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Publisher’s Letter – January 2019 – Inner Connections

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal

Welcome to the year 2019! We are finally here, and we’re full of hope, motivation and energy for this New Year. Whatever you would like to create in 2019, we have some amazing articles and events for you in this January issue and upcoming issues. We aim to help you grow, inspire you and sustain you. We hope to make you more aware of not only what is happening around us but inside us as well.

As many of you know, we are more than this body, mind and human experience. We are also souls that have a certain job or mission to do on the Earth. Sometimes people ask me how to know if the position or that person is right for them. My answer is always check with yourself first, how does this make you feel? Does it bring you joy or struggle? If you are still not sure, read Jennifer Longmore’s article, How to Use the Power of the Akashic Records to Create Your Best Year Yet. In her article, she explains how the Akashic Records work and how it could be a tool to gain more clarity about your life and peace of mind about upcoming changes. Also, read Donna Stellhorn’s article, An Outlook of 2019 for Each Sign. It’s an astrological forecast for 2019. Then turn to January’s Cosmic Daily Weather for detailed insights for each day of the month.

Another great article is Alan Cohen’s article Nothing New Under the Year. Alan reflects on our New Year’s resolutions’ and the changes that we would like to make in the upcoming year. He says that if we want to improve any area of our life, we need to first shift our consciousness. Once we shift our perception, then change happens—not the other way around. “The more I explore what appears to be new and different, the more I realize that, while the world goes through constant change, truth is impeccably reliable. What works always works and what doesn’t work never works. All else is details. It is not the parade of events that makes evolution but the upgrade of consciousness.”

Finally, I would like to invite you to some community events that are happening in January 2019. On Jan. 12, there will be the Holistic Health Spiritual Expo in Crystal Lake, and on Jan. 26, there will be the Hope, Healing and Health & Wholeness Pop-up in Chicago. The Conscious Community Magazine table will be up at both those events. Stop by and say hello! Make sure to check out other inspiring January events in our Pulse Calendar and Community Happenings!

Get moving in 2019 and find your flow. Once you are in the flow, you’ll be amazed at how everything really is interconnected!

The Best,
Kasia Szumal

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