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Cosmic Daily Weather – January 2021


By Bernadette Evans 

Hello and welcome to 2021! This month, you can expect new beginnings and fresh starts—as well as some endings—and Mercury retrograde.

Jupiter and Saturn are in the early degrees of Aquarius so they’re making a lot of contact with Mercury, Venus and Mars who are all entering new signs. I could be looking at this with rose-colored glasses, but it feels hopeful to me. Mars enters the sign of Taurus, signifying a desire to act towards a goal but in a careful, studious way. The other side of that is that you may get tunnel vision and hold to your course of action, even if it’s not the best way to go. A few days later Mercury will enter Aquarius, accentuating unusual and inventive thoughts. Mercury in Aquarius also processes information quickly. Be careful of getting stuck in your thinking, be willing to hear what others have to say. The same day, Venus enters Capricorn, emphasizing your appreciation for loyalty in your friendships. You’re grateful for the partner you can count on; one who is practical, dependable and responsible, whether it’s in business or a romantic relationship.

Mercury will retrograde on Jan. 30 and will be retrograde until Feb. 20. This means he will be in Aquarius for approximately nine weeks instead of the usual three weeks. Mercury retrograde usually means there are delays in communications, lost emails or texts, possible misunderstandings. When Mercury is retrograde it gives us time to re-think, re-evaluate and revise our plans for the future. So that when we do move forward, hopefully. it will be smooth sailing. 

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete its orbit through the 12 signs, staying approximately two and a half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is Void of Course (VoC), it means the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets before it leaves the sign it’s in. At these times, it can be difficult to get focused and accomplish a task. You may want to relax, meditate or do something where your focus is turned inward. Don’t try and get a new project off the ground when the Moon is Void. If you want to find out more about the Void of Course Moon, check out

The times below are listed in Central Daylight Time (CDT).

Friday, January 1

Happy New Year’s Day! Communication and imagination are intertwined when Mercury sextiles Neptune. You express yourself beautifully. Getting lost in your own imagination is a possibility. See your ideas take flight when you play with words, paint a picture, listen to some great music, or just tune into the sounds of the Universe. It’s a playful day, so enjoy! Moon in Leo.

Saturday, January 2

The Moon trine Mars could give you the courage to take charge or stand up to someone or something. This is harmonious energy, but the Moon and Mars are both in Fire signs. You’re passionate about your beliefs and want to share your opinions with others. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page. Emotions could become amplified, so be wise when speaking with others so that you don’t put your foot in it. Moon VoC at 4:00 p.m. until 7:13 p.m. when it enters the sign of Virgo.

Sunday, January 3

What would you like to grow? The Moon trines Uranus and the Sun, forming a Grand Earth trine, which can be very grounding. Whatever you’d like to cultivate, you’ll need a firm foundation on which to build. January is the month when a lot of people set goals for the year. So, with that in mind, what would you like to create this year? Ponder what it is, and if you need someone’s help, remember to ask. You feel excited and ready to start the year off right!

Monday, January 4

There’s some flowing energy today when the Moon trines Mercury and Pluto. Mercury and Pluto are conjoined. Your emotions could be intense and you crave honest dialogues with others. Be patient with them and yourself; not everyone can express themselves so honestly. Just opening the lines of communications is a great start. See what comes to light once the conversations begin and go from there. Moon VoC at 3:34 p.m. until 11:42 p.m. when it enters the sign of Libra.

Tuesday, January 5

You may feel hopeful and are eager to connect with others when the Moon is in Libra. Focus on partnerships and relationships and what you can accomplish when you work together. If there are any hiccups, think of how you can overcome them. You got this!

Wednesday, January 6

When the Moon squares Pluto, buried emotions may come bubbling up to the surface. There’s the possibility of power struggles either at work or in your other relationships. You could be the one trying to wield power, and guilt someone into doing what you like, or it could be that someone is trying to do this to you. You may have been burying some deep desires because you’re afraid or worried about what others may say. Step out of your comfort zone, be honest with yourself and follow your desires. You’re looking for a connection in your relationships. There’s a desire to open up to someone close to you, or someone may need to bare their soul to you. Be open and ready to talk and listen. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend or the Crisis line. Mars enters the sign of Taurus at 4:27 p.m. Moon VoC at 11:55 p.m.

Thursday, January 7

You could be searching for answers to life’s big questions when the Moon squares Jupiter. Philosophical thoughts about life and the here and now are weighing on your mind. Don’t let yourself be pulled in multiple directions, scattering your energy. Get grounded and focus on one specific area. Be here now. The Moon/Uranus opposition may bring up feelings of restlessness and being on edge. If anyone tries to exert any power over you, or even suggests an alternative plan, you’re likely to say no just to make them aware that you’re your own person and can’t be pushed around. You’re also ready to take flight if you feel someone is trying to control you. Moon enters the sign of Scorpio at 2:53 a.m.

Friday, January 8

When Mercury squares Mars, be careful of exploding tempers—yours or someone else’s. It could be that one of you is digging in their heels and being stubborn. You can overcome these obstacles by trying to see it from another’s vantage point. Don’t let something minor block you from moving forward. The Sun/Neptune sextile whispers of an opportunity to create your dreams. Find the balance when working with others, be open to their ideas and see what grows. Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius at 6 a.m. Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn at 9:41 a.m. Moon VoC at 7:59 p.m.

Saturday, January 9

The overarching theme for today is clear skies with a chance of turbulence. The Moon in Sagittarius suggests stepping out for some adventure. Be careful while having fun so that you don’t stick your foot in your mouth. The Venus/Mars trine emphasizes being social and making connections. Everyone is more friendly, agreeable and open to suggestions. The Mercury/Saturn conjunction could help you focus on a project. Mercury and Saturn can also stir up feelings of not good enough, or even depression. Try to find the balance between thinking you know everything or feeling dejected and rejecting your ideas or shooting down someone else’s. Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius at 5:15 a.m.

Sunday, January 10

The Moon is void from early afternoon on. Try and find the balance today between working too hard and not paying attention to any of your responsibilities. Finish up your to-do list—or maybe one of the items on the list—then go out for a walk, grab a coffee. While you’re enjoying that coffee, you may want to think about your plans. Jot down any ideas for future reference. Moon VoC at 12:29 p.m. and void the rest of the day.

Monday, January 11

You could feel like your head is buzzing when Mercury conjoins Jupiter. You have an abundance of ideas and want to get started on all of them! You may even want to study something new, take a class. Your brain is in high gear and your optimism and enthusiasm are contagious. While every journey starts with that first step, if you take one step here and another step in another direction, you could end up dancing in circles. Your mind is busy but it may be nice to unwind at some point. Remember to do something fun today too. Moon enters the sign of Capricorn at 7:30 a.m.

Tuesday, January 12

The New Moon is at 23 degrees Capricorn at 11 p.m. Pluto is snuggled up close to the Sun and Moon, which makes this a very powerful New Moon. You could have some added responsibility, which may pay out huge dividends. Whatever change is on your doorstep, it will be bringing huge results. New beginnings aren’t always easy, and at the time you may be unsure if you’re making the right move or not. If you choose to make a fresh start, you can be sure you’ll experience growth along the way. You can’t get around it. Change + Start = Growth/Transformation. Not everyone will be happy with your decision, but it’s your move, the choice is always in your hands. Remember who you are. Follow that compass and…full steam ahead!

Wednesday, January 13

A lot is going on in the skies. A New Moon late last night encouraging you to take a step forward. Movement and transformation can feel challenging at times. You keep looking back over your shoulder and second-guessing yourself. As difficult as it is to make a change, let go of old thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, jobs or relationships that don’t push you to be your best. Turn around and look towards your future. Moon VoC at 1:22 a.m. until 10:44 a.m. when it moves into the sign of Aquarius.

Thursday, January 14

You could still be feeling the reverberations of the New Moon energy, but with the Moon Void all day in Aquarius, you may need some downtime. If you can, set aside some time to relax and regroup. Just take time to really breathe. You may be feeling some distance from friends and loved ones and are hurting from the separation. Pick up the phone to connect with a good friend. You’ll be happy you did, falling into an easy conversation where you both understand each other’s language. Uranus stations Direct at 2:36 a.m. Moon VoC at 3:28 a.m. and void all day.

Friday, January 15

While the Moon is still void in Aquarius until later in the afternoon, you may feel shaky, like you’re ready to burst from your shell. Maybe you’re not feeling like yourself. What grounds you and helps you feel centered? Take the time to connect with yourself or Source—however that looks to you. Try some different breathing techniques, meditating, walking in nature or moving your body. Then focus on all the blessings in your life. Moon enters the sign of Pisces at 4:17 p.m.

Saturday, January 16

You may feel like you’ve woken up from a slumber. The Moon sextiles Venus and you’re feeling happy, appreciative and full of life. You may want to decorate your home or blow the dust off an art project you hadn’t looked at for a while. Connecting with friends feels right, as does preparing a romantic meal for someone you care about! The gesture will be appreciated. Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy this lovely energy.

Sunday, January 17

You may have been feeling the energy of Jupiter square Uranus for a few days. It’s time to move, you may not know how or why but you feel compelled to do something, anything! There is a restlessness and a desire to make something happen. It doesn’t have to be drastic or earth-shattering, you just need a change. Be flexible and open to all the surprises the Universe has in store for you. You never know what’s around the corner. Moon VoC at 9:44 p.m.

Monday, January 18

When the Moon sextiles Jupiter you may have a lot on your to-do list. Feeling optimistic you may be happily busy, completing tasks and meeting deadlines. Opportunities may seem to fall in your lap. Your enthusiasm and joie de vivre attract others, possibly some new acquaintances. It’s also a great time to catch up with old friends and see how they’re doing. Moon enters the sign of Aries at 1:07 a.m.

Tuesday, January 19

The Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius at 2:40 p.m. Happy Birthday dear Aquarius! When the Moon is in Aries and the Sun is in Aquarius, you could be paving the way in business and relationships. You’re passionate and willing to think outside of the box. Taking charge and being a leader and innovator may come easy to you, but make sure there is an equal distribution of work in any partnership. For all relationships to thrive and succeed, there needs to be an overall balance of energy. It doesn’t work if just one of you is putting in all the effort.

Wednesday, January 20

Impulsive, restless and innovative are the keywords for the day when Mars conjoins Uranus. You may be chomping at the bit to get started on a project or flesh out an idea with all this excitable energy. Sparks of inspiration illuminate your mind and you’re eager to see just how you could tie it all together. Take concrete steps right now. It could pave the way to your future goals. Moon VoC at 2:29 a.m. until 12:56 p.m. when it enters the sign of Taurus.

Thursday, January 21

When the Moon squares Jupiter you may be on a quest, searching for answers to life’s questions. While that’s a commendable pursuit, it would be unwise to think you know more than others and try to hit them over the head with your knowledge. Think about what resonates for you and what is true for you. Use this inner wisdom and knowledge to create magic. Overall, the Moon and Jupiter can create waves of generosity and optimism, which can feel wonderful.

Friday, January 22

Your emotions may be influencing your thoughts and conversations, just as your thinking influences your moods. You could be having a hard time expressing yourself or getting others to understand you when the Moon squares Mercury. Thinking you know more than someone else doesn’t make for good relations. Others may not agree with your opinions either. Take the time to see situations from all sides. Moon VoC at 3:28 p.m.

Saturday, January 23

The Sun conjoins Saturn which emphasizes building something solid. It could be a business, a relationship, something new that will take some effort and time to grow. Patience is a virtue and you’ll have to possess it to stay on point. If you’re organized and focused on the task at hand, you’ll get it completed. It could also be time to wind up any outstanding projects that are on your plate. At the same time, Mars square Jupiter can give you the extra boost you need to get your project off the ground. Your energy and enthusiasm are exciting and admirable, but remember to breathe and slow down a little or you’ll burn yourself out. Moon enters the sign of Gemini at 1:43 a.m.

Sunday, January 24

What are you wishing for? Your head may be in the clouds when the Moon squares Neptune. Today would be a great time to relax with a good book, watch a movie, listen to music, or tap into your imagination. Have fun playing, the possibilities are endless.

Monday, January 25

The Moon is void in Aquarius in the morning. Slow down for the moment and take a breath. Everything will get done, don’t stress. Then when the Moon moves into Cancer…well…the energy doesn’t change that much. Spend some time looking after your needs. Some R&R never hurt anyone. Then once you’ve recharged your batteries, you’ll feel more able to handle all that life has in store. Moon VoC at 1:17 a.m. until 12:52 p.m. when it enters the sign of Cancer.

Tuesday, January 26

Making an abrupt change and reversing directions all of a sudden are par for the course when the Sun squares Uranus. Plus, your ego is involved and the desire to express yourself is paramount. Be careful when voicing your opinion that you’re not squashing someone else’s right to expression. Everyone is unique and wants to be heard, so be flexible. You don’t want to lose a friend in the process.

Wednesday, January 27

While the Moon is void in the afternoon, you may want to take stock of your emotions, your relationships and what role you play in the scheme of things. Everything is a result of your choices and actions. You may want a do-over in some areas, but everything you experienced turns out exactly how it was supposed to. Be proud of the life you’ve built. When the Moon is void in Cancer, you could also be thinking of family and want to have a get-together. Time spent with a few people you care about is always a good way to while away the day. Moon VoC at 11:55 a.m. until 8:54 p.m. when it enters the sign of Leo.

Thursday, January 28

A lot is happening with this Full Moon. The Full Moon is at 1:16 p.m. at nine degrees in Leo. Jupiter conjoins the Sun and they both oppose the Moon. Mars, not to be left out, squares the Sun and Moon, which makes this a T-square. You or someone else could be stubborn and not able to see past their nose. Emotions could be amplified and conversations become fiery. If you’re afraid of losing your cool and saying something that you’ll regret later, leave the room. Go out for a walk, count to 10…you know the drill. On the flip side, don’t let anyone push you around. Another side of this is that if there is a disagreement maybe you feel this relationship has run its course, and it’s time to release it. Only you can decide what is best for you. Everything happens just as it was supposed to happen. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s so true.

Friday, January 29

You may feel there’s a decision to be made, but you can’t see what it is when the Moon opposes Mercury. Maybe you don’t have all the facts. Do some investigating and gather more intel to help you make a more informed choice. You or someone else could be expressing themselves in a prickly and painful manner. Take care when speaking, bring it down a notch and try to be kind. Moon VoC at 7:53 p.m.

Saturday, January 30

Ideas and inspiration are being fuelled when the Moon trines Uranus. You may be able to channel that spark from your heart and mind to a creative project or a fun time with friends. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Be open to new ideas and chance encounters and see what surprises come your way! Mercury Stations Retrograde at 9:52 a.m. Moon enters the sign of Virgo at 2:02 a.m.

Sunday, January 31

Whenever Neptune is involved, there are a few things to be conscious of. You can be more sensitive and pick up on what other people are feeling. There’s the possibility of confusion and not seeing people or situations clearly. Then you may want to lose yourself, it could be with alcohol, social media or binging Netflix. As with all aspects, many potentials can play out; the Moon/Neptune opposition is no different. So, if you’re feeling confused, vulnerable and maybe hurt by a perceived comment, give yourself some breathing room. Don’t drown your sorrows or indulge in harmful behavior. Everything will clear up soon enough. Look at the situation. Are you acting/reacting out of past wounds and conditioning? Be present and know you have everything you need inside of you right now.

Bernadette Evans is a counseling astrologer, hypnotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor and writer. Call 780-289-7398 or email to schedule a consultation. Visit

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  1. Guy Spiro and I were friends throughout high school and a little beyond. He was a gifted astrologer and a good man. The lost a talented practitioner when he passed on.

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