Thoughts about Sacred Geometry – By an Artist Who Makes Them

Our natural world is filled with a myriad of geometric designs. We can see examples of this in the simplest of flowers and shells, as well as in the geometry comprising the tiniest atoms, or farthest galaxies. These patterns repeat in endless permutations everywhere, yet how do they arise? Are they simply the result of the laws of physics manifesting randomly? If so, that begs the question: where do the laws of physics come from? We know that the elemental forces of gravity and electromagnetism could not have existed prior to the Big Bang, so they, along with all physical matter, had to have been created in the same instant. Consequently, many see in these structures the guiding hand of a Divine Presence. As Rabbi Mordecai Finley (one of the preeminent Rabbis of our time) is fond of saying, “it is only through Love, Justice, Truth, and Beauty that we can apprehend the presence of God or the Divine Source (call it what you will) in our physical world.”

We know from history that as soon as primitive peoples noticed and began to appreciate the structures underlying the design of our universe, they became aware of the
presence of the Divine. Pythagoras was among the first to note the fascinating and intricate relationship between the physical world and mathematical symmetry,
and subsequent scientists from Newton through Einstein have opined on the obvious interrelationship between naturally occurring geometry and a Divinely inspired order. Sadly, our 21st century age of secular materialism seems to have lost touch with the awe-inspiring mathematical and geometrical imprint of the Divine Source that manifests throughout all of creation. That loss has also made it difficult, if not impossible, for people in our society to be willing to declare something “beautiful.” Our souls, though, are able to recognize beauty easily since (whether we consciously realize it or not) they remain in close touch with that Divine Source.

Throughout the ages, it has been the study of Sacred Geometry that has represented an inquiry into the blueprint of creation itself and has developed into a mystical science. It seeks to explore and explain what creates and unifies all things by revealing the energetic patterns along which creation is organized.

Since matters of Divine creation and organization are best expressed in terms that many think of as “mystical,” or “occult,” Sacred Geometries speak to us as symbols or archetypes that
can only be fully comprehended at a profound level of the soul. Ancient mystical societies recognized that to meditate on Sacred Geometries was a powerful method for linking the human consciousness to the Divine Soul. Starting with the simplest forms: the circle, triangle, and square, and ultimately evolving into a multitude of symbolic geometric patterns, mystics have created complex patterns, which represent the inner realms,
and point toward profound levels of self-awareness. It is these patterns that I use in my artwork; acknowledged spiritual motifs such as the Star of David, the All-Seeing Eye of God, The Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, Sri Yantra, Merkaba, and the YHVH or Hebrew Tetragrammaton, as well as many other combinations of shapes that I intuitively interrelate; all combine to become a finished artwork. Each is made entirely in Photoshop, combining both photographic and digital elements.

When I begin to make one of these Sacred Geometries, I never know how it will unfold. Sometimes, one will seem to flow through me in a mere 15 minutes, while others may take several days of work to complete. The process constantly surprises me because rarely does the finished work even vaguely resemble the basic elements I started out with. You can watch two time-lapse videos of how I make Sacred Geometries on YouTube (Sacred Geometry 381), or and (Sacred Geometry 382), at

In the Jewish prayer book there is a wonderful line, which reads, “I form the light and create darkness.” This clearly means to tell us that the essential nature of God is light, and that in order to create our physical existence, He had to first create darkness to contrast His already existing light. That is one of the reasons I always try to incorporate a representation of light, movement, and expansion into all of my Sacred Geometries. I also often include stars into their patterns; points of brilliant light that help to focus the eyes, mind, and heart.

My sense is that I don’t actually make these Sacred Geometries at all, but rather, that I somehow “channel” them into our physical world from some pre-existing place in another realm. To bolster that notion, several people who have meditated with them have reported that in their deepest experiences they encounter inner vistas that are mirrored by these artworks. In a very real sense, then, they appear to be portals into archetypal aspects of the soul and its connection to a Divine Order.

Whether you come from a mystical, spiritual point of reference, or are more inclined to the secular, I hope you will agree that these complex geometric patterns lend themselves to singularly beautiful art. I have always been fascinated by the interface between the mundane and the spiritual, so for me, making these Sacred Geometries is a perfect way to explore that fascinating boundary. It is my hope that they will bring you great joy and peace at whatever level you choose to interact with them.


Endre Balogh is a world renowned concert violinist, photographer, and graphic artist. Check out his website at:, and his Facebook page Sacred Geometry by Endre.

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