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In Print – February 2021

By Kayla Hancock

Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy, by Rachel Ricketts (Atria Books, $27, Hardcover)

There is no better time than now to acknowledge and act against systemic racism. This book is a call to action for us to start doing the inner work. Rachel Ricketts helps readers to identify where they most often get stuck when addressing racism and provides helpful insight with regards to healing our personal experiences of discrimination. Ricketts not only provides sustainable solutions towards creating radical racial justice—she also provides soulful activities, such as guided meditations, breathing exercises and journal prompts that help us ground into our bodies while we start to unpack our privilege and better process the intense emotions that surface while fighting injustice.

The Alchemy of Stones: Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones for Healing and Transformation, by Robert Simmons (Destiny Books, $29.99, Paperback)

Robert Simmons has been studying the various spiritual qualities of minerals, crystals and gems for 35 years. In this book, he works with a holistic approach and initiates readers into an alchemical worldview that leads to spiritual healing and transcendence. Simmons explores the Four Cornerstones of the Alchemy of Stones—Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite and Rosophia. He introduces each step of the transformation of the Four Cornerstones and provides specific meditation and stone combinations to help with each phase. He incorporates stone mandalas, crystal body layouts and aspects of the divine feminine. The human powers of intention, attention and imagination are also explored.

Manage Your Menopause Naturally: The Six-Week Guide to Calming Hot Flashes & Night Sweats, Getting Your Sex Drive Back, Sharpening Memory & Reclaiming Well-Being,
by Maryon Stewart (New World Library,
$17.95, Paperback)

It is estimated that around 75% of women going through menopause will experience symptoms for at least a decade. Maryon Stewart aims to shed light on how to deal with this natural process in a way that is practical and successful. She provides quizzes to help readers identify which symptoms they struggle with the most, along with recommended meal plans and helpful supplements to support the body during menopause. Stewart shares her comprehensive six-week plan that has been proven to combat common menopause issues, improve overall nutrition and feelings of well-being, and even decrease one’s risk for developing certain life-threatening conditions in the future.

Developing Supersensible Perception: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds through Entheogens, Prayer, and Nondual Awareness, by Shelli Renée Joye, Ph.D. (Inner Traditions,
$21.99, Hardcover)

Rudolf Steiner believed that within every individual lies the potential to awaken supersensory powers. Shelli Renée Joye shares condensed techniques from Steiner’s 400 published volumes to explain to readers how one can develop a higher consciousness with supersensory abilities. Particularly, Joye studies these five approaches: acquisition by birth, entheogens, mantra and prayer, efforts and exercise, and nonduality or Samadhi. She connects Steiner’s ideas to modern advances in science and shares some of her deeply spiritual experiences while also ensuring readers can effectively integrate this new information into their realities.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 3: 25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness, by Laura Di Franco
(Brave Healer Productions, $22, Paperback)

From the minds of 25 expert healers, the content of this book provides readers with a collaborative and all-encompassing self-help guide that addresses our innate ability to heal ourselves on multiple levels. Laura Di Franco combines the wisdom of these skilled practitioners to share preventative and healing self-treatment practices that create a powerful toolkit for anyone struggling with life’s challenges.

Forest Bathing: Discovering Health and Happiness Through the Japanese Practice of Shinrin Yoku (A Start Here Guide), by Dr. Cyndi Gilbert, N.D. (St. Martin’s Essentials, $14.99, Paperback)

The Japanese have been practicing the art of Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing, for centuries. In this book, Dr. Cyndi Gilbert shares with readers her experience of losing touch with nature and how she rediscovered her love of the natural world through forest bathing. She offers a practical guide for beginners to start their journey with the practice, and emphasizes the important benefits it provides, including vitamin D restoration, gut biome balance, feelings of relaxation, anxiety relief, and more. Gilbert also teaches readers how to tap into their five senses to enhance their ability to experience the healing powers of nature no matter where they are in the world.


Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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