Thursday , October 21 2021

Embodying Unconditional Love: The Space of New Earth  


By Julie Brannen 

Imagine for a moment a space where you could say anything, do anything, be anything. Imagine that you are held in deep compassion, reverence, and approval of your darkest aspects. Imagine that you are deeply seen, heard, felt, and understood without judgment, or fear of persecution or retribution. Imagine that you are infinitely loved. This space exists. It is a perspective, a movement, a consciousness, an age. Some call it the “New Earth.”

In this increasingly hostile, corrupt, and aggressive sociopolitical climate, these seeming ideals of the past are fully present and commanding our attention. With greater awareness, any imbalanced energy is shifting at a rapid rate. The call to balance is active within and among us. We must acknowledge our relationship to the following truths, as parts of a whole: darkness and light, negative and positive, victim and power, abused and sovereign being, destruction and creation, death and life, feminine and masculine.

We are rising to a new level of evolution. We acknowledge our fears of stepping into our full power, living from our authentic hearts, and awakening our true gifts. This fear can only be held in the light of unconditional love. The light of our souls guides us on. This is significant because we can choose our unique path to celebrate and love ourselves while grounding in lasting collective change. The time is now to embody these ideals for the highest evolution of our species and the goodness of our planet. The time is now.

Whether you are well-versed in the language of the “New Earth” or are new to the name, we are all on similar journeys. It is your human birthright to liberate yourself from the baggage you’ve carried in this lifetime and others. Walking the spiritual path is an individual and intimate quest to consciously deepen your insights about life. The journey can help you walk the high road to better understand your passions and purpose for being here and to follow your bliss.

These 11 themes are what I have observed to be markers of guidance on the quest. May they help you in some way—by providing a message, deepening a knowing, opening a new realm of perspective and/or blessing on your way.

1. Be grateful.
Live as if all your dreams can come true at this moment. A daily gratitude practice can begin to create waves of change. Begin anywhere. You’d be surprised how the process unfolds.

2. Be present.
Now is all we have. Our body is only held in the present. Our breath is experienced in this moment.

3. Seek balance.
As above, so below, inside and out, light and shadow, yin and yang…When we integrate these polarities, we find a sense of harmony within. Nothing is cast away anymore, but everything inside our hearts and minds is welcomed and loved.

4. Set intentions; intentions are powerful prayers.
When we are learning, our brain creates new neural pathways into different areas of functioning and processing. When we set an intention, this triggers a specific neural pathway to set us up for success. When we practice the power of intention, we obtain keys to doors that we didn’t know to which we had access. We plant sacred seeds in the soil of our heart’s desires. We trust; and let go of any need for control or attachment
to a certain outcome.

5. Energy is everything.
It is all the same source in different forms. It flows and changes form constantly. This is Universal law. It is everywhere, and it can neither be created nor destroyed. There is a place where all things begin, a location of pure energy that simply is. Imagine how much mastery we can have over our lives when we can study and master our own energetic fields.

6. Be compassionate.
Compassion is not the relationship between the healer and wounded, it is a relationship between equals. As teachings go, we must extend compassion to ourselves first, before giving to others. Compassion is noticing this gap and witnessing it with loving-kindness.

7. Forgive: let go or be dragged.
Forgiveness is an in-depth process of peeling back the layers of guilt and shame from our past. It is important to note that forgiveness is not about saying that what happened is okay, it is about setting both you and the other person who wronged you, free. It is about releasing anything we are holding onto that blocks us from our highest potential. It always begins with ourselves; to show kindness to the person with whom we will spend the most time within this life. It is to look in the mirror and be the biggest cheerleader, confidante, and courageous master. It is to look deep inside your heart to find both the ache and the pain. It is to know that peace is possible with others and the world when we make peace with ourselves.

8. Truth: the truth shall set you free.
Our truth is what we feel in our guts to be real. At our essence, we are all one. While we share a greater truth, we each have individual truths so that we may contribute to the world in our unique ways.

9. Trust in love.
The first time a butterfly spreads her wings, she has no idea that she can fly. She simply opens and lifts off. We must trust ourselves in this way. Sometimes risks in life take the utmost trust in ourselves, in our resources, in our universe, and Divine will. If it feels like your life situation is in a dark place, or full of hardships right now, it might be difficult for you to trust. However, this is where the magic of trust comes into play. When we open ourselves to the frequency of trust and surrender, then we will begin to relax into what is without resistance. We will be able to clear our minds and the next step (or flight) shall be seen.

10. Evolution: the only constant is change.
It is clear to me that we are on this Earth to learn and grow. Our purpose in this human experiment is to evolve our consciousness so that we can evolve the consciousness for the well-being of all.

11. Freedom: liberate yourself from your prison.
Some of the basic human rights are to be free from want, pain, and suffering. In spiritual eyes, these are the same intentions. It is our birthright to be free. It is our birthright to be liberated from suffering. It is vital on our journey to find aspects, persons, places, or things that allow us to step into this free place. We all deserve to be free. But only you can free yourself. If you tend to give your power to others, be careful. Find what’s freeing in your heart, and follow that.

Julie Brannen is abundant in creativity and community. Some of her identity markers include artist, healer, teacher, leader; she follows the path of heart and soul. Julie facilitates an organic, compassionate practice of fiercely approaching vulnerability and embodying whole-hearted living.

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