Monday , January 24 2022

Twin Flames – How do you know?

By Patricia McNeilly

Have you heard of terms such as soul mate, or twin flame? In my first of several articles, I hope to help you understand and feel more comfortable with these subjects.

“Twin flame” is the common term for what is the true other half of a person’s soul. It’s not just a “soul mate” but something far beyond. Twin flames are also people, not a random energy, and not interchangeable. This is the actual person who can match your soul signature. A twin flame is a person whose cosmic heart has become activated. The “twin” is the exact match of the etheric subtle body you share. The “flame” is the lit up and activated heart connection to each other. This activation is much higher than ever before. Together with this goes the etheric body’s high heart connections which become prominent, which enables the person to stay focused upon love. This also serves to balance both people for meeting and falling in love again.

When hearing this term, people who have not had their activation of the cosmic heart will believe that it is another way of saying “soul mate” or “life partner.” For those who are each other’s true love, this is also an eternal connection. An eternal connection to each other’s human body, life and the way for them to find each other. It is the ultimate return to a state of oneness and intimacy which has not been experienced in a very long time. Therefore, twin flames can and will affect each other. This is because they are deeply connected inside their hearts.

This activation awakens the person’s heart connection to their true love. It is very spontaneous and cannot be controlled by the person experiencing it. It seems very abrupt and random, and it may be felt in very different ways than other types of spiritual awakenings. It will serve the purpose to enable a person to feel love at a higher level than ever before. In fact, many spiritual awakenings and kundalini rising experiences may be twin flame experiences precipitating a physical encounter.

Twin flame love is a term which may be unfamiliar, yet, passionate love which has been written about for centuries, sung about is really about the deep passion that twin flame couples share. It is the “type” of love which many seek, the love that lasts beyond space and time. Unbeknownst to many people, their twin flame is already connected to their heart. Many people already have this deep connection in place to be enlivened very soon and activated. Some of what a person may feel is what they have known deep inside themselves; a deeply ingrained sense that they are here to be with someone.

There are many experiences prior to a physical encounter, as each person in the twin flame union begins to flow toward each other. When a twin flame is activated, the internal areas of their body begin to feel movement. Sometimes this movement is subtle but noticeable to the person experiencing it. Feelings begin to be felt which come from nowhere. Wishing to heal oneself is very important to the twin flame process.

What can happen as a person becomes aware of this or becomes abruptly awakened? The countdown begins, and they will see number sequences, such as 11:11 on clocks, 444 on a license plate, etc. Waves of love feelings surge through the body, bringing lightness and poignancy. They may experience a deep desire to improve themselves and seek self-help material. Relationships begin to “dismantle.”

Other experiences may include:

  • A longing for love
  • Having an inner knowing, usually from childhood, that there is a person that you are supposed to meet
  • Feeling compelled to find the person, especially if dreaming of him or her
  • Feeling that there is only one person in the universe for you
  • Feeling isolated from other people
  • Sensing few will understand you
  • Suddenly feeling that there is another person living within your body
Heightened senses, more sensitive to light and sound
  • Acute awareness of your Self
  • Being aware of what lies beyond the realm of your sight
  • Beginning to sense and see what lies beyond the
    natural world
  • Feeling closer to nature

Patricia McNeilly is the owner of Twin Flames Merge located in Park Ridge, IL. She offers one-on-one sessions, energy movement, guidance and classes. Visit for more information.

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