Monday , November 28 2022

How To Use the Violet Flame to Accelerate Your Ascension

By Samantha Wood, RN –

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her book, Saint Germain: Master Alchemist Spiritual Teachings from An Ascended Master, The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy that has been gifted to humanity by St. Germain to support our ascension, promote clarity in decision making, banish anxiety and help dissolve acquired karmic debt. An ascended master is a spiritually enlightened being who has had several human lifetimes yet has passed certain tests or initiations which allowed them to “graduate” from the Earth plane. They essentially have removed themselves from the “wheel of karma” by making soul-aligned choices which have resulted in ascending to higher dimensions. We are able to connect with these masters as well as ask for support and guidance as we go along on our own spiritual journey. St. Germain has had many incarnations such as a High Priest in the times of Atlantis, Christopher Columbus, Joseph of Nazareth, Sir Francis Bacon, Prophet Samuel and Merlin.

Ascension simply means raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness, living from your heart space, and expressing the Light of your Soul’s Truth. Ascension is the dedication to transforming our human lives to reflect the Absolute Divinity within us through conscious decision making. When we are in alignment with our Soul’s Truth we make better choices! However, since we are in the earthly realm of free will, we may still make choices that can limit our spiritual growth or past life decisions could be affecting our current timeline. Luckily, we can utilize the Violet Flame to help support us on blazing the pathway of our Ascension.

The Violet Flame is called the flame of mercy, transmutation and freedom, is located in our energy field and surrounds our physical body. This flame is a majestic purple and can be invoked by intention or saying spiritual prayers known as decrees. It can transmute or transform any low vibrational emotion or thought pattern that is inhibiting your expansion and growth. It can resolve karmic issues and free us from repeating the same mistakes over and over in this or future lifetimes. The flame burns away or dissolves karmic repercussions before they come back to us which lessens their negative effect on our lives. The violet flame can also remove negative emotions or thoughts by upgrading their energetic signature to a higher frequency. It is essentially an auric cleanser and removes any dense energy that is limiting your magnificent potential. The violet flame can ease anxiety, create peace in a chaotic situation and help all beings on earth to live in harmony. This spiritual energy is accessible to every living being and simply needs to be ignited and brought to your awareness. By saying the decrees daily, you will strengthen the powers of the violet flame within your energy field and transmute anything that is limiting your spiritual advancement.

Decrees are spiritual prayers or invocations that have been given to us from the Ascended Masters. There are two simple decrees that you can start saying daily to connect with the violet flame.
1. “I AM the presence of St. Germain. I AM the presence of the Violet Flame.”
2. “I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the purity God desires.”

It is suggested to repeat the decrees for 15 minutes per day. You can say them as part of your meditation, while driving in the car, as you cook your meals, while using a mala necklace, or while taking a shower. You see, the possibilities are endless as to how you can integrate this powerful practice into your life. By speaking the decrees, you invoke The Violet Flame within your field and expand it outwards. For worldly issues, you can visualize the planet in the center of The Violet Flame and focus on the frequencies of peace and harmony. If there are any personal issues you are experiencing, invoke the flame and ask for it to remove any obstacles you may be facing. This is a powerful spiritual tool that is waiting to assist you on your journey here!

Samantha Wood, RN is a Reiki Master Teacher, Ascension Mentor, and Divine Channel passionate about empowering her clients to transform themselves so that they are living their best lives. She offers 1:1 transformational healing sessions, spiritual classes, and meditation events. To connect, please visit or e-mail her at

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  1. That is a great article. Thank you for sharing it and in such a simple way.

  2. Hello, During meditation Spirit requested I learn about the violet flame of St. Germain. Literally had no idea what it meant, then after weeks of research and basically giving up. Logged in an directed to your magazine.
    Great read, very simple explanation to understand the process of acceleration via violet Flame. Thanks for the help moving forward with my spiritual growth. ✨Blessings. T

  3. Kimberly Leather

    I am. New Reiki Practitioner and would love to know a short but effective meditation I can do before each session invoking the Violet Flame please, and with much gratitude 💜