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In Print – August 2021

By Kayla Hancock

Animal Medicine: A Curanderismo Guide to Shapeshifting, Journeying, and Connecting with Animal Allies, by Erika Buenaflor M.A., J.D. (Bear & Company, $18.00, Paperback)

This guide to Mesoamerican animal medicine explores the shapeshifting practices of ancient shamanic traditions and details the 76 most common animals most often used for ancient Mesoamerican stories and rituals. Erika Buenaflor provides helpful information such as symbolic meanings in dreams, animal associations with other realms, and what healing properties are manifested with each animal in order to help readers enrich their lives with animals’ magic and wisdom.

Permission Granted: Kick-Ass Strategies to Bootstrap Your Way to Unconditional Self-Love, by Regina Louise (New World Library, $16.95, Paperback)

Spending most of her childhood in solitude at a residential treatment facility, Regina Louise learned at an early age how important it is to self-nurture. In this book she inspires readers to follow their dreams, even when it may seem impossible. Louise shares practical and joyful ways to help readers transform uneasiness into confidence while manifesting their desires in both personal and professional spheres.


Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases, by Julia Schopick (Innovative Health Publishing, $14.95, Paperback)

 It’s no secret that medicine in this country is a booming business. While it may be financially lucrative, our system that prioritizes money over improving and saving lives is dysfunctional at best. Julia Schopick shares the research about four life-saving treatments that have not been universally accepted. The reason being? Utilizing these healing methods is less profitable than the current models of healing that are in place. Some of the treatments Schopick shares include Low Dose Naltrexon for autoimmune disorders such as MS and Crohn’s disease and the Ketogenic Diet for pediatric epilepsy.


Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma, by Rochelle Calvert PhD (New World Library, $18.95, Paperback)

Mother nature has always been our greatest healer. Rochelle Calvert shares with readers how to connect with nature to relax the nervous system, face our traumas, and re-integrate the lessons we learned throughout the process. Calvert emphasizes how important this sacred time with nature is, as it concerns the healing of not just the individual but the collective as well.

Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness: Healing Messages from a Spiritwalker, by Laura Aversano (Inner Traditions, $14.99, Paperback)

Seer, mystic, spiritwalker, medical intuitive — these are just some of the labels that Laura Aversano has adopted over the years.  This collection of prayers and affirmations serves to guide readers through their darker moments and help them find the light. Addressing depression, rebirth, grief, and trauma, Aversano’s words effortlessly transmit her immense compassion for humanity and healing spiritual wisdom.

Sunrise Gratitude: 365 Morning Meditations for Joyful Days All Year Long (Daily Gratitude, 2) by Emily Silva (Rock Point, $18.00, Hardcover)

This book from Emily Silva’s Gratitude Series contains meditations that are sure to make your morning feel magical! Silva shares 365 guided meditations with accompanying depictions of nature that focus on helping students feel connected to their purpose and spirit at a time when it is most important to feel inspired. All of the books in this series are written to make it easy for readers to achieve new positive mindful habits, thus creating a more joyful life.

Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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