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All About Town – Igniting Your Intuition

By Theresa Puskar –

Equilibrium Energy + Education

March 10th, 2018

By Christina Cross

Theresa Puskar and Christina Cross

Almost 20 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Equilibrium Energy + Education, Bernadette Doran. She is a powerful woman and highly committed to her own spiritual growth and to that of the community. For those of you who have yet to visit it, her center is in the heart of the city on Wabash Avenue. The energy of the center felt warm, inviting and uplifting. “Equilibrium” is a fitting name!

When we take the time to ask, the message is always given.

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to recently review a class with Akashic Record reader and intuitive instructor, Christina Cross. I arrived early, so I took some time to peruse the crystals, jewelry and books on display. As I scanned the books, I was immediately drawn towards a particular manual on gemstones. I followed my usual practice, asking my divine for a message. Then I proceeded to randomly open it to a page. There staring back at me was a message: “Hiddenite. Key words: Interpersonal love, heart healing and rediscovering the joy of relationships.” Yikes!

The program started with a bang and just kept growing from there!

Of course, once a message is transmitted, further guidance is most often given. All we need do is listen. So, it was no surprise when that theme continued throughout the day. At the opening of the workshop, Christina was warm and welcoming. She created a sense of fun, magic and safety – elements that are so important when exploring intuition. After we introduced ourselves, she took us through a meditation that was one of the most exquisite, powerful visualizations I have ever experienced. Not only did she raise our energy, she also guided us through a thorough cleanse of our entire body – organs, glands, bones, circulatory system and everything in between. While I have worked with many of the best inspirational speakers as a producer at Nightingale-Conant, I have to say that Christina’s meditation was one of the most powerful I have ever experienced.

I immediately received clarity around my resistance to being in a relationship. As we were guided to really deeply connect with our hearts (later in the exercise,) I had a prolific realization: “Being in relationship is my higher self’s commitment to world consciousness. It is not selfish, nor self-serving, but helps the world to heal. As I grow in relationship, the world does as well.” Take a moment to contemplate this message. Perhaps you are meant to be in relationship as a means of helping the world to heal. If you are resisting being in a committed relationship, might you be avoiding one of your soul’s greatest callings?

I never viewed being in relationship as an altruistic endeavor!

If you are not in a committed relationship, you might ask yourself if you have been blocking yourself or avoiding it. I know I have! While many spiritual teachers have shared that the best way to raise our consciousness is to be in relationship, I have not desired to be in one for many years. Why? Perhaps I fear making a mistake? Perhaps I have anxiety around losing myself and pulling focus from my soul’s goals? Maybe I feel it is too much effort. Perhaps I don’t trust myself – I fear that I will repeat unhealthy relationship patterns yet again. Does this sound familiar? In my case, I think all four “why” responses hit the bullseye of my fear-based game of trepidation and resistance.

“By pressing into your spiritual gifts, you make them more potent…When doing a reading, press in further by expanding your energy field to imagine the person you are reading for as being held in that same energy field.”  — Christina Cross

“Press in” was a term that Christina frequently used, She repeated it several times throughout the workshop, and it really resonated. When we “press in”, we open to expanding just past our comfort zone. She encouraged us to collapse from the human mind to the consciousness of the soul, then trust and act on it. Throughout the day, we witnessed several magical moments of divine connection as students “pressed in” and found the courage to share the insights and messages they received. When one connects in this way, it can be magical! Your connection to something greater is affirmed. Intuitive discovery gives you a taste of the greater source from which we all come and can all access at any time.

The workshop was packed with both information and practical application exercises. Christina took us through descriptions of the various modalities of intuitive reading: Clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairalience, clairambiance and clairgustance. During one of the exercises, entitled “The Way of the Rose”, my partner, Adina and I had a delightful exchange. We provided each other with a name, then described the rose that would best reflect that individual. Adina and I squealed with delight as we both got very specific and detailed messages that resonated with the chosen individuals, their energy and circumstances they were facing.

We have a crew of spiritual cheerleaders – hundreds of them. Our angels, saints, spirits and animal guides can run interference in our lives and the more we invite them to, the more they do. Spend more time with your spiritual cheerleaders. This will help you shift your perspective. Then instead of staying stuck on ‘How this has hurt me,’ focus on ‘How might I grow from this experience?’” — Christina Cross

I so often forget that I have a team of guides who are readily available whenever I call upon them. Today they gave me a message that I did not expect – opening to a relationship was the last thing on my mind. I have to admit that I am “cautiously” looking forward to “growing” more in a committed relationship. I can’t claim that I do so freely and unencumbered, but if the imperative comes from my higher calling, then I best heed the message. Perhaps you are reading this because the message I heard is one that your Higher Self is offering to you as well. Always remember, the universe starts with a gentle knock. It gets louder and more imposing if we don’t listen to the early quiet nudging!

To learn more about upcoming classes with Christina Cross and other outstanding Equilibrium Energy + Education facilitators, go to or call 312-786-1882.


Theresa Puskar is an author, performer, minister, inspirational speaker and motivational audiobook producer. With over 25 years of experience in media and communications, she has worn many hats in the industry. She is the author of the “Terri” children’s book series, which focus on a variety of emotional and social development issues for children, ages 5 to 9. She has received accolades for her recent autobiographical solo show, “Beauty, Bollywood and Beyond.” A powerful inspirational speaker and transition leader, Theresa edu-tains her audiences, by touching hearts and minds in a way that is engaging, joyful and life-affirming. Visit

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