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Living in Full Circle Harmony-Our Conscious Truth–Throat Chakra

By Shannon Chada –

Are you manifesting what you want in life with a clear voice? Is it resonating with truth? As we ascend through the chakras, the throat chakra is about the expression of self; your truth, purpose, and creativity. The fifth Chakra, focusing on the spiritual plane, is associated with the color turquoise blue. It’s known as Vishuddha, meaning purification (or especially pure). This radiant center of blue light is the source of verbal expression and communication, and helps us to find a unique, personal way to convey our voice to the universe.

Purification of the body through attention to nutrition, yoga, and meditation opens us to a higher awareness in these areas and paves the way as we ascend through the upper chakras. It is here that we tune in to the rhythmic flow of our higher consciousness. Express yourself through the vibration of singing, music, dance, art, writing, and speaking. Drink good amounts of room temperature water and warm tea. As we awaken and become more aligned with vibrating at this higher frequency, we begin to dance and sing in harmony with our higher purpose.

You know that feeling of having a lump in your throat? It is believed that this can be an indication of an imbalance in the throat chakra. I have found that the throat chakra is one of the most common areas where people have an imbalance. This chakra physically includes the neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, and tongue. Other imbalance signals are: Talking too much, inability to listen, fear of speaking, gossiping, dominating voice, interrupting, difficulty putting feelings into words, introversion, poor rhythm, lies, excessive criticism, feelings of lack of choice, stifled personal expression, hesitance of following your dreams, addiction, lack of faith, knowledge, inability to make simple decisions, raspy throat, chronic sore throat, scoliosis, thyroid, and hearing problems.

Characteristics of a well-balanced throat chakra are: Tells the truth, good listener, clear communication, sense of timing and good rhythm, lives creatively, comfortable with stillness, expresses self gracefully and honestly, feeling aligned with divine guidance and purpose.

Gather your Essential Oils, Crystals, and a cup of echinacea, clove, or peppermint tea, and join me for some gentle and fun asanas.

  • Essential Oils that support the throat chakra are: Basil, Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, and Peppermint, along with YL (Young Living) Blends of Believe™, Thieves™, and Valor™.
  • Crystals and gemstones have their own vibratory frequency which can assist in the energetic balancing of our chakras. Try wearing or keeping one or a combination of these with you. 
    • Amazonite: “protect” can help dispel and guard against negativity while restoring emotional balancing.
    • Aquamarine: “cleansing” offers courage, and promotes tolerance and compassion while dispelling fear.
    • Lapis lazuli: “stone of truth” restores the ability to communicate effectively.
    • Turquoise: “purification” used to dispel negativity, and restores confidence to speak and express thoughts and feelings.
  • Asana; There are certain yoga poses, or “asanas” which can help bring your throat chakra to balance. Some of my favorites are Legs Up the Wall, Modified Fish Pose with a yoga block, Baby Cobra, and Roaring Lion Pose.

Shannon Chada is a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner of Full Circle Harmony, Essential Oil Educator, Reiki Master Teacher/Crystal healer of 15+ years, and Certified Yoga Instructor since 2006. Find her classes at Soderworld Wellness Center & Rising Lotus Studio, by visiting:

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