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Full Moon April 19, 2019 — Clearing out Old Energy

By Donna Stellhorn

For the last two months, I’ve been talking about full moons occurring on what some astrologers say is a critical degree—zero—the point of new beginnings. This month, the April full moon occurs at another critical degree—29—the point of endings. You will see a shift of focus from adding to your life to editing your life and removing the excess. This is the perfect aspect for decluttering and spring cleaning.

This full moon will happen a day or two away from the sun conjuncting the rebel planet Uranus. This should bring some interesting opportunities for new friendships and love this month. The full moon in Aries/Libra is helping you balance between self-care and your relationships with others so that you don’t deplete yourself caring for everyone around you.

The sun and moon will be in a challenging aspect with Venus—the planet of wants and desires. This can cause you to return things you’ve bought and donate the rest. It’s time to let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

Mercury is sitting with Chiron. Use this energy to have healing conversations with loved ones. Be supportive and accept support from others.

Finally, Saturn and Pluto have the South Node sandwiched between them. These two heavy hitters are telling you that repeating old negative patterns is not an option. You’ve crossed the bridge and cut the ropes behind you to prevent yourself from going backward. Forward is the only way now. Pick a goal and steer towards it.

Here are my predictions for each sign.

You are quite popular this month with Venus rising in your chart. People will want to please you. Things can go smoothly if you will voice your wants and needs. A surprise financial windfall is possible. But use caution if gambling as you can lose as quick as you win. It’s good to release negative thinking. Stay positive. You are more capable and resourceful than you give yourself credit for.

The sun is rising in your chart this month, highlighting your talents and abilities. This is a good month to show the world what you can do. A friend will ask for a favor and you may need to say “no” (or at least “not now.”) Be disciplined about studies and school-related projects and you’ll be happy with the results. Take some healing time for yourself. You might need a spa/shopping day or a day fishing.

This full moon is in your area of children, creativity and fun. You may have been running yourself ragged. It’s time to find enjoyable things to do and put them into your schedule. Children, pets or fertility is a focus this month. There may be a healing of a friendship or a reunion with someone you haven’t seen a long while. Finances improve as you give attention to investments and money going out.

Home and family are highlighted now. You may be moving or redecorating. It’s possible someone who lives with you is moving out. For those looking for love, this is a good time to be seen as your charisma is strong. For those already in a love relationship, have a heart to heart with your beloved. Now you can connect on a deeper level and make your union stronger. A health matter can be resolved this month.

There is a strong need to let go of things now. This can be limiting beliefs or actual stuff. Try to finish projects or drop them they are no longer important to you. Your intuition is strong. You may receive some clear spiritual messages about your choices. Stick to routines, especially good health habits. Any positive changes will help you in many ways. Alterations at work may prove lucrative for you.

This full moon is in your area of finances. You can make positive changes and increase income. Look to remove emotional blocks to abundance and success. Good to study investing and find helpful people who know how to create passive income. Children need extra help or care this month. A large project may be stalled but only temporarily. Visualize it completed and the answer will come to you.

This is your full moon, Libra natives. There’s a lot of positive relationship energy for you. There can be a healing of a close partnership this month. You may be given an opportunity to write, speak or teach something. At home, there’s a need to declutter and put things in order. A visit from someone who is important in your life is coming soon. A spiritual message is presented through a pet or animal now.

The full moon is rising in your chart. You may find you are quite emotional at this time. If you’re looking for love, you could be struck by cupid’s arrow. You may become intimate quite quickly. Vehicle or transportation issues are possible. Have a way to contact help if needed. More than one financial opportunity may be offered to you. This may be outside your comfort zone. Find a partner to help.

You’re faced with a choice this month of staying where you are or moving towards something new. Either one may cost you some initial money but can bring financial success in the future. Friends may offer conflicting advice but your gut feelings are correct. Look for the path that seems fun, creative and bold rather than safe, tired and lonely. Joining a professional group can help you this month.

You may want to spend time on your career this month, but issues at home keep your schedule tight. This may be due to building or renovation or perhaps someone you care about needs help moving. You may be feeling tired this month, yet you keep pushing. Try to take some time off to rest and meditate. Wonderful, creative ideas will come to you that will boost your finances in the near future.

This month you may receive some important recognition in your job or chosen profession. Others seek you out and your social media numbers may rise. No need to hide your creative gifts. Put your work forward bravely. Affirmations or positive thinking can boost your income this month. Consider doing a vision board. A change at home, perhaps around a home office situation, also helps your finances.

This is a strong financial month for you. It’s a good time to ask for a raise or start a side business. Do marketing to attract new customers while at the same time do the spiritual work to call in the souls who would support you. There’s a lot of activity at home. Consider having a party and inviting friends and family. Protect your computer or device by making sure it’s backed up. Don’t leave laptops unattended.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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