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Full Moon – July 16, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse: Strong Currents of Emotion

By Donna Stellhorn

This month, we have the Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde (from July 7 to July 31), bringing us a focus on work/life balance. Cancer represents home and family, while Capricorn is our reputation and career in the world. This emphasis on home matters may give you a desire to declutter and tidy up your space. Some may choose to decorate, adding a few new items to brighten up the home. The Capricorn energy will be strong too. Those of you departing on vacation may find your desk overloaded with work before and after the trip, but your hard work will bring some recognition when your desk is clear again. You may feel unable to take time off because of the obligations of work, clients and customers. It would be a good idea to have a mini-vacation of a day or two at this time. For those who work for themselves, there are positive opportunities for business success. This month, you can shine in your profession.

This month, the eclipsing Moon sits very close to Pluto signaling a month where emotional reactions in people intensify. It can feel like the undertow of a strong ocean current unexpectedly dragging you into feelings. If you struggle, denying the feelings, it gets worse. Pluto can be overwhelming. But, if you stop for a moment and acknowledge what you’re really feeling and treat yourself with compassion and understanding, the emotions will pass.

Over the next four weeks, you’ll feel the energy of Saturn opposing Venus. Saturn is about responsibility, hard work and focused attention. Venus is about having fun, spending money, being with friends and relaxing. When these two sit opposite each other we’re reminded to find the balance between them. This is about eating your veggies and then having dessert. It’s about saving some of your money and spending some too. It’s about marking some time as work-time but also giving yourself an opportunity to rest and play.

Additionally, Saturn sits with the South Node cutting off your usual escapes. Whatever you run to when you’re feeling uncomfortable is not there right now, or if it is, it’s not relieving the pressure. At the same time, Venus is sitting with the North Node. This means when you do your life path, break new ground and go outside of your comfort zone, you are rewarded. The rewards of Venus are great. They can be wealth, success, ice cream sundaes and puppies. So focus your hard work and study on things that move you into a new space in your life. Go outside your comfort zone and enjoy the rewards.

Here are my predictions for each sign:


Recognition or a promotion is possible this month. (This may have been promised to you a while ago, but now it manifests.) Happy news comes from a family member. There may be an addition to the family announced. An older relative gives you some wise advice, and they would love to see you follow up on it. A creative project brings the possibility of a financial windfall. Physical healing is happening. New treatments and/or health routines are benefiting you.


A planned trip turns out to be more involved than you first realized. You may be signing a contract for a large purchase, a residence or employment. Don’t sign until you negotiate for what you want. There’s a happy connection with a sibling or neighbor. You may be invited to a party that’s really worth your time. A small mishap at home may cause a little damage, so be careful at home. A mature woman pays you a special compliment.


More income flows in, and there may be money coming from the sale of a vehicle or large item. Investments need your attention this month. It’s time to rebalance your portfolio, or you may need to seek new investment advice. An argument with a sibling or neighbor can be averted if you keep your emotions in check. Your confidence can surge when you receive real support from a close friend, one whose opinion you think very highly of.


Several people gather to show you how much they care about you. One friend, however, seems jealous or preoccupied with his or her own stuff. A visit with a health care professional or alternative medicine doctor proves very beneficial. Finances improve and there may be an increase in income from a job. A person from your past reaches out to you. A new relationship can become more serious. It may be time to introduce this person to your friends and relatives.


Your routine is disrupted this month with so many things you have on your list to do. You may need some downtime. Schedule yourself some time off or a mini-vacation away from home. Some changes at work bring you more confidence and an opportunity to show what you can do. There is exciting news from an adult child or younger relative. If you’re looking for love there can be opportunities for you at your gym, yoga club or martial arts studio.


There is a lot of energy around children now. You may be hosting friends of your children. An adult child may bring home a new relationship. You might be expecting a child. Pets are also highlighted and one could be added to the household during this period. Travel or seeing a new place inspires you to make a bigger change. Career income shows a boost. If you’re looking for a new job, there are opportunities coming soon. A dear friend of yours can help you expand your circle of friends.


Changes are happening at home. You may be doing a deep declutter or some repairs are taking place. Your career is going well. There are opportunities to expand what you do or to have your success recognized by someone whose opinion you value. A friendship may become romantic. If you’re already in a love relationship, there can be some quite romantic times this month. Changes in a diet or exercise routine will bring you a lot of benefits.


Some transportation issues may need a creative solution, and you can find help through friends or co-workers. A book or television program inspires you to make a big change in your thinking. Management at your company has noticed your good work and may offer you a leadership role. You have a stronger spiritual connection to nature and the Universe now. A lover or friend from your past returns and says they have changed. Now is a good time to spend time with kids; you can make some happy memories.


A new, exciting exercise program may get your attention. You are more confident and have more energy during this period. Some money you thought was lost is recovered. The Universe sends you a message in the form of a dream or vision. Your relationship grows stronger as you find you understand each other more and more. It’s beneficial to buy less this month and find creative solutions instead; ask neighbors or friends if you can borrow items instead of buying.


A new relationship may be getting quite serious. You may consider living together or getting engaged. If you’re looking for love, you have some opportunities if you ask friends to help. They will both give you advice and introduce you to some new people. A movie or a play you see inspires you to start a creative project. There is a peaceful resolution to a family matter due to your wise words and prudent actions. Help with a debt or obligation lightens your load this month.


A person you trust and care about pays you a wonderful compliment. It’s good to believe them. Changes at home bring joy. Now is the time to get rid of excess stuff, especially old electronics. You will benefit by finding ways to get more sleep; consider even getting a new bed. Work is stable, and you are finding co-workers you like to work with. You can attract more money now through magical actions like meditation, positive thinking and affirmations.



You have a real opportunity to meet someone special. Consider attending parties and barbeques you’re invited to. A mistake on an invoice or your paycheck can be corrected if you bring it to the right people’s attention. There is a lot of energy around transportation; perhaps you’re looking at getting a new car. You can have a great time with children or younger relatives. Don’t miss an opportunity to be with them. Someone may ask you if you want to adopt a cat or very small dog.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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