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Publisher’s Letter – July 2020 – Infinite Possibilities

By Katarzyna Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend who was complaining that once again she had not been selected to be a hospital board member. She explained that she had never been offered a seat on the board because she was not involved in the hospital community much, had marriage problems and was a mom of growing kids with a lot of things on her mind all the time. But she really wanted to be a hospital board member because some of her girlfriends had positions that made more money and were more respected in the hospital community. She wanted the same. 

When she said that, everything was clear to me. She desired to become a board member because of her girlfriends’ experience, not because her Higher Self wanted to experience being a hospital board member. Her ego wanted to be a hospital board member, but deep inside her she really did not care. 

Every day is a new day. Every minute is a new minute. And, every second is a new second, where we create our new reality with our thoughts, emotions and feelings. In each moment, we can find a mate, find a right career for ourselves, create the body we desire, or become a millionaire, if this is our heart’s desire. If you feel joy or passion towards something go for it. Take a risk, and trust that the Universe will provide whatever you need. 

Here are some more tips on how to manifest your dreams:

Being fully in the present moment. You are not in the past or the future, you are now in body, mind and spirit. Your whole body needs to be in unity. 

Intention/thoughts/emotions. Everything is energy. You say out loud or write down what you want. Use the present tense like you already have it. When you do that, you feel it in every inch of your body like you already have it. Acting “as if.”

Let it go. Once in a while think about your dream and feel it in your whole body for a moment and let it go. Watch for signs. The Universe will start sending you the right people; invitations to events, or you will read something inspirational. Act on it.   Be open-minded. Curious.  Walter Perschke’s (the previous publisher of Conscious Community Magazine) favorite saying was, “I wonder what I will discover today.” 

Gratitude. Be thankful for the things and experiences that you already have and have had. Celebrate yourself and your life. By doing that, you are raising your vibration and things manifest faster for you. 

For more about manifestation, you can read Vincent Genna’s article The Greatest Spiritual Insight of the Century. Also, I want to invite you to our Conscious Community Connection virtual meeting each week starting Wednesday, July 15, from 7-8 pm. Theresa Puskar and I will provide you with practices and tools to support your continued efforts to raise your consciousness. Even more importantly, we want to hear from you! We believe you are all heroes on the epic journeys of your lives. To participate in any of these calls, you need to sign up to attend. Tickets are limited. To sign up, go to: Once you sign up, prior to the event, details including the Zoom ID and Password will be emailed to you. (Don’t forget to check your junk mail.) These gatherings will be ongoing and we encourage you to join us every week! 

Each of you is a powerful being without limits. You are unconditional love and unconditionally loved.

The possibilities  are infinite!

Until next time,

Katarzyna Szumal

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