strives into modern technology, there is still a lot of ignorance that remains. Jakeb Brock sheds light on outdated and false superstitions and fears to help us wake up to a new era of light and love. It is time for us to stop fighting and start embracing the new world of spiritual truth.


Kayla Hancock is 25 years old and is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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