Saturday , September 19 2020


Heading Up Higher

By Jim Kaminecki “See When you’re holding onto all that you can’t Be Know that all there is to gain lies Within arm’s reach For the flaw lies in your head not in your heart See How the darkest night will soon Bring light again” * For some, it was 2014; …

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Kissing and Driving

By Alan Cohen I saw a romantic greeting card which showed a couple kissing in the front seat of a car. The message said, “If you can kiss while driving safely, you are not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”   Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing …

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Dream On – April 2016

By Walter Perschke     Dreams are the primary way that our higher selves communicate with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams, and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big …

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