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Publisher’s Letter – August 2019 – Easy Flow

By Katarzyna Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

Have you ever heard yourself saying that you will never do that? Then a few years later, you are doing it and you even start liking it. This is what happened to me with Yin Yoga.

A few years back when I was looking for a daily yoga practice, I tried many different kinds of yoga to find the one that fit me the best. I remember some of the yoga classes were too physical, while others focused more on meditation, and I was looking for something in the middle. I eventually found Bikram yoga. This year I decided that I wanted to mix up my practice a little bit, so I tried Yin Yoga. The class was in the evening after my day of work. I got there, sat quietly, and then the teacher asked us to do some gentle poses. In Yin Yoga, you hold each pose for about four minutes. I could feel all the stress leaving my body and my muscles loosening up. My mind stopped talking to me, and I became still. The moves were very gentle and soft. When the class was over, I felt like a newborn again: No thoughts, worries, or stress! Now, I go to Yin Yoga from time to time and enjoy it every time I am there. For more about Yin Yoga, read Stefanie Arend’s article Yin Yoga: A Fast, Free and Easy Rx
for Anxiety
, and try Yin Yoga for yourself.

Life is a constant change and flow; you live life or life lives you. We are changing all the time. Not one of us is the same person we were six months or two years ago. One of the places that I clearly can see change is in my closet. Every two years I need to change my wardrobe. It’s not because I gained or lost weight, but I energetically shift and I am a different person now. Did you know that we have new organs every month?! It is amazing to think about how our bodies are perfect and adaptable.

We live in times when everything happens so fast, and we form our opinions even faster, without thinking deeply on what we are saying, or doing deeper research without knowing a person and knowing why she or he thinks that way. We place labels on other people and things so quickly even before we’ve put all the puzzle pieces together and seen the bigger picture. Saying ‘time is money’ has changed recently to ‘data is money’! To read more about labels, flip to Alan Cohen’s article Love Without Labels.

Also, this August issue is full of retreats, classes and workshops that will help you change for the better and live a life with more love, acceptance and joy! Please support our advertisers, they are the legs of this magazine. When we share we grow together. Together we go further than ever going alone!

The Best,

Katarzyna Szumal


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