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The HeART of Community – Finding your HeART

By Misty Soderholm – 

When I think of what heals and brings a community together, I think of music, spoken word, visual arts, movement, & harmoniously playing in this dance of life together. When we creatively inspire each other to be the musician, the poet, the artist, or the dancer, we, in turn, inspire and heal ourselves. For so many years, I was the therapist who wanted so badly to heal my clients and the world with my special talents. What I’ve come to realize is that I help my clients and the world to heal more by inspiring, encouraging, holding space, and teaching them to dig deep within, and tap into the sacred soul space where they can find their own healing and unique abilities. This sacred soul space is where your creativity, intuition, and healing lies. We all are gifted, we all contain everything we need inside to heal ourselves and express our true spirit.

It’s about pausing in life’s chaos, and using your creative heart to reflect beauty, integrate your emotions, and open to the lessons to be learned. It’s about making the time for yourself, and finding the tools and creative outlets to cope with this crazy world. It’s about treating your physical vehicle with love and respect, and consciously being aware of what you are feeding it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After 20 years in the healing arts field, I’ve seen so many people reaching for that magic pill or mystic healer that will take the pain away, all the while not knowing that the healer was always within them.

I’ve gone through periods of fatigue and burnout myself, from constantly giving and trying to help others, while forgetting who is most important in my life. Art has been my escape and my outlet to heal, connect, empower, express, and release any emotions that flow through me. This means all kinds of art forms… from writing a poem to get my feelings out; painting a piece to heal my heart; or drumming & dancing around the house to shake out the stuck energy. We are all artists, poets, musicians, and healers, you have to just find what feels right to you in each moment. Finding that creative outlet to express your deepest heart’s desires and troubles is the first step in healing.

This column is meant to inspire you to pick up that pen, paintbrush, guitar, or body part, and get it moving. As you move with your creative energy, your light will have a ripple effect to help uplift the world to a higher level of consciousness. So, be the light, express your truth, get your creative juices flowing, and let your spirit run free.

POETRY CONTEST – Take yourself deep to your sacred soul space, write from your heart, and keep it under 200 words. The winner of the contest will be featured in our “The HeArt of Community” column, and at an Open House Event in September at Soderworld, in Hinsdale. Please submit entries by email to:, or you can go to our website, call 630-455-5885, or stop in to the center to pay a $5 entry fee. Your entry is not official until we receive payment, and the deadline is September 1st, 2017.

Walk With Me

Walk with me away from the darkness
and feel the love surround.
Walk with me away from confusion
and lift yourself off the ground.

Walk with me into the healing light
and watch your Being glow.
Walk with me into the truth
and don’t just think but know.

Walk with me beyond this reality
and give your soul peace.
Walk with me beyond space and time
and know love will never cease.

Walk with me toward the heavens
and let your spirit be free.
Walk with me toward your heart
and know forever with you I will be.

— Misty Soderholm

Misty Soderholm is a Founder & Director of SoderWorld Wellness Center & Academy. We are proud to offer a huge variety of the most amazing treatments and spiritual classes available. Our 5,500-sq. foot A-frame log cabin rests upon 2.5 acres of beautiful wooded property, offering a labyrinth, spiritual walking path, organic gardens, waterfall, ponds with swans & Koi fish, a geodesic dome, many color therapy treatment rooms, classrooms, yoga studio with an amazing view, Himalayan Salt Cave, AquaFloat bed, Yoga Teacher Training, and Advanced training CEU classes for Massage Therapists.; .




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