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Dream On – April 2016

By Walter Perschke

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Dreams are the primary way that our higher selves communicate with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams, and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big step forward on your spiritual journey.
By interpreting the real dreams of real people, this column is intended to facilitate your understanding. Everyone dreams, but most people don’t remember them. To assist in your recollection, keep a dream log by your bed to record everything you can remember, as soon as you awaken. This sends a message to your higher self that you want this information, and more will flow to you. 
Happy Dreaming!


Dreamer 1: I keep having dreams of my deceased husband, and a few times lately… it’s not a nice dream sometimes; sometimes it is. They’re normal dreams like a normal day, but I wake up, go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, go back to bed, and the dream continues. All night long I’ll do that. I’ll get up three or four times a night, go back to sleep, and I’m like, I don’t want that dream anymore.
Walter: Does he say anything in the dream?
Dreamer 1: It’s like he’s here. Yes. He says stuff all the time. It’s like he’s here and we’re doing stuff. This one dream I dreamt that I was in a hotel waiting for an elevator with another man, and when the elevator opened, he was in the elevator, my husband. So I felt like I was cheating on him, even though he’s been gone for four years now. 
Walter: Well it’s clear that he is not anxious to let go of you. He has made you a very important person. What you can do is to basically ask him to move on. 
Dreamer 1: I like him here.
Walter: Well then, so this isn’t a complaint.
Dreamer 1: I miss him. I think that’s why he’s always in my dreams. 
Walter: You’re right. He is in your dreams because you miss him. You’re attracting him back and that’s okay. That’s okay. That is reassuring. A lot of us get dreams where a dead relative will appear. They’re almost always a message. Now this sounds like a conversation, not just a message. Let go of any feeling you are cheating on him. In their dimension those feelings don’t exist. He would probably help you to find the right mate. Jealousy doesn’t exist where he is now.
Dreamer 1: Yeah, it’s a conversation all the time.
Walter: Well, that’s okay. That’s a good thing. 
Dreamer 1: And I don’t see symbols like you were saying.
Walter: He’s the symbol.
Dreamer 2: You may have partially answered this. My mother and my brother lately have been appearing to me in a real pleasant way, and I would love to see them again, but not too soon. Like a few years from now you know? What do you think this means? It’s very pleasant, and I’m happy to see them but…
Walter: Then why don’t you want to see them more?
Dreamer 2: Because they’re deceased.
Walter: I see.
Dreamer 2: I mean I don’t want to join them there. They were very close to me. I’m just wondering, because in the past when they have appeared to me it was always a warning, and I was always glad to have it, because it prepared me for stuff, so I wasn’t blind-sided.
Walter: I’m a big movie fan. There’s a scene in the movie Gladiator, towards the end. Russell Crowe has died on the battlefield, and I don’t know the name of the character, but it was the black gladiator that became his good friend. He’s in the stadium all by himself, and he’s burying the two figurines that Russell Crowe had of his wife and child, and he says, “We will meet again, but not today.” What you said just reminded me of that. If you want, just ask them to leave. 
Dreamer 2: Oh I don’t mind; I was just wondering if it meant anything.
Walter: It means they’re trying to communicate to you. They probably have a message. Ask them if you have a message. You get to talk; this is not passive.
Audience Member: I’ve watched a lot of people pass away, and you know how they’re going in and out of consciousness, and they’re having these dreams, is that their spirit guides talking to them, and helping them to cross over?
Walter: Yes. I was talking earlier to someone about Oscar the cat. Oscar lived in a hospice and had the uncanny ability to go to the room and the bed of the person who was about to make their transition. The doctors and nurses, and all of the medical staff came up with this long list of possibilities, all of which were wrong. The cat could see the spirit guides. I have a cat. I have a black cat. She will come in the meditation room when I have a meditation and sit down in the middle of the floor. She’ll just lay there and absorb all that energy. Oscar could see the spirit guides and the relatives coming to pick up the soul of the person about to die.  If you’re sensitive, you can see that. There are many stories of people about to die that say, “oh, there’s Uncle George.” They can see them because they are actually there, and the person is already moving to another existence. 
Dreamer 3: I had a dream where I saw my children. I don’t have children yet; I’m not married or anything like that. Is that a wish fulfillment dream, or is it something more? These kids aren’t like any kids that I’ve ever seen or met, or even really look like my baby picture. 
Walter: Are they kids you would accept as yours?
Dreamer 3: Yeah, no they were mine, in the dream. 
Walter: I think is a prophetic dream. It’s telling you that you have children in your future. And the nice thing about karma is you have forever to get it straight. So, if you don’t have those kids in this life, you will have them in the next life, or the next life. They will come back.
If you would like to submit a dream for possible inclusion in this column, please submit your dream in an email to: Walter@ConsciousCommunityMagazine.com, and include your phone number. Only submissions with a phone number will be considered.
Walter Perschke is the publisher of Conscious Community Magazine, formerly the Monthly Aspectarian, America’s oldest spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Mr. Perschke is a Professor of Metaphysics, writes, teaches, and speaks frequently on metaphysical subjects, and is a popular guest speaker at conferences and seminars. He hosts a weekly guided meditation group.