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In Print – May 2018

Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life

by Azra Bertrand M.D. and Seren Bertrand (Bear & Company, $30.00, Paperback)

The ancients once practiced feminine traditions that worshipped the sacredness of the Universal Womb. As Azra and Seren Bertrand explain, there lies within each of us a guide of this Womb of Creation that connects us all to the web of life. They emphasize the importance of connecting with the mystical teachings of the Cosmic Womb to create a balance between masculine and feminine energies in the world. They also explore how these ideas have been portrayed in fairy tales throughout time.

The Test: Incredible Proof of the Afterlife

by Stéphane Allix (Helios Press, $16.99, Paperback)

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Many people seek out mediums to help get answers from loved ones who have passed away. In this book, Stephane Allix interviews and secretly tests six mediums to see if they can tell him what was buried in his fathers grave. The results of his efforts show that life beyond death, and indeed one’s ability to communicate with the other side, is a real possibility. Allix also discusses with each psychic things that they have learned throughout their experiences connecting with the spirit world.

Magickal Energy Healing

by Swati Prakash (The Positive Media, $10.00, Paperback)

This guidebook teaches readers many invaluable practices to help create a balanced life. Swati Prakash writes about the importance of grounding and shielding one’s energy. Furthermore, she teaches readers about the chakra systems and how to keep them in alignment. Prakash also explains how important it is to use powerful words and mantras when one wants to attract something into his or her life. Illustrations and charts are provided in every chapter to help readers easily understand the concepts presented.

The Power of the Infinity Symbol: Working with the Lemniscate for Ultimate Harmony and Balance

by Barbara Heider-Rauter (Earthdancer Books, $15.99, Paperback)

The infinity symbol has been used throughout the ages to signify eternal life and balance. Barbara Heider-Rauter attunes readers to the energy field of the infinity symbol (also known as the lemniscate) and explains how its energy helps balance out the two halves of the brain. She also encourages readers to use this ancient symbol to establish harmony within their lives and help them heal.


Crystal Wands: For Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and Energy Medicine

by Ewald Kliegel (Healing Arts Press, $19.95, Paperback)

People have been using crystals for around 800 years to help clear the body of unwanted energies. Ewald Kliegel explains the three different types of wands, how they interact with physical and energy bodies, and how to use wands for various purposes. He also provides instructions on how to incorporate wands into healing and massage treatments.

Ancient Therapies for a Modern World: Arm Swinging Qigong

by John Robertson (Finger at the Moon Publishing, $11.97, Paperback)

Improved health, cardiovascular functioning and problem-solving are all benefits of Chinese Swinging Arm Qigong Exercises. John Robertson provides instructions as well as a brief history and list of effects of each exercise. Clinical studies are also provided to show how these exercises directly improve one’s well-being.

Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.


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