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The New/Full Moon Energy for February 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

On Jan. 28, there is a Full Moon in Leo, putting the focus on pleasure, romance, and risk-taking. Curiosity chases away fear. Consider trying something new, and bringing a little adventure into your life. This is also a good time to find love. If you’re looking for a relationship, this is the time to put your profile up on an online dating site.

On Feb. 1, Venus enters Aquarius bringing positive energy for connecting with friends
and the community, especially through electronic means. If you have been dragging your feet about video conferencing, now it’s time to ask your 10-year-old nephew to help you get online.

On Feb. 12, the New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Metal Ox. This energy is about simplifying your life, going back to basics and rebuilding. In Ox years, it’s time to strap on the yoke and plow the fields. The work ahead is straightforward and simple, and there’s a lot of it! Success comes from hard work. (Check out my YouTube channel for video predictions for the Year of the Metal Ox.)

On Feb. 17, Saturn squares Uranus. Rigid aspects of your life could be shattered. It’s good to be flexible at this time. On the positive side, Uranus can open up new ways of doing things that save you time, money and energy.

On Feb. 18, the Sun goes into Pisces. Pisces is about dissolving boundaries. This could be the boundary between you and the Universe, helping you feel more spiritually connected. It also could dissolve a boundary between you and a virus. It’s important to use man-made boundaries at this time.

Mercury is retrograde until Feb. 20. Try to avoid getting a parking ticket, as you might get two. If buying jewelry or high-end clothing, make sure you can return it in case you change your mind later. If your home is for sale, try not to lower the price now as Mercury retrograde could cause you to lower it a second time.

On Feb. 25, Venus, the planet of love, enters romantic Pisces. At the same time, action-oriented Mars makes a trine to obsessive Pluto. This combination can focus your attention on a single goal. While this could be a love relationship, it could also be an art project, a business venture or a topic of study.

And finally, on Feb. 27, there is the Full Moon in Virgo, focusing your energy on health and daily routines. We’ll talk more about this next month.


There’s an expanding circle of friendships this month. You might be heading up a local community or church group. Extracurricular activities are fine, but your main focus is on making money. You will likely do well in investments, and you may get a salary increase. Saturn squaring Uranus focuses change energy in your house of technology. It’s important to keep devices backed up and away from water. Mercury is retrograde, so save upgrading until after Feb. 20. You’re favored to win a contest.


There’s a lot of career energy for you this month. You may be getting a promotion or transferring to a different department. There’s a new job if you want it. Love and friendship are available. When you accept your quirks, other people accept you as well. More money is going out than coming in, but this could be due to investing money or buying equipment. Saturn squaring Uranus focuses change energy on your standing in the world. Avoid posting controversial memes on social media or other things that could damage your reputation. This month, you might change your wardrobe or hairstyle.


Your focus, this month, is on education and knowledge in general. You may be catching up with school, taking standardized tests or finding out you’ve been accepted to the university of your choice. There is positive intimate energy happening, and Gemini native, you can get lucky in love. This month, it’s a good idea to examine your investments and see if they are performing as you hoped. Saturn squaring Uranus focuses change energy around spirituality. You could change churches or have an epiphany.


There are lots of resources available to Cancer natives this month. This could mean you’re getting a loan at a good rate. There are possibilities of a windfall in February. An admirer could profess their love to you. You may go from casual dating to an intimate relationship very quickly. Saturn squaring Uranus focuses change energy around old fears. This month, you face your fears and realize you have grown. You can break through blocks with ease. A new friend may introduce you to a whole new world.


Relationships are highlighted for Leo natives this month. If you want to deepen your current relationship or find new love, the stars are aligned in your favor. You may let go of a bad habit. Income is steady, but investments are not performing as well as you might like. You may be looking to make a change in this area. Saturn squaring Uranus could change a friendship of yours. This person may be involved with others and so has little free time. Someone may give you a special gift.


This month’s focus for you, Virgo native, is on your daily routines and how the small things you do add up to the bigger things in life. There could be changes at your job—giving you new duties or a new title. A salary increase is probable, or you may receive a bonus. A relationship almost comes together, but it’s not quite time yet. There will be another chance in March. Saturn squaring Uranus focuses change energy around exercise routines and eating habits. You may completely change what you eat every day.


It’s important to let go of fears this month. Libra native, see life as one big adventure. Romance is highly probable. If you’re looking for love, you could have more than one option, or a new love could become quite serious. You may be focused on paying down debt. And, your ability to accumulate money through your own business or investments is very strong. However, income from your job could fluctuate in February. Saturn squaring Uranus could bring a pregnancy announcement to your family.


There’s a lot of focus on home and family in February. Scorpio native, you might be thinking about moving, or you’re still unpacking from a recent move. You and your sweetheart could be moving in together or perhaps buying some real estate for investment. There could be a small increase in income as a side business or hobby becomes profitable. Saturn squaring Uranus could cause you to break free from a long-held family tradition. You may make a lucky find at a garage sale or swap meet.


Sagittarius native, you could receive a contract you’ve been expecting. Mercury is retrograde, so read it over carefully before signing or delay signing until after Feb. 20. Love energy is strong, and your relationship could improve considerably. It’s good to watch your spending this month. Saturn squaring Uranus brings changes in how you communicate with yourself. You may start a regular daily meditation or journaling. Your art or music could be put in the spotlight in February.


You’re quite focused on your finances this month. Capricorn native, there’s a potential change of income from a new job or side business. Relationship energy is also strong, and you might find you are pursued by an interesting person for love or friendship. There may be a new addition to the family through birth, marriage or a
new pet. Saturn squaring Uranus brings a change in how you accumulate possessions. This is a good month to declutter. You could find an item you thought was lost forever.


This month, you break free of an old pattern and find new courage to live the life you want to live. This could mean making a big change in your lifestyle. You could be moving residences or just completing a recent move. As you pay more attention to your finances, more money comes in but then seems to go right out again for necessities. Saturn squaring Uranus brings a change in an important relationship. You could fall head over heels in love. You could be asked to become a leader of a group you belong to.


There’s a lot of healing energy around you. You’re recuperating and finding yourself more balanced and peaceful. Money from career improves, and you could get more sales commission or a possible increase. You may be spending some time alone. Perhaps your sweetheart is away visiting family. You may be considering a change in vehicles; however, it would be ideal to wait until after Mercury goes direct on Feb. 20. Saturn squaring Uranus could increase your interest in tarot cards or channeling.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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