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Living In Full Circle Harmony – Follow the Dragonfly

By Shannon Chada –

Are you in touch with your intuition, or are your physical senses getting in the way of your inner knowing? We often tend to rely on our physical senses of sight, sound, touch, feel, and taste, so that we dismiss the message of our intuition. We typically use our mind, intellect, and ego to make decisions, and with the added guidance of our intuition, we are also giving our soul a voice.

This month we tune into the sixth chakra, Ajna the third eye, “beyond wisdom,” located in the space between the eyebrows. It includes the pituitary gland, eyes, head, sinuses, temporal lobes, and base of the skull. The majestic indigo blue of the third eye energy source leads us to a spiritual place of inner knowledge. Here our gifts of lucid dreaming, creative visualization, imagination, clairvoyance, and telepathy connects us to a source of wisdom with no boundaries.

Having a regular meditation practice will benefit your life in countless ways. It is in this peaceful place the dragonfly comes to guide us. As we swiftly glide through the concepts of mind, we gently let go of expectation, see illusions clearly for what they are, recognize ego, and come to a place of stillness where our inner knowing awaits. I like to start by visualizing a dragonfly in the area of my third eye; see it dancing above the river, and darting to and fro under a glorious moon. The third eye responds well to the melodic rhythm of chanting. Chanting AUM will awaken the third eye chakra and raise your vibration. Allow the sound of your voice to be what it is, or maybe you prefer to chant silently to yourself. As the vibration resonates around your head, begin to release expectation, embrace the unknown, feel your breath move like waves, and follow the dragonfly dance deeper and deeper until… you’re there.

Where will the dragonfly take you? Let’s find out! On your journey, you may want to choose a few of these spiritual tools to accompany you:

  • Essential Oils: Lavender, Patchouli, Myrrh, Clary Sage, (Young Living) Clarity™, and Envision™. The high frequency of these oils will aid the energetic field, and guide us to raise our perceptions, see the truth, and dispel illusions so our imagination and creativity can soar.
  • Crystals and gemstones have their own vibratory frequency which can assist in the energetic balancing of our chakras. Try wearing or keeping one or a combination of these with you: Azurite, Moonstone, Blue Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Tourmaline.
  • Asana: Any yoga pose where you can connect your third eye to the earth will guide you deeper into your yoga journey. Try Child’s Pose, Dolphin Pose, Eagle Pose, or just allow yourself to sit comfortably in lotus for meditation.

Shannon Chada is a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner of Full Circle Harmony. She has15+ years experience as an Essential Oil Educator, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal healer, and Certified Yoga Instructor. Find her classes at Soderworld Wellness Center & Rising Lotus Studio at:

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