Thursday , July 16 2020

Savor Life

By Michael Peter Langevin –

It has been said that there are two phases of life; one when you are busy living and the other when you realize you only have one life to live! Many of us realize life is short, and we want the rest of it from that moment forward to be packed with meaning, love and fun. How do we even start trying to achieve this?

What if the best way to savor the rest of your life is to develop a different outlook? Most of us go through life accepting only the material world we perceive with our five senses and what we have been taught by our families and society to be real. What if there is much more to reality than we ever imagined? By learning to shift our perspective, we can greatly enhance how we perceive life in a positive way. We can even create an expanded reality.

Where would you start this process of developing a different overview? Entertaining the idea that there is more than the material world is a great starting place. Let’s begin by looking at some of the big issues. Can you accept the idea that we are more than our physical bodies? Anyone who believes in a soul or near death experience has already accepted this premise. The next step is to believe that part of us exists beyond the death of our physical body. All major religions teach this.

So, if there is more to us than a physical body and we do exist in some form after death, can you then stretch to the idea that more exists in reality than our material world? If you can accept the above statements, could you then consider that the ways we have been taught to think, believe and live, have limited us to perceive but a very small part of a larger reality?

Now to the big leap…What if you could change your reality just by thinking: What if I believed I am more than my physical body? What if I could see what’s beyond the material world? What if I could experience other realities? What would I see; what would I imagine; what would those realities be like? Now, what if you could accept that these are the lost keys hidden right in front of us all? That what we have the capacity to imagine already exists? That an expanded reality is just beyond our normal senses? You see, most of us have what I call the “Editor Mind,” what the Buddhists call the “Monkey Mind.”

When we were growing up, most people important to us told us, “This is the way life is, and this is the way the world works.” Usually, we completely bought into this material world reality and made it our own. The times we happened to perceive something different from what we were taught we usually denied it because it did not fit into our accepted view of reality. We have created an “Editor Mind” or a “Monkey Mind” that edits out anything of reality that is different from what we have been taught. For example, when we think about those we love dying, we most likely fall into fear. We seldom rejoice in the possibility that they will be happier after death.

If you are willing to admit that your way of perceiving the world has been very limited then play with saying, “What if I viewed reality differently? What if many of the things that are considered paranormal will eventually be proven scientifically and could be real now and at work in my life? Maybe the same is true even for things that today are called magic. What if I had an astral body and I could learn to travel with my consciousness in and out of my body? What if I could visit my dead friends and relatives? What if by simply focusing on my hopes and desires they will manifest?” The difference this can create from what we have been taught is frighteningly simple but worldview shattering. The possibilities for expanded living become limitless!

I challenge you to say, “What if?” I bet once you do, you will learn more of what reality actually is and move far beyond the perceptual limits of contemporary mainstream society and adopt a different overview that will ultimately change your life for the better. So, are you ready to truly savor life? Test your limits and try out a different overview by simply asking, “What If?”


Michael Peter Langevin is a freelance writer, lecturer, public relations consultant and personal trainer. He has traveled and studied with shamans, elders and spiritual teachers all over the world. Michael has authored three books, Spiritual Business, Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans.

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