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Full Moon June 5, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius


By Donna Stellhorn

This month with the lunar eclipse at 15° of Sagittarius, energy shifts towards a desire for freedom and independence. There are also aspects that remind you to be cautious. Lunar eclipses always fall on a full moon, and this one makes a square to the action planet Mars at 15° of Pisces. There will be a strong urge to bring wishes and goals to fruition. Lots of attention will be needed for children and younger relatives while this T-square energy makes it challenging to be around people.

For most of the month, Saturn still travels in Aquarius which can restrict social interaction. Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn on July 1 and remains there for a few months. July 1 will start a real push towards rebuilding commerce and other businesses while still following the precautions of the previous months.

Around June 30, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the second time this year. This is a strong combination for ambition and realizing your biggest goals. This marks the halfway point of this aspect which will conclude in November. This gives you from now till November to plant the seeds for growth and big accomplishments in 2021.

Mercury goes retrograde from June 17 to July 12. During this period, it’s good to avoid auto repairs, getting a new phone or changing out a computer. Mercury retrograde can cause lots of issues when it comes to electronics.

Mercury makes a square with Chiron and a sextile to Uranus during this full moon period. There will be lots of innovative ideas for healing and health. Some of which will work and some of which may be less effective. It’s good to practice positive thinking during this period as that boosts your immune system.

Venus is still retrograde until June 25. Venus retrograde can bring regrets when making large purchases such as furniture or appliances. Make sure the store has a good return policy before hitting the “buy now” button.

Overall, this month is about recognizing your strength and resilience. Keep up spiritual practices to help you feel in harmony with the Universe. And, stay in touch with those you care about through any means possible.


This month, Aries natives may be contemplating the question of how to move from your current career into what you want to do for a living. There are opportunities to break free and do something different. You may be looking into formal education options or short online courses. Working from home on creative projects is a good thing to do this month. Love affairs are possible in June, and you may have a secret admirer. Connecting with neighbors and helping each other is very beneficial.


This month, the focus for Taurus natives is on your finances. You may be returning something you purchased the last month. You also may be acquiring things to help you communicate such as a new phone or webcam. Income flows from multiple sources and new job opportunities are coming in. Friendship energy is very strong, and you can get help when you need it. There are also funding opportunities for education. Don’t neglect paperwork or applications as it’s good to get things done.


With the eclipse falling in your house of partnerships, this is one of your strongest relationship periods this year. Gemini natives can have better communication in love relationships, and if you’re single, you can meet potential partners through friends. Career looks quite busy as you may be returning to the office or getting your small business going. Money begins to flow in again, first is a trickle and then at a regular rate towards the end of the month. Keep an eye on government programs for possible funding.


The lunar eclipse falls in your area of daily routines, and you may want to go back to healthy eating habits or an exercise program. Spirituality is also quite strong this month possibly indicating a return to a meditation practice or starting up yoga. Swimming, hiking and cycling all show to be possibilities. A writing or paperwork project you are working on behind the scenes may come to a completion. There is better communication with loved ones as they express how much they appreciate you.


For Leo natives, this eclipse falls in your area of creativity and risk-taking. This brings a lot of fertility energy, and also, possible time spent with children or younger relatives. Intimacy with your partner is highlighted, and you may have some sexy fun in the afternoons. For those single Leo natives, you may be going from casual dating to a more serious relationship. Changes at work bring some opportunities and you show that you can receive income from more than one job. Money is flowing again.


Virgo natives this eclipse falls in your house of dwellings and family. There may be changes at home with someone moving in, or perhaps you’re doing a deep declutter. It’s good to clear the energy at home. Relationship energy is very strong, and there could be an announcement of an engagement. Spiritual energy is highlighted, and you may be connecting to others of your faith through social media. Children or younger relatives may be looking for more attention as they experience summer boredom.


The Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse fall in your area of communication so you may be doing more writing, teaching or studying. You may be taking a test for certification. Agreements or contracts for employment are possible. Work seems quite busy as you are juggling both your own workload and helping colleagues. You’re looking at your home with a critical eye and considering doing repairs as well as collecting things together to donate to charity. Friends are reaching out and checking in on you.


For Scorpio natives, this lunar eclipse is in your house of money and resources from others. Opportunities could come from some unique sources including large organizations and the government. Your house of risk-taking is also activated indicating you can start a business, especially one based in creativity or spirituality. Sudden relationship connections are possible. A friend could become a romantic interest. Check your vehicle and see if repairs could be done before Mercury goes retrograde.


This is your eclipse Sagittarius natives and marks the most significant month of your year. You can make changes in your life now starting with the decision to do so. Revive spiritual practices that you were doing in previous months or years, such as meditation or candle lighting. A financial opportunity comes towards the end of the month, and while it does mean some hard work, it may be worth it. A love from your past may return and contact you through social media.


Capricorn natives, the eclipse falls in your house of hidden talents. It’s good to recognize how the changes during the previous months have brought out your extraordinary abilities. This month you are working a great deal, perhaps two jobs or filling in for those who are not able to work. Finances improve towards the end of the month as Saturn exits your house of money. Communication is highlighted, and you may be in charge of checking in on all the family members and the neighbors.


For Aquarius natives, this eclipse falls in your house of friendships, and so, it’s good to reach out to those people you care about and check on them regularly. Your house of money is highlighted, and money can be flowing in from career again as well as a secondary source. Romance energy starts strong but could get tripped up with Venus retrograde. A miscommunication could end up causing some trouble, but you feel renewed confidence as Saturn exits your sign towards the end of the month.


The eclipse in Sagittarius is at the top of your chart indicating possible career opportunities or that you could transfer within your company. The family comes together, and there is a deeper connection between members this month. You seem to be the hub of activity. Fun and romance are possible, including some sexy texts. With Mercury going retrograde, make sure you send it to the right person. Things start to feel clearer towards the end of the month as Saturn leaves your hidden house. 

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 16 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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