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In Print – April 2019

By Kayla Hancock

Mind Detox: Discover and Resolve the Root Causes of Chronic Conditions and Persistent Problems

by Sandy C. Newbigging (Findhorn Press, $16.99, Paperback)

Do you suffer from chronic pain, acne or insomnia? Do you feel like something isn’t right with your physical well-being but can’t seem to place a finger on what is wrong? Sandy C. Newbigging helps readers clear years of mental toxicity from past traumas and unhealthy beliefs so that they can experience heightened levels of happiness and success. He shares five simple steps that help us dive into our unconscious so that we can come out renewed, focused, empowered and at peace with our bodies.

Dancing with Raven and Bear: A Book of Earth Medicine and Animal Magic

by Sonja Grace (Findhorn Press, $12.99, Paperback)

This book of tales written by Sonja Grace was inspired by both her Hopi and Norwegian roots. Grace inspires readers to reconnect with the Earth through her beautiful storytelling and original artwork that attempts to capture the divinity of nature. She discusses various similarities between Native traditions and Norse mythology and teaches readers to take responsibility for their actions so they can grow on a spiritual level.


The Woman’s Herbal Apothecary: 200 Natural Remedies for Healing, Hormone Balance, Beauty and Longevity, and Creating Calm

by JJ Pursell (Fair Winds Press, $24.99, Paperback)

It’s no secret that methods of natural healing have been making a comeback for some time. JJ Pursell shares this in-depth, yet easy to follow—herbal medicine guide to help women treat common health issues. Pursell includes over 200 remedies which are organized by the major cycles of a woman’s life. This includes pre-childbirth, reproductive years, menopause, and beyond. Pursell’s comprehensive guide teaches readers how to make teas, tinctures, ointments, and more, so that they can take wellness into their own hands and avoid the negative aspects of standard medicine.


Feeling Better: Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships with Interpersonal Psychotherapy

by Cindy Goodman Stulberg and Ronald J. Frey (New World Library, $17.95, Paperback)

In recent years, we have grown accustomed to viewing and treating depression as a result of biochemical imbalances. Cindy Goodman Stulberg and Ronald Frey know that there is a lot more to unhappiness than that. For 20 years, Stulberg and Frey have been helping clients improve their lives using IPT or interpersonal psychotherapy which focuses on relationships. In this book, the authors help readers to deal with relationship issues that may contribute to their feelings of depression and provide tools to help them exceed goals and explore emotions.


Learning to Love

by Eileen Caddy and David Earl Platts (Findhorn Press, $12.99, Paperback)

It is common for humans to gradually put walls up around their hearts as they adopt more fear-based beliefs. Eileen Caddy and David Earl Platts use concepts derived from psychosynthesis to help readers explore attitudes and past experiences that block them from love. They provide powerful meditations and visualization exercises to help readers create lasting change that will allow them to receive and share more love and joy.


Chinese Astrology: 2019 Year of the Earth Pig

by Donna Stellhorn (ETC Publishing, $17.99, Paperback)

Find out if the Year of the Earth Pig will bring you the partner you are looking for, the wealth you are seeking, the home you desire, as well as the answers to many more questions with this comprehensive guide. Donna Stellhorn combines both Chinese astrology and Feng Shui advice to provide specific cures for each zodiac sign for the upcoming year. She also shares predictions for each month for every Chinese zodiac sign.

Kayla Hancock is grateful to be a part of this community. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and certified Deeksha giver who enjoys working alongside her angels and spirit guides to bring more love, joy and compassion into the world.

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