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Cosmic Daily Weather – May 2018

by Tara Aal –


We begin the month with May Day, also known as the Celtic festival Beltane. Beltane falls halfway between spring equinox and summer solstice. The Earth is abundant, flowers are blooming, and the fertility of creation surrounds us. In the old days, people would dance around the maypole, honoring life, sexuality and sensuality. It is so good to delight in natural pleasures, giving ourselves freedom to enjoy the gifts of the Earth, ourselves and each other. Soak up the Taurus Sun until Gemini sneaks in on the twentieth. What would Taurus do? If you have ever shared a meal with a true Taurean, you know what I mean. They know how to indulge, and you might find yourself jealous of the attention they give every mouthful. This month, choose something yummy and take the time to receive every bit of its deliciousness.

Astrology is like a map of your personal wiring and energy. It also reminds you of your deepest desires and intentions for growth. It’s an amazing tool to bring about awareness, raise consciousness, and increase empathy and compassion. Check your natal chart out at

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete her orbit through the twelve signs, spending approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is void-of-course, it means the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets until it leaves the sign it’s in. We sometimes say the Moon is floating between signs during these times, and it creates a sense of timelessness. You can embrace these events by slowing down and tuning into your inner guidance. It’s not the best time to start new things, but it’s perfect opportunity to make room for what’s to come. If you want to know more, check out

Tuesday, May 1

With Moon moving into Sagittarius this morning, we will feel lighter, ready to rise above anything that may have been holding us down. Give yourself freedom to break your routine and make fun a priority. Greater meaning and truth are often found when you least expect it, outside your comfort zone.

Wednesday, May 2

Let the Moon Neptune square this afternoon sweep you into new realms of reality. The square feels like friction to get your attention. Is there something you are ready to see clearly? If you are stuck in emotional patterns that aren’t giving you what you want, be brave and let the false curtain rise, revealing the real show behind. Be compassionate with yourself and others; emotional attachments are tough to dissolve.

Thursday, May 3

Today builds on yesterday, and if you became aware of something you are ready to change, Moon Uranus trine reflects your desire to now fully liberate yourself from that old “show” you’ve been running. How do you want to feel? Focus on that and don’t look back. Sagittarius Moon VoC begins 7:50 p.m. until 9:06 p.m. when the Moon enters Capricorn.

Friday, May 4

It might feel like you have a heavy load today, and maybe you do. Moon Saturn conjunction is subject to gravity and can seem like a giant weight, but it shows your ability to commit, produce, and deliver. Have you been slacking off at something you are ready to push forward? Do it!

Saturday, May 5

Capricorn Moon is being engaged by almost every planet. Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Mars all want to play with your emotions and the very foundation of your security. Remember that the planets represent parts of you; your psyche. Take responsibility for yourself and your needs. Let your inner committee work together; there is room for all of you.

Sunday, May 6

You can always step outside your paradigm and take a new view, but Uranus and Aquarius lend extra support if you’re ready to get out of your own way today. Capricorn Moon VoC begins 8:48 a.m. until 9:48 a.m. when the Moon enters Aquarius.

Monday, May 7

As with The Tower tarot card, sometimes we need to tear something down to build anew. Mercury Pluto square puts pressure on and in your head, especially while Mercury is in Aries. What self-talk, banter with others, and beliefs are keeping you down – using up your energy and perpetuating negativity? Pluto rules annihilation. Are you ready to drop that dead weight you keep alive in your mind?

Tuesday, May 8

Sun Jupiter opposition is trying to get our attention. Our shining star and sense of purpose (Sun) is looking across the table at our greater consciousness that wants the truth (Jupiter). What have you not been seeing that is ready to be integrated? Who are you? Who do you want to be? You have more to share. Collectively, we need to expand our perspective and remember what it means to truly shine. Aquarius Moon VoC begins 9:28 p.m. until 10:10 p.m. when the Moon enters Pisces.

Wednesday, May 9

Pisces Moon receives gentle support from Saturn sextile. Today is a fantastic day to turn your dreams into form. Give your imagination a chance to fill more than your dream journal. Don’t underestimate your vision, even in the most mundane situations.

Thursday, May 10

Go with the flow; follow the light; dream the dream. Moon Neptune conjunction and Moon Jupiter Trine will take you “out there” if you want to go. Just don’t drive if you’re under the influence of anything that affects your capacity to be very present.

Friday, May 11

The Wounded Healer, Chiron is on the Moon today – well, not literally, but it may feel that way. Chiron in mythology was the father of medicine and his great remedies came through his personal healing journey. You know that something about you that feels hopelessly broken or not good enough? Invite it to come out of hiding. It’s your key and your cure. Pisces Moon VoC begins 4:02 a.m. until 7:40 a.m. when the Moon enters Aries.

Saturday, May 12

If you find yourself challenged in communication or ready to fight with someone else’s point of view, take a breath and slow down. Mercury square Mars can erupt as angry words and sharp actions. Get some physical activity and let some of the excess fiery energy out.

Sunday, May 13

From fast flying and restless Aries, Mercury enters steady Taurus today, with Moon and Uranus at its side. This is a major shift in our thinking and communicating. Any new ideas you recently set in motion are ready to be grounded. Aries Moon VoC begins 1:04 p.m. until 1:15 p.m. when the Moon enters Taurus.

Monday, May 14

This is a happy day for Taurus Moon. With trines to Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune, Luna can enjoy sensual pleasures, open herself to receive abundance, and meet all her needs with ease. You can too.

Tuesday, May 15

The Sabian Symbol for today’s Taurus New Moon is “A Vast Public Park” which means the cultivation of natural resources for all to share. Join me in setting a new intention to choose more ways of actively giving of ourselves – adding to the gifts of others so we can all have more. Uranus begins an eight-year transit of Taurus which could bring unexpected changes regarding finances, resources, and how we sustain ourselves. Taurus Moon VoC begins 3:29 p.m. until 3:43 p.m. when the Moon enters Gemini.

Wednesday, May 16

Just before midnight, Mars entered Aquarius, revitalizing our energy. After its transit in authoritative and traditional Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius reflects the need to express our individuality and break the mold. Are you ready to use your willpower in ways that give you, and all of us, more freedom?

Thursday, May 17

Do you appreciate the beauty of words – the way we hold words that touch our hearts forever in our memories? Moon Venus conjunction in Gemini uses words to express love and caring. Leave a loving note for someone today, maybe for yourself. Gemini Moon VoC begins 1:17 p.m. until 4:47 p.m. when the Moon enters Cancer.

Friday, May 18

Saturn is on our scene, harmoniously engaging our thoughts and communications and asking us to pay attention to our emotional reactions. If the moment presents itself, ask for what you need with maturity. You deserve to know if it’s available, so you can move forward in the best direction for you.

Saturday, May 19

Expect emotions to be all over the place today along with childish behavior. With Moon contacting Pluto, Uranus and Mars, imagine we are all on feeling rollercoasters. Venus moved into Cancer this morning, adding more emotional energy. Remember that most of the external things triggering you aren’t personal. It just feels like it. Cancer Moon VoC begins 4:14 p.m. until 6:10 p.m. when the Moon enters Leo.

Sunday, May 20

Use this day to wrap something up – to recognize where you’ve hit the end of a road. Celebrate your completion and now use your energy toward a new direction. Sun will leave Taurus tonight. Before it does, feel your new direction rooting firmly, supported by the Earth. Leo Moon VoC begins 10:30 p.m. until tomorrow.

Monday, May 21

Gemini Sun radiates with curiosity and the desire to make new connections. If you’ve been nurturing a project, imagine it reaching its arms out to engage with the world. Extend your hand to someone new today and spark up a conversation. Leo Moon VoC ends 9:03 p.m. when the Moon enters Virgo.

Tuesday, May 22

Virgo Moon Saturn trine makes a good day for getting things done. Is your work making you happy? Are you happy when you work? You can make new choices about your work as well as your attitude toward it. Choose to feel good and see how the world shifts to accommodate you.

Wednesday, May 23

Virgo Moon flows with aspects to Mercury and Pluto. Liberate yourself from the overly critical side of Virgo and align with its unmatched ability to make things better and serve the greater good. Virgo Moon VoC begins 9:55 a.m. until tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24

The ease of Libra is a gift. Under this Libra Moon, look for beauty and harmony. We’re likely to be social today, but it may conflict with our responsibilities and personal needs. It’s an exercise of “get the balance right”. Virgo Moon VoC ends 1:51 a.m. when the Moon enters Libra.

Friday, May 25

We are experiencing the second of three exact Jupiter Neptune trines between December 2017 and August 2018. Trines bring tremendous potential but are easily ignored because they don’t cause friction. We need this energy – the hope, expanded community, generosity and compassion. It helps us move beyond personal beliefs that divide us into universal understanding and connectedness. How will you open your heart a little bit more to yourself and all of us? Libra Moon VoC begins 4:04 p.m. until tomorrow.

Saturday, May 26

Be careful this morning, especially in your commute. Moon Uranus opposition can bring unexpected events emotionally and physically. Scorpio Moon can brood, so be aware if you start to “go dark” and give yourself time to feel. This can be an emotionally liberating or frustrating day. If you find yourself frantically trying to escape your feelings, be careful not to cut yourself on the way out. Be gentle. Libra Moon VoC ends 8:39 a.m. when the Moon enters Scorpio.

Sunday, May 27

The depths of your feelings are more accessible today with Scorpio Moon contacting Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. We use a great deal of our energy in emotion. We are emotional beings, so this is natural, but what happens when your feelings become obsessive? If there an area of your life where your emotions have frozen in a pattern, such as feeling jealous, unhappy or anxious? Start a new relationship with this part of you. Listen to her. Ask her why she feels what she feels. She wants to be loved, and you know best how to love her.

Monday, May 28

Moon moves into Sagittarius this evening with a burst of fiery energy to bolster our confidence and creativity. What are you passionate about? Do something with it! Scorpio Moon VoC begins 12:25 p.m. until 5:29 p.m. when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Tuesday, May 29

Happy Full Moon! The Sagittarian Lunar light of awareness reveals our alignment with our truth and beliefs. It shows us more of our natural selves by expanding our view. With Sagittarius, we’re ever-inspired to seek more. Are you living life true to your nature? Are you following your bliss? If you missed the boat, it’s never too late to catch it.

Wednesday, May 30

Continue to integrate anything you received from the Full Moon. Today is cosmically calm – just what we need to reflect. Mercury entered Gemini yesterday evening, drawing us out of the shell intellectually and socially. During this transit, communication can really ramp up, sometimes too fast for comprehension. Give your mind time to adjust. Taurus to Gemini is like skipping a few gears up. Sagittarius Moon VoC begins 1:25 a.m. until tomorrow.

Thursday, May 31

Embrace the Capricorn Moon, even if it feels stiff at first. Your emotional self-sufficiency and strength is your key to success and satisfaction. The Moon always nurtures, in all the signs. How does she nurture in Capricorn? She teaches you to support and respect yourself. She shows you the value of hard work and discipline balanced with time to relax and rejuvenate. She supports you as the leader of your life. Sagittarius Moon VoC ends 4:26 a.m. when the Moon enters Capricorn.

Tara Aal is a practicing astrologer, writer, and teacher. She studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg. Visit

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