Saturday , December 14 2019

A Tribute to Walter

By Anita Wojcik

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"The Light of God surrounds us."

It all started with a class: Meditation 101. Walter was teaching us how to meditate. His messages were simple: "Focus; Be free of distractions; Say a prayer; Create a Sacred Space; Don't dwell on negative things; Communicate with your Higher Self; Accept change; Calm the mind chatter; Ask for guidance; Your Guardian Angels are with you at all times, they will give you answers; You will feel the presence of the DIVINE; Don't rush; Be patient; The Universe is not on your time schedule; It's all about creating balance." 
These words of wisdom were powerful, spoken in a soft voice. When I found out Walter led a meditation group, I immediately knew this was the right place for me.

Every Thursday night for a year and a half, going through the heavy oak door I entered the magical space of Spiritual Learning Center, Walter’s school.  Infused with the smell of burning sage, floating on very high energy levels, located in a secluded spot surrounded by trees, it was unforgettable. Walter helped me create my Sacred Space, where I am safe and protected, where I travel quite often to find answers, make good decisions, eliminate fear and anxiety. "If you can imagine it, it exists," he often said. Thru healing meditation, the Burning Bowl ceremony, chakra balancing, and gong meditation, it has been a journey of self-discovery. The ongoing result of meditation is a steadily growing expansion of awareness and appreciation for all of life. You get to the point where you feel the warmth on your face, and intense light under your closed eyes, and you know you are in the presence of the DIVINE. 

"…I can feel this soft blue electrical energy pulsing thru my body, in waves. It's a little alarming, but also amazing.”  “…I say to it, "I believe in you," and it magnifies, volumizes, in response. It's frighteningly powerful now, like a kidnapping of the senses…" This quote from the book, Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert best describes how I felt during meditations.

I am very grateful for the Wisdom, Peace, and Light Walter brought to my life.
He will always be in my heart.

Anita Wojcik

Anita Wojcik is one of Walter’s many students of meditation, and many other spiritual and metaphysical topics he loved sharing with people.

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