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Astrology Basics 101 – The 12 Houses


In previous articles we discussed the Sun, Ascendant, Moon, and the 12 Zodiac signs. For this month’s article we will focus on the 12 houses of astrology, and the role they play in our birth charts.

The houses represent unique areas within our lives that we concentrate on at any given point in time. They can be viewed as the foundation of a chart because they are one of the few elements that remain constant. From one chart to another you will find the First House in the first position, the Second House in the second position, and so on and so forth.

As a reminder:

1. Zodiac signs have mottos.

2. Charts are divided into quadrants with the top two quadrants representing the higher self, and the lower two representing our earthbound self.

a. The lower two quadrants represent houses 1-6.

b. The upper two quadrants represent houses 7-12.

3. Every chart is different because they are unique to our birth date, time and location. Therefore, the zodiac signs can and will change houses from one chart to the next.

The First House is the house of Self, and it is naturally ruled by the first sign in the zodiac, Aries. This house functions as our conscious identity, and carries along with it the motto I am.

The Second House is the house of values. It represents what you place value on in life. This house’s role is to plant the values and morals of the conscious identity (the first house), and its zodiac ruler is Taurus.

The Third House is the house of brothers, sisters, and brethren. The role of the third house is to communicate with the purpose of gathering and sharing information. Its zodiac ruler is Gemini.

The Fourth House is the house of roots, or put another way the house of home. The role of this house is to identify the conditions of the home. Its zodiac ruler is Cancer.

The Fifth House is the house of creativity, fun, pleasure, and children, and it is ruled by Leo. The location of this house provides insight into what brings enjoyment into our lives.

The Sixth House is the house of service and health. This house is ruled by Virgo, and represents health and service to ourselves. It is also the house of day-to-day activities.

The Seventh House is the house of relationships. This is a partnering house and shows how we merge with others personally and professionally. The ruler of this house is Libra.

The Eighth House is the house of death, sex, and rebirth. This house also represents other people’s values, and how we earn value from others. The ruler of this house is Scorpio.

The Ninth House is the house of higher learning and philosophy. It is where we search for meaning and find understanding. It is ruled by Sagittarius.

The Tenth House is the house of work and reputation. It indicates what we will be known for, and the work that we do in order to build our reputations. This house is ruled by Capricorn.

The Eleventh House is the house of community, and represents the work that we do for the collective. It is naturally ruled by the sign Aquarius.

The Twelfth House is the house of the unconscious and of self-undoing. It represents an area where we might confine or restrict ourselves from our fullest capabilities. This house is ruled by Pisces.


In order to grasp the true meaning of any of the astrological principles written about in the Astrology Basics 101 series it’s important to bridge the gap between these articles.

This means that the Sun, Ascendant, and Moon have a direct correlation to the zodiac signs, which in turn have a direct correlation to the houses. When we link them all together we are able to see how all of the pieces link together, and how they also link back to other spiritual practices.

Now that we’ve covered the mottos of each of the signs, and the functions of the houses, I thought that you might be interested in seeing how these sentences come together. You may have seen these phrases written before.

1st house/Aries – I am who I am

2nd house/Taurus – My worth has value

3rd house/Gemini – My brethren I say to thee

4th house/Cancer – My house is sacred

5th house/ Leo – I grow (create) in the light

6th house/ Virgo – I am in service to thee

7th house/Libra – I reap the seeds that I sow

8th house/Scorpio – From death I am reborn

9th house/Sagittarius – Receive instruction from wisdom

10th house/Capricorn – I am known for what I build

11th house/Aquarius – I know my tribe

12th house/Pisces – Though you have not seen, have faith

In next month’s article we will cover the planets and their role in astrology.

See you next month!

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  1. This is great information! Would it be too much trouble to add a picture or info graphic to use as a reference for someone like me who this is all new to?

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