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The New/Full Moon Energy for March 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

Hello everyone! I hope you’re safe and well. On Feb. 27, there is a Full Moon in Virgo—putting the focus on work, routines, and health. This month, look at how you get things done. Virgo energy is perfect for tweaking a system to make it more efficient. There’s also an emphasis on health. You might be adding more vegetables to your meals, adding medicinal mushrooms to your morning coffee, or setting up a home gym in a corner of your living room.

On March 4, Mars enters Gemini, giving you the energy to go more places and do more things. You might consider taking a car trip or, if the weather permits, getting your bike out of the garage. Mars in Gemini rules dexterity, so you may be working with your hands through knitting, woodworking, or learning to juggle.

There’s a New Moon in Pisces on March 13—helping you feel more spiritually connected. It’s good to do prayer, meditation or take walks in nature. You might notice the stars and do a little moon magic when the first sliver of the Moon appears. Possibly, you’ll receive signs from the Universe, such as animals visiting your property or pairs of numbers popping up.

Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, and you may feel strong connections to art, design, and fanciful romance stories. During this time, communication can take longer as people find it hard to get to the point. Time itself seems to dissolve as you sit down to watch a short video and several hours go by.

On March 20, the Sun goes into Aries, marking the first day of spring. In astrology, this is called an Ingress, signifying that the Sun has entered a cardinal sign. This energy brings the urge to do something—to act—and to be in motion. From an astrological standpoint, this is the beginning of the year; you might want to review your goals for the next 12 months.

Venus follows the Sun into Aries on March 21. You can feel impatient to get what you want during this time. You want to avoid standing in line or waiting for your number to be called. One good use of this energy is to remind yourself what you like. Try to separate your feelings from all the advertising and influence of today’s media.

On March 22, Mars makes a trine to Saturn. This is a point of concentrated energy. Now you can tackle a project that needs endurance, focus, or grit. You can do “deep work.” This could be a side business, building a garage, or setting out to hike the Continental Divide Trail. This aspect lends itself to good old-fashioned hard work.

Finally, on March 28, there is the Full Moon in Libra, focusing your energy on relationships and balance. We’ll talk more about this next month.


At the beginning of the month, you may feel a little stuck, like projects are taking much longer than you had planned. Soon, you’ll feel in harmony with the Mars-in-Gemini energy. Ask, and you shall receive, especially when it comes to financial gain this month. Don’t hesitate to ask for the sale or raise. While friendships are abundant, romance can be a little bumpy. If it’s a new relationship, move slowly until a secret is revealed. You’re quite intuitive now and an herbal formula could be helpful.


This month, Mars moves from your sign of Taurus into your house of money. You could find revenue flows more easily in general. There is positive energy around your career and reputation. If you’re looking for a new job, an offer could come in this month. Also, it would be good to look at how you schedule your day to see where you can save some time and effort. A friend might want to fix you up on a date. Love is possible now. You might be enamored with the new tech item.


Mars moves from your hidden house into your own sign of Gemini, giving you a burst of energy and confidence. Your charisma and magnetism are very strong now, and you can attract helpful people to you. There’s an opportunity for a romantic relationship, as well as a connection with someone who can help you in business. This is a good time to catch up on paperwork. This could mean filling out applications or shredding old records. An organization you belong to may want you to run for office.


As Mars changes signs, it moves into your house of working behind the scenes. This is a good time to close the office door to finish your screenplay, annual reports, or prepare for a professional exam. There’s a lot of intimate energy for you this month, so Cancer native, you could get lucky. There also could be connections with people who live far away, such as relatives who live out of the country. If you’re focusing on paying off debt or making investments, you can get help with this now.


With Mars changing signs, you may have the opportunity to make more money through your job. This could be due to a new position, increased commission on sales, or working more hours. You could be getting very serious about a love relationship. If you’re dating, you might be talking about living together or getting married. Communication with friends can be challenging. Be careful not to forget a special occasion. Small tweaks in your diet can make a big difference in your physical well-being.


Mars crosses the top of your chart and goes into your house of career. You could get a new job or a transfer within the company to be on a new team. You may be working a side job as well, building up your business. An issue with the government or with paperwork, in general, is cleared up. Your love relationship could be going quite well. Your partner may be very supportive at this time. You’re in harmony with the energy for improving your health, especially through changes in your daily routine.


Mars enters your house of knowledge and wisdom, and you may be quite interested in studying a new topic. You could do an accelerated program or get a self-study video course. Romantic energy is focused on the physical. If you’re looking for love, you could find someone with really great chemistry. Long-term relationships need some TLC. You might need to spend more time talking and connecting. You may be getting ready to launch a creative project— this has the makings of being a success.


Mars moves into your house of resources and investments. This is a good time to apply for funding for a business or a bill consolidation loan. You may be very attracted to a risky investment, but it’s good to do some due diligence before proceeding. This month, you could be swept off your feet by love. If you’re already in a love relationship, you may be falling in love all over again. There could be some challenges at home with things connected to electrical, heating, or airflow. Repairs might be needed.


As Mars changes signs, it crosses into your house of relationships bringing you opportunities for love and friendship. You could find a great conversationalist with whom you have good chemistry. Financially, things are humming along. You look like you’re making more than a typical month without working harder. There is a lot of activity at home. You may be doing some redecorating or welcoming home a family member who’s been away. Be careful parking your car to avoid getting a big scratch.


As Mars enters your house of work, you are busier than ever. You might be taking on an extra project, training a new coworker, or your side business is taking off. Financially, things are better as well, but you are being frugal and pocketing the money rather than spending it. There is good communication between you and your partner. If you’re looking for love, start chatting on the phone with prospective dates. A friend might ask for help (advice or cash) for their startup business.


Mars goes into your house of fun and risk-taking, and you may feel like finding some adventure. Consider trying some new things like brand-new foods, traveling to parts of your city to which you’ve never been or waking up at 4 a.m. to go on a jog. Money is flowing in, but it’s also flowing out again as you make a couple of purchases you’ve wanted to do for some time. There are some possible changes at home with someone moving out or moving in. You can ace a test now.


As Mars changes signs, it crosses into your fourth house, bringing a lot of energy and activity to your home and family. You might be preparing to move, do renovations or declutter. Your charisma is quite high, and you are attracting friendship and even love. Pisces natives already in a love relationship, show a lot of intimate time behind closed doors. A physical issue improves as you find a new exercise or stretching routine. You may get into puzzles or other mental challenges this month just for fun.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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