Askfirmations – Ask Your Way to the Life You Deserve

By Chris Alexandria

According to the angelic realm, 2018 promises to be The Year of Abundance! Woohoo, you say! Me too. However, it is up to us what kind of abundance that is attracted. Think about it, you can have an abundant pile of cash, joy, health, love … you know all those yummy things of which daydreams are made.

Or… you can have an abundance of indecision, fear, busy-ness vs. being-ness, and the stuff that keeps you up at nights.

Which do you prefer?

Hopefully, the former. It is not a new paradigm or revelation that thoughts do create realities, but did you also know that questions asked can play just an important role? True. Think about it, how many times in the midst of being very frustrated, annoyed or worried you metaphorically (or literally) shout out your frustrations to the universe?

Questions such as:

Why do things like this always happen to me?! Why can’t I ever make ends meet?
Why do I date such losers?

And so on.

Funny how the Law of the Universe works. It answers every question you ask literally. It never interprets! Sad, but true. Using the above questions as an example; those ‘things’ continue to happen, ends actually get further and further apart and those losers? They keep waltzing up to the door. They may change their clothing, but it’s the same kind of loser.

In the vein of using affirmations and mantras to better any situation in your life can be very helpful. Funny thing about those though; affirmations don’t always work. In fact, they won’t work at all if there is a morsel within that doesn’t believe what you are affirming. For example, have you ever purchased a lottery ticket and thus proclaimed you now held the winning ticket in your hands? Me too.

Have you won yet?

Me either.

This is how powerful you are though. IF you truly believed you had the winning ticket in hand, it would be akin to that scene in the movie “Bruce Almighty” when Bruce, a.k.a. God for the moment, grants everyone’s wish. They won mere pennies and the lottery went broke.

Think about that. You ARE that powerful. Let that thought sink in.

You ARE that powerful.

Keep in mind an affirmation is a statement, a statement in which the ego eagerly jumps in to argue and blow raspberries at you. It often throws phrases at you such as:

Who do you think you are in wanting that? Being a bit greedy, aren’t you? You want better? Get used to it, this is life, and it’s not getting any better; suck it up.

The ego is a nasty spoiled child and very often gets its way by keeping you in your place and somewhat stuck.

Now hold on, there is a way to keep the ego stuck in a corner with the proverbial lollypop. Ask a question! The ego simply isn’t equipped to answer questions. You’ve already been reminded of those not so nice questions asked in frustration, so don’t ask any more of those please, instead use an Askfirmation. An Askfirmation is a positive present-tense question that you pose to the universe, just like those that you say in frustration. No need to find the answer! The universe will work in the same magical way and answer for you.

Let’s start with the beginning. You. Are you living life to the fullest? Are you jumping out of bed each and every morning giddy with excitement about what the day may hold? If not
then there are aspects of you that are still hiding for a variety of reasons, but at the very core of it, all will be your unease to share your brilliance with the world at large. In other words, not feeling safe to share your brilliance in its entirety. I was no different until a few years ago. I hid my angel intuitive talents well. So well, in fact, I developed a nervous twitch. However, when I began to use the Askfirmation, Why is it safe for me to be me? The twitching stopped, I have literally grown one inch in height and the best part? I can now look folks in the eyes and tell them with great joy and love what I do and why:

“Hi, I’m Chris Alexandria. I’m an angel intuitive and I’m here to inspire and empower millions.”

How about you? What are you hiding from us? Begin asking:

“Why is it safe for me to be me?”

Remember do not look for the answers. Allow the universe and angels to answer and show you. Magic begins
to happen. Based on my experience and the experience of clients and customers of the book alike, the path before you becomes clearer. You gain a deeper insight into you; your mission, your glorious journey. And, the best part? You begin to be excited about you again AND feel comfortable to share it.

Will you grow in physical height? Perhaps. Can’t guarantee it, but others have. Will you win the lottery? If it’s in your highest interests, you will. Will you live the life of your dreams? Yes by asking and using Askfirmations regularly.

I’ll be asking this one Askfirmation, why is it safe for me to be me? daily until the day I skip on over to the other side. Why? As humans, we continually evolve and that means more aspects of us wish to shine. As each occasion arises, it can be scary to proclaim our truth and walk taller. It’s part of being human. However, every time I ask, why is it safe for me to be me? I feel my spine elongate and grow stronger.

Folks have mentioned it. Friends, family members, even total strangers have inquired how I’ve gotten to be so tall. (I’m now 5’9” by the way.) We have begun to find great humor in this constant confirmation that I AM walking my truth more openly than ever before.

As another lovely effect of just asking this very question, you will begin to feel empowered to ask for what you truly desire and begin to allow yourself to receive it all. That is my wish for you for 2018, the Year of Abundance. For you to be abundant in self – embracing every juicy morsel of you and shining like you have never shined before.

Wishing you a joyous and abundant 2018!

Chris Alexandria is your Transformational Coach with Angelic Insights. She is the co-creator of Angel Chatter and can be found at as well as various social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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