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Navigating Transformation – A Spiritual Approach

By Dr. Linda Howe 

We live in the age of awakening spiritual awareness. The era of acquisition is giving way to a new era of collective transformation—achieved one person at a time. While the past unravels, we wait for what’s next to emerge. Thriving in the unknown requires previously unidentified skills, which have historically been the domain of a select few. These times insist on the democratization of personal awareness— a beautiful ideal, born of storms and the failure of corporate consciousness. Watching our external structures collapse, nothing seems reliable. The magnificent opportunity of these times is a conscious, deliberate shift from reliance on external structures to our internal light-life force. 

How can this happen? Who will lead the way forward? Each one of us is responsible for our own consciousness; no leader is coming to rescue us. 

The karmic imperative is to become our own spiritual authority. As each individual grows into awareness of this possibility, the externals of human existence will reorganize in ways we can trust but have yet to realize. Honoring our personal truth will bring dignity to us all. Let’s consider how this may come to pass.

Consider the state changes water moves through: from a block of ice through liquid water into steam. A series of difficult, chaotic shifts occur as heat is applied and the molecules gather energy enough to break apart—finding enough freedom from the pack to turn to liquid. With the continued presence of increasing heat, molecules hasten their dance, crashing into each other until the rate is sufficiently accelerated, at which point the molecules rupture and become steam. The entire block of ice does not transition at the same time; collective shifting occurs as each individual molecule changes form. Change becomes possible when the requisite degree of heat propels the transformation. 

Is it possible for mere mortals to transition from one level of knowing to even greater
dimensions of knowing?

Yes! Much the same process is available to us living in a crucible of transformation. “Initiation” is the process of transiting from one level of knowing to a greater arena of awareness. This glamorous idea, bordering on seductive, beckons us to keep forging ahead. Success requires sufficient “escape speed” to break through limitations and leap into the promised land of new possibilities. Although none of us can change another, we can each do our individual part. We stand together, and yet, we are each responsible for our own path of change.  

Over decades of exploration in the Akashic Field, I have become aware of a remarkably effective spiritual strategy for navigating such terrain: The Ascension Matrix. Whether we are moving away from distress, or turning toward favorable experiences, progress ensues—with satisfying results. Activation is simple and accessible; this Matrix resides within. 

Ascension is a process of rising above life’s difficulties with increasing frequency into ever-expanding realms. This process is not manipulative, but rather it propels its practitioner to thrive—even in uncertain conditions. From this progressive altitude of awareness, our relationship to our humanity transforms. We begin to live in the world without unnecessary entanglements—engaged but not engulfed—resulting in effective participation, conscious contribution, and personal fulfillment. Finding freedom to experience and express the infinite love and goodness within us becomes a very real possibility—unleashing the reservoir of unlimited love, wisdom and aliveness cultivated over the span of lifetimes! We have immediate and inspired access to inner treasures to mine and share in our own unique ways.   

The Ascension Matrix, a natural, innate part of us, is composed of three aspects, gratitude, grace and generosity, each with its own role.

Gratitude gives us momentum. As we experience gratitude, we move forward, grounded and gathering speed. Even in the worst of circumstances, we can find a reason to be grateful, even if it is an awareness of our misery. The Universe appreciates honesty. As we tell the truth about our inner reality, our experience begins to change. Deliberate seeking brings discovery. Looking for reasons to be grateful leads us to find infinite reasons for gratitude. This effective strategy empowers us to take responsibility for our thoughts so we can direct ourselves toward preferred paths.  

Generosity is simple–give! The act of giving liberates us, opening up space for new opportunities. Thoughts of giving are a good place to start, but ours is a planet of action. We always have something to give: time, attention, a listening heart. By giving what we have and as we are able, we literally lighten up, making it easier to rise above. As we give, we stimulate our unlimited essence. Generosity gives us velocity—moving upward and forward simultaneously. Fortunately, the age of martyrdom has officially ended. So now we ask: What and how can I give in a way that nurtures and sustains me?

Grace is the catalyst, an exquisite energy bringing out the best wherever it is
While grace may indeed be present everywhere, it awakens only when identified—challenging us to look for that quality of specialness, elegance, compassion, appreciation or mercy. As we awaken to the presence of grace, grace is stimulated, enhancing the experience of the observer.  

The three parts of our matrix already reside within us, so there is no need to install anything. Where and how can you activate your Matrix right here, right now at this moment?

This practical spiritual approach uplifts us as we navigate these times of epic change. The transformation we crave is through life, not outside or beyond, by embracing our humanity and discovering our divinity. Spiritual principles are applicable as we live into the experience of our oneness, honor our unique precious individuality and respect the same in others. As each of us does our part, we expand the path, opening the way for the inclusion of all. Collective transformation requires us to be what we hope others will be. Let it begin with me!

Dr. Linda Howe is the founder of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. Dr. Howe is an award-winning author, teacher and world-renowned leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She has authored three award-winning books. Her fourth book is due Jan. 2021. Visit

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