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Full Moon – November 12, 2019 – Feasible and Fabulous

By Donna Stellhorn

This Full Moon in Taurus is a time to be both optimistic and pragmatic. This month, it feels like you’re reaching for the stars to touch wonderous Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. But, your feet are firmly planted in the practical energy of the day-to-day activities of the Moon in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These energies are about making a living, getting the kids off to school and having time to spend with friends and your partner. Finding the connection between these energies is key this month.

In the first two weeks, Jupiter passes through the point of the Galactic Center. Your curiosity is piqued by a book, a podcast or a news report. Then down the rabbit hole you go investigating, learning and researching. Whatever has caught your fancy; learning to cook your own Thanksgiving dinner, planning your next vacation, learning astrology or whatever, you have a thirst for knowledge at this time. Venus moves to meet Jupiter around November 23. This can be a lucky period if you want to ask someone out, launch a product or buy a lottery ticket.

Mercury is retrograde until Nov. 20. This is a good time for doing things you want to repeat, like seeing friends, taking an art class, or traveling to a beautiful location. But there are a few activities to avoid as Mercury retrograde can be an unpredictable time. Postpone buying a new car, upgrading your phone or signing important contracts. Any of these types of activities can cause disruptions or later regrets when Mercury moves forward again.

The best news this month is a planetary sextile chain. This is when planets line up and bring opportunities, one after another. This month, the Sun in Scorpio sextiles Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which sextiles Neptune in Pisces which sextiles the Moon in Taurus. You can activate this energy by taking an action such as putting out your resumé or suggesting a coffee date with someone you admire. Then opportunities will present themselves and you need only act to go through the open door to find success.

You are doing well financially this month, but you may not be feeling it. This could be because you’ve prudently stashed money away in a savings or retirement account. You may also be waiting for a payment, and it will be coming through. By the end of this period, you will be feeling more confident about your financial picture. Your love and romance areas show fun in the bedroom. For those Aries natives looking for a relationship, opportunities come towards the end of this period in early December.

The Full Moon is in your sign of Taurus, and your powers of manifestation are strong. Keep your thoughts positive and visualize happy outcomes for meetings and connections with others. Love and friendships are highlighted as the sextile chain can introduce you to interesting and influential people. An increase in finances is directly related to another person. This month, you can ask for the raise, increase your prices, or get with your partner and expand a home business.

For Gemini natives, you have lots of healing energy to work with this month. This can bring great practitioners, good advice and loving support to help you feel better. Finances can improve by talking to lenders or banks about lowering interest rates or consolidating debt. A celebration is possible as a child comes into the family, or a kid brings home a great report card. Love abounds this month. There is good communication and people are pulling together as a family to support one another.

There is a lot of activity at home. You may be moving, redecorating or getting ready for the holidays with a deep declutter. Your energy improves and a new exercise routine or eating habit is proving to be very beneficial. There is the possibility of a bonus or small windfall connected with your career. A love relationship shifts towards permanence. You may be taking your love relationship to the next level. Those Cancer natives already in a committed partnership benefit by reaffirming that commitment.

If you work for a company and are in an office or store all day long, there may be some changes to your job duties now and not all of these changes make sense to your logical mind. It would be good to take some time off (if possible) and find a creative outlet. Home life improves. Children are doing well in school. There is fertility energy around you, facilitating pregnancy or adoption. If you’re looking for love, you can find interesting possibilities at spiritual gatherings, art shows and/or political rallies.

This month, education is the focus. You may be taking a test for job certification, or turning in a project at school. Find a study-buddy to help you focus on the material. You are lucky with real estate. This can mean an investment opportunity or things are just going well at home. Extra money comes in through a relationship. You may be selling a large ticket item or negotiating a work deal. Contracts signed after Mercury goes direct will be very beneficial. Love can be hard to find if you avoid meeting new people.

Finances improve as you focus on debt repayment. You may find lower interest rates and improved terms. Your energy is high and you’re breezing through your list of things to do. Writing, teaching and speaking in public are all highlighted. You also have good luck with contracts, car purchases (after Mercury goes direct) and short trips. A love relationship can start, but you must make time for that person in your busy schedule. Issues at home need your attention. Home repairs may be necessary.

You are lucky with money this month but keep an eye on your spending, or you’ll end the month with more stuff and less cash. A small windfall is possible. A lot of behind the scenes work is happening. An old flame may come back into your life, causing you to do some soul searching about whether to go back to a relationship from your past. Be careful signing contracts, especially during Mercury retrograde. You benefit from getting extra sleep this month or by taking a short vacation near home.

Your brain is exceptional this month and you are impressing those around you. Your charisma is strong and you can attract many admirers especially in early December. Your finances benefit from a written budget and your generosity can be your financial undoing if you’re not careful. There are some changes at work with personnel that can add to your list of things to do. Use some creative thinking to streamline your day. You may find excitement in a new way of eating that is healthy and delicious.

Spiritually, you’re very connected this month. Messages and insights flow in with ease. You see blocks in your life dissolve and disappear. If you’re looking for love, you can find interesting people to meet through friends of yours. Career energy is strong. You can find a new job or ask for a new position at your current company. Changes with children bring a reason to celebrate. An adult child may be bringing home a partner, or a younger child may show off a great report from school.

This is a great month for your career. You may receive recognition, a great job offer or a promotion. If you own a business, this is a good time to expand your product line, raise prices or hire new people after Mercury goes direct. There are changes at home. Someone may be moving in or moving out. It’s good to move the furniture around as it gets stuck energy moving again. A friendship becomes deeper and more meaningful. It may turn into love if that’s your objective. Visualize a happy connection.

There may be changes at your job, but you’re protected at this time. If you’re wanting a new job, you can receive an offer—set your start date for after Mercury goes direct. Education is also going well. Funding or financial support can be obtained for school or to start a business. Travel is possible, especially to see family or with your partner as a way to reconnect in your relationship. For those looking for love, a possible connection where you least expect it can happen. Visit new places.

Donna Stellhorn
 is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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