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The New/Full Moon Energy for January 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

On January 28, there is a Full Moon in Cancer, focusing your energy on home, family, as well as good food. This lunar energy helps you usher in the New Year in the comfort of your home as you release the energy of the past year. You may want to burn a white candle or some sage on New Year’s Day to help clear the energy.

This Full Moon in Cancer is about creating emotional closeness and connection in new ways. You may have a desire to care for and nurture others at this time. Your community spirit could increase as you check in with neighbors to see how they’re doing, or wish them “Happy New Year” as you walk around the neighborhood.

On Jan. 6, Mars enters the money sign of Taurus, and there’s a focus on material security as well as the ability to act to create new streams of income. This energy will last all month. It’s a good time to consider starting your own business, or turning a hobby intoa something profitable.

The New Moon in Capricorn is on Jan. 12, and on the same day, Mars squares Saturn in Aquarius. As you are gaining momentum, you come to a steep hill and are going to have to pedal harder to keep from sliding back. But thais New Moon gives you the determination to get to the top. Once there, your actions and hard work are seen and admired by others. This can be a boost to your reputation and help you make positive career connections.

On Jan. 17, Jupiter squares Uranus. Now it’s productive to get off the beaten path and take your own road. This is a good time to do it your way. That said, avoid risky sports on this day. Choose another day for bungee jumping.

The Full Moon in Leo arrives on Jan. 28, reminding you to be yourself because you are extraordinary. Time to let your creative side loose. This might mean you are doing more art, music or dance. But any type of creativity will bring something wonderful into the world.

On Jan. 30, Mercury goes retrograde, and for the next three weeks or so, avoid doing things you don’t want to repeat, such as root canals, visiting the DMV, or getting a divorce. Mercury retrograde can also bring difficulties with electronics or vehicles. We’ll talk more about that next month.


With Mars going into your house of money, you have a lot of financial opportunities. Action will be needed to secure these, but the path can be quite clear. If you’re in school, things could go quite well, and you may meet someone who becomes a close friend. However, romance could be a little tricky, as your schedules don’t seem to match up. Try not to take it personally if you get stood up. Some career recognition could come to you and even bring you a new job or an opportunity to lead the team.


You have more energy once Mars moves into your own sign. You can breeze through your to-do list. Some resources become available to you. This could mean a low-interest loan or great terms for refinancing a house. There are some changes to your job coming from the very top. You may feel uncertain, but in the end, they are to your benefit. Education is highlighted, and you can get help with funding for school. There is some intimate romance this month mixed with a little adventure.


As Mars goes into Taurus, Gemini native, you have more energy than usual (which is saying something). You may find yourself bouncing off the walls, unless you have a project to pour this energy into. Relationship energy is also quite strong. Some Gemini natives may be going from introductions to passion pretty quickly. There could be a contract for you to sign for employment or a large purchase. You may be having a discussion with a knowledgeable family friend about an investment opportunity.


Mars enters Taurus in your house of friendship, bringing you an opportunity for friendship. This could be a person with a lot of energy for exercise, running or hiking. Work can go well, as you may be getting an assistant or more support in your job. You have a strong focus on your finances, and you may be keeping track of the pennies so that you can put extra money in the bank. There’s excellent relationship energy, especially if you’re looking for love. You can find an interesting match.


Mars goes into Taurus energizing your house of career. If you’re looking for a new job or want to shift positions in your current job, you have a lot of backing for this. There is good romance energy for Leo natives, along with some fertility energy. This is good if you want to add to the family. You also can find a business partner or someone to collaborate with you on a project. They may have the technical expertise that you need. A new health routine really pays off this month.


Mars in Taurus enters your house of education. This could help you do well on tests, or it may bring a class for you to teach, or a meeting for you to lead. You might be redecorating at home or successfully finishing up a renovation project. A new exercise routine is not only good for your body, but it could be helping you get more restful sleep. There’s a business opportunity that could be perfect for your skillset. Consider getting a friend’s advice on this, or even getting together to take on this venture.


Mars in Taurus unlocks some financial resources for you. If you’re looking for a bill consolidation loan or some great investment advice, you can find it now. Your communication is improving, and people may be complimenting how you lead meetings. More people see your writing. Romance is possibly a little bumpy as someone likes you, but you’re not sure if you like them. Here’s where your natural diplomacy is handy. Home life is good. There may be a visit from close relatives.


Mars in Taurus activates your house of relationships, and you could be actively working on your love life at this time. If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent opportunity to find someone who’s a great match. A small windfall is possible, but there’s also more spending happening. You could be tapped for a new position
at work, but you are uncertain whether you want the additional responsibility.
You can do some negotiations and get what you want. You can even get the terms in writing.


Mars in Taurus enters your house of health, and you may suddenly decide to train for a marathon or go cross-country skiing. Several people compliment you on how good you look. You are turning heads. If you’re in school, you may be feeling unmotivated. Get with a school counselor or family member and they can give you a boost. There are some great financial opportunities for Sagittarius natives. You might be selling some large ticket items. A salary increase is also possible.


Mars in harmonious Taurus gives you a burst of creative energy. You might use this for your own business. This is also very strong fertility energy if you want to go that direction. This month, you may have a spiritual experience where you really feel your guardian angel or notice your intuition. You’re keeping a close eye on your finances, and this helps you increase your take-home pay. As the sun travels through Capricorn (Happy birthday!) others notice your confidence. This may lead to love.


Mars in Taurus goes into your house of home and family. You might be talking about moving or making some big changes to the house. A new friendship is possible with somebody who you knew in school, or who shares your spiritual beliefs. A relationship that was having some difficulty now has an opportunity to be mended. A hidden talent of yours emerges and could make you some money. There could be financial gain related to real estate. Organize your home office to attract prosperity.


Mars in Taurus is in your house of communication and siblings. You may be talking more with family members and even mending fences. You’re well-liked in your job, and if you make requests, supervisors could go out of their way to help you. You may be starting a healthy eating plan as well as doing meditation or yoga. A friendship can turn into a romance. If you have been communicating with a person through an online dating site, now you can meet. This could be a great match.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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