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The New/Full Moon Energy for August 2021


By Donna Stellhorn

The month begins with the sun and Mercury sitting directly opposite Saturn. You will be trying to find the balance between fun and responsibility. For some, this is the last few weeks of summer before school begins — time to get as much fun in as possible. But for everyone, there’s the question of finding the balance between what you want to do and what you need to do.

Jupiter is back in Aquarius until December 29, 2021. You have until then to use this energy to your benefit. Once Jupiter leaves Aquarius, it will not return for 12 years. Jupiter in Aquarius has a strong sense of social justice, so you may be working with groups and organizations to help your community. Aquarius rules technology, so you may be upgrading equipment, learning new software, or getting a new phone. This is a good time to renew connections with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Aquarius rules future plans. Consider updating your vision board over the next few months.

On August 8, there is a new moon at 16° of Leo, separating from a square to Uranus. You may have a greater desire for freedom and self-expression. You might take up a new hobby, play hooky from work, or cross a big item off your bucket list.

On August 16, Venus enters its own sign of Libra, bringing an emphasis on beauty and balance. Over the next few weeks, you may feel a desire to change your hair color, get a new outfit, or redecorate the house with pops of color.

The full moon is on August 22 at 29° of Aquarius. On the same day, the sun goes into the sign of Virgo. There’s an emphasis here on letting go of something you may have held onto for a long time. This could be an object, a person, or a limiting belief. After a moment of a decision, suddenly you are free. You may look back and wonder why it took you so long to let go.


There is a lot of romantic activity in your chart this month. Aries native, you could be falling head over heels in love with someone who has been a friend for a long time. You may be taking a financial risk, investing in something speculative, or acquiring a big investment. A raise or promised promotion looks like it’s delayed…this could cause you to consider looking for a new job. Family members are coming together to help with a big project or give you a boost of confidence.


There’s a great deal of focus on the home for Taurus natives. It may be that you are going back into the office after working at home for some time. Kids may be leaving to go to college and now you have an empty nest. A financial opportunity connected to real estate is possible. A favorite colleague might be moving on to a different position or even a different company. There’s a romantic opportunity if you take things slowly. Don’t rush into a relationship right now. Take time to build a foundation.


Gemini native, you might be signing a contract or getting a legal matter completed. Your kids may be going away to school, causing you to wonder if you should go back to college yourself. You can increase prosperity with a little money magic. Consider adding a lucky money cat to your entryway table or burning a metallic gold candle to attract wealth. If you’re in a new relationship, you could be introducing your sweetheart to your friends and family. A home renovation project is completed.


There are several financial opportunities for Cancer natives this month. Some of these pull you outside your comfort zone and require some negotiation, paperwork, or revealing your financial past. If you’re dating, you’re doing more texting than actually seeing each other. Your sweetheart may be traveling, or you might be quite busy with work. There could be some computer issues causing some disruption in the flow. You might consider purchasing a new vehicle or finding a new way of getting around town.


August brings strong relationship energy for Leo natives. You or one of your kids might be thinking of taking a love relationship to the next level by getting an apartment with the significant other or getting engaged. There could be two sources of income for you this month. Additionally, there could be a change in management at your job — this could open up new opportunities for your career. Things at home are looking bright and cheerful. You may be spending money on new décor or furniture.


Virgo native, you might be taking a well-deserved vacation. While you are away, your office may be calling you. A colleague you’ve known for a long time could be moving to another job. Your charisma is strong, and a love opportunity presents itself unexpectedly and rather boldly. People are complimenting your confidence and skills after a presentation or stage event. There could be a financial windfall from an unusual source. This is likely to take the form of an object rather than cash.


You are a social butterfly this month, Libra native. Others are seeking for you, requesting to spend time with you. There is a strong possibility of a love relationship getting stronger and becoming intimate. There are enjoyable activities happening behind closed doors. You seem distracted by finances, but you can bring in prosperity energy by doing a money meditation, lighting money incense or a money candle. Your supervisor may agree to a future raise and/or promotion at your job.


Scorpio native, someone may put you in charge, or you could receive a promotion at work. It’s likely you’ll be singled out for your contribution to a group or organization. You may find love in an unusual place or meet someone who is not usually your type. There is some tension at home as kids are going to school or schedules are adjusted because of the school year. You might receive money from a family business, family investment, real estate deal, or the sale of a large-ticket item.


Education is highlighted for Sagittarius natives. You or your kids might be going back to school. This means lots of things to do to get everyone ready for the change. More money is going out than coming in, especially at the beginning of the month. However, there can be a financial windfall towards the end of the month. Others are finding you very attractive now. A love relationship is waiting for you if you’ll step out the door. This month, it’s likely you’ll let go of an old belief and feel a sense of freedom.


Capricorn native, the focus is on resources from others. There are opportunities to make money through investments, refinance at a great rate, or gain access to more credit. You are taking responsibility with your finances and maybe going back to a written budget or reviewing spreadsheets. At work, you’re learning something new. This could be a new computer system or accepting some additional responsibilities. A love relationship becomes intimate and really fun.


Relationships and partnerships of all kinds are highlighted for Aquarius natives. There are discussions about what you want in a relationship and what the other person is willing to give. Friendships are going well. You may be doing some renovations or redecorating at home. More than one source of money can come into your life this month. A side business could become profitable. You’re taking care of your health. You may go back to an exercise program that has worked for you before.


Your health and well-being are highlighted this month. Pisces native, it looks like you’re exercising and eating healthier. Relationships improve. Friends are reaching out to you. A love relationship becomes more joyful. You may connect with a friend for a business partnership. The two of you might start a business together. You are gaining new customers or sales, and this can translate into higher commission. Your guardian angel is quite active now. You may be doing more meditation or prayer.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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