Sunday , August 14 2022

The HeART of the Community – The HeARTbeat of Gaia

by Misty Soderholm –

There is a HeARTbeat that unites us all, pumping through the veins of our Mother Earth, and flowing right back through ours. Both hearts feeding off the others’ creations, but most are unaware of this connection. Have you stopped long enough to feel it, to hear it, to dance with the undulating contractions of the HeARTbeat of Gaia? Its passion roars through many layers of our existence and continues to call out to us for change.

The beat of the Earth’s hypnotic drum lies deep within the strains of our DNA. The resonance of the sound of creation vibrates down to the very core of our being. The essence of our spirit is sparked by the universal rhythmic pulse, which guides us to follow the beat of our own drum. Unfortunately the noise of the world and chatter of our mind block us from this healing connection to all that is. The good news is we can rediscover it again within the silence of our sacred HeART space and connecting to nature and all those around us.

The universe is always supporting your thoughts, words and actions, so be impeccable with what you say, chose and do. For you are making your destiny with each breath and step that you take. So walk tall, and root yourself to Mother Earth’s blessings. Share your voice, and sing loud with the birds. Run up the mountains, and achieve your hearts desires. Flow like the rivers carving your own path while nourishing your surroundings. Ride the waves of the amniotic sea, and enjoy the spontaneous adventures that the universe has for you.

As you tune into the HeARTbeat of Gaia, universal guidance and support will create profound, synchronistic miracles in your life. As your unique droplet falls into the cosmic ocean, you can unify your ripple with the heart of creation and achieve the impossible. The womb of Gaia lies within your sacred HeART; if you tap into it, the ability to create magic and wonder in your life becomes effortless.
Has your creative HeART flat-lined? Have you lost that connection with the HeARTbeat of Gaia? What heals you will be what fills your life with excitement, happiness, and love. Go within, go to nature, go create, go laugh, go hug, go breathe in the beauty of the world and experience life to the fullest. As we all raise and unify our energy together, and heal ourselves, we help to heal our precious Mother Earth.

Poetry Contest winner:


Goddess, your thighs stained
with birth-waters of creation
each amniotic pulse the rise and fall of the ocean
moon heaving on your breast, waxing transition
you midwife yourself into the world
each extended contraction an act of devotion
to all children who are yet to be
awaiting organic eruption.

Mother mountain, so great
Himalayas quake
when you smile.
Mami Wata, so vast
your fingers touch
two continents at once.
Nanay flame, heart so hot
your passion turns rock to liquid fire.
Granny wind, so ancient
on your breath is every story ever told.

Your body immutable, indisputable,
forged by nebulous, cosmic wombs
and Sirius’ seminal spark.
You have borne faces of fire, water, and rock
through ages Cambrian and Cretaceous
the lines of time writing themselves in geological verse.

We scrawl tattoos across your belly, your back
yet you smile beneath asphalt and neon
your Hadean heart never breached
by pipeline or diamond mine;
only the infant mind of humankind
could think themselves so godly.

So I dance on the skin of unadulterated Earth
remembering my origin:
in the embrace of the oceanic ovary
telling stories on the world’s windy tongue,
her seismic fire in my heart.
— Kay “Kro” Kroger

Misty Soderholm is a Founder & Director of SoderWorld Wellness Center & Academy. We are proud to offer a huge variety of the most amazing treatments and spiritual classes available.;;

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